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predictive maintenance function tionquesn the produc tio tnawtonodi part s break nehwp to s line to iling rmation on fa fo in teginac nce part s in adva b the predictive maintenance function lets you know of failing or deteriorating parts at an early stage this reduces downtime solved fault detection function the fault detection function detects failing or deteriorating robot parts at an early stage detecting failing parts before abnormalities in robot behavior become apparent reduces downtime warning before parts fail warning alert predetermined detection level set by user set a threshold value that suits your needs a warning of failing or deteriorating parts will trigger if the value exceeds the predetermined detection level it is possible to read scores values of a reduction gear and an encoder data error and communication error it is possible to read log data of the past 365 days â– applicable parts reduction gears encoders batteries â– robot models predictive maintenance

enhancement function for force sense control tionques just sie r way to ad aena re e th is parame te rs force sensor ai adjusts parameters to give the optimum operation pattern anyone can adjust parameters quickly and easily solved enhancement function for force sense control ai adjusts parameters automatically for optimum force sense control parameters can be adjusted by anyone easily in a short amount of time as ai selects the most suitable parameter for you set-up and tact times are reduced by 60 1 1 compared to the time taken for connector insertion with our settings speed pattern force sense control parameters optimization by learning ai acting force data robot drive data our proprietary ai technology adjusts the parameters for the optimum operation pattern this is achieved by utilizing the data obtained from learning which is carried out in a short amount of time â–  force sensor a force sensor has the force sense function which provides a sense of force to a robot the

melfa-3d vision enhancement function tionques up a 3d vision t e s to rd a h is it pic k ing sensor for bin ai automatically adjusts 3d vision sensor parameters set-up is simple solved automatic parameter setting with ai only when model-less recognition is used sensor parameter adjustment which requires a high level of specialist knowledge is automated with our proprietary ai technology anyone can adjust parameters quickly and easily just like a pro adjustment time reduced from  hr  hr 1 1 time varies depending on edge computing capability workpiece 3d cad data and the settings of learning conditions melfa-3d vision 2.0 this function is an option supported by melfa-3d vision 2.0 set-up procedure step1 import model of workpiece import a 3d model of the workpiece step2 set learning conditions set the bin size and conditions required for learning 1 adjust the grasp position of the model workpiece 2 configure the learning conditions parameter step3 automatic adjustment adjustment of

b ■ what is melfa-3d vision melfa-3d vision is a compact 3d vision sensor for robots it uses a camera head that can measure distances which allows it to take the dimensions of randomly stacked parts and recognize them main features ● has a compact light-weight camera head and can be used as either a hand eye or fixed-position camera ● supports model-less recognition and model matching recognition model-less recognition model matching recognition ■ main hand types that can be used model-less recognition model-less recognition is a method used to pick up the workpiece by finding a place on the workpiece where the hand tool can grasp or apply suction to this means that there is no need to register a workpiece pincer hand parallel hand suction hand search for grasp/suction point imaging measuring round features detected for hand location for pincer hand parts closest to the camera displayed in white model matching recognition model matching recognition is a method

calibration assistance function a automatic calibration ision sensors v d 2 e s u to t i wa n cult to se t up fi if d y e th re a 解 決 tionques calibration of coordinates can be done automatically set-up is extremely simple solved simple set-up automating the teaching process has made set-up easier camera position automatically moves to multiple points and calculates the camera angle and scale camera s fov checks markers while automatically changing multiple points and angles calculates marker tool length vision sensor resolution generation of robot program moves to automatically taught position carries out calibration between the robot and camera configure settings such as the camera position fov and resolution in the automatic calibration window automatic teaching and automatic calibration is possible improved accuracy with automatic calibration operating conditions are stabilized and accuracy is increased old method manual set-up time m 20 accuracy mm 0.2 automatic

calibration assistance function calibration of work coordinates tionquesd eve ry time e ir u q re n o ti is calibra osit ion of the the relative p es d robot chang naec ie p rk o w a teaching is now automated this makes calibration of the robot and peripheral devices extremely simple solved troublesome teaching work eliminated teaching of workpiece coordinates is automated set-up time and troublesome work reduced step1 use the automatic calibration function to carry out calibration between the robot and hand eye in advance step2 calibrate the hand eye with the markers calibration sheet on the platform and adjust the coordinates for the platform on the opposite side step3 move the hand eye so that the markers are in the center of its fov detect the pre-registered origin point and crosshairs then adjust the position of the jig 1 switch to the specified workpiece coordinate number 2 check that the values of the workpiece coordinates have changed the workpiece coordinates parameter

coordinated control of additional axis a robots can now work on large workpieces that exceed their operating range tionseuq ork on large can robots w t excee d their a th s e c ie p rk wo ge ope rating ran solved workpieces can be assembled precisely and inspected while they are moving coordinated operation between the robot and an additional axis makes it possible for the robot to work on workpieces that exceed its operating range constant speed control spline interpolation of the workpiece and continuous operation is now possible ■ compatible servo system mr-j4-b mr-j4-b additional axis linear axis multi-mechanism direct drive ■ compatible servos manufacturer mitsubishi electric corporation example servo amplifier melservo-j4 series model mr-j4-□b abs specification mr-j4w□−□b abs specification sealing and machine work on large-scale workpieces using a robot with an rtu allows the robot to work uninterrupted on large-scale workpieces that exceed

functions reference â–  outline of features name classification type calibration assistance function description calibrates the positions of the robot and peripheral devices using a 2d vision sensor intelligent function automatic calibration function automatically adjusts the coordinates of the vision sensor to increase position accuracy a calibration of work coordinates adjusts the robot and workpiece coordinates using a vision sensor to increase position accuracy relative position calibration function calibrates the positions of multiple robots using a vision sensor increases position accuracy in collaborative operation ai function robot mechanism thermal compensation function a compensates for thermal expansion of the robot arm to increase position accuracy coordinated control of additional axis a performs highly accurate coordination interpolation with the additional axis direct drive preventive maintenance function maintenance simulation and wear calculation function a

■ axes used in the maintenance simulation/monitored by the wear calculation function standard robots only ● used/monitored − not used/monitored rv-2fr rv-2frl joint axis consumable part overhaulable part j1 axis j2 axis j3 axis j4 axis j5 axis j6 axis grease ● ● ● ● ● ● timing belt ● ● ● ● ● ● reduction gear ● ● ● ● ● ● bearing ● ● ● ● ● ● ball screw ー ー ー ー ー ー ball spline ー ー ー ー ー ー rv-4fr rv-4frl rv-7fr rv-7frl joint axis consumable part overhaulable part j1 axis j2 axis j3 axis j4 axis j5 axis j6 axis grease ● ● ● ● ● ● timing belt ● ー ● ● ● ● reduction gear ● ● ● ● ● ● bearing ● ー ● ● ● ● ball screw ー ー