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meprotect – digital protection relay intelligent energy asset protection • reliable secure and comprehensive protection provided with minimal size and modular

meprotect reliable protection for all industries mitsubishi electric europe’s meprotect digital protection relays provide reliable secure and complete protection and control for electrical equipment such as motors generators and transformers in all industrial applications universal applicability reliable and robust meprotect relays can safeguard low and medium voltage equipment in all environments feature such as on-line monitoring diagnostics and event logging help reduce asset downtime and maintenance costs meprotect relays are suitable for use in 2 • water power and utilities • plastics and rubber • continuous processing • hvac and refrigeration • mining and cement • ceramics and textiles • food and beverage • buildings and infrastructure • discrete manufacturing • electrical distribution modular and compact meprotect relays are ideal for use where space is

meprotect key benefits • comprehensive set of more than 50 protection functions in a single platform • equally at home in lv and mv applications • easy to set up and commission with built-in simulator • one device combines protection with powerful local control • extensive analytics for equipment health in support of predictive asset maintenance • wide set of communication protocols including iec61850 to easily integrate with plant or substation automation systems configurations meprotect is available in 3 capability models core essence and pro and can be supplied pre-configured for the following applications reducing installation time and effort motor relay and manager provides complete protection for any sized low or medium-voltage motor includes diagnostics monitoring and starting control requires meprotect core or higher feeder distribution relay provides complete protection for medium-voltage feeder distribution lines requires meprotect

meprotect key components dcs rem o oper te ation mon itorin and g medium voltage current voltage input block ct+vt voltage transformer interposing block for connecting external cts and vts installed in the protected equipment sc ada volta g trans e form er s profi b canb us mod bu us s mv curr e trans nt form er s lv i/o e 8 x in curr e trans nt f +vol ormer tage bloc k core trans balance form er low voltage current transformer t eratu re 4-20 2x in 2x base mod relay ule digit a mod l io expa ule nsion optional core balance current transformers powerful microprocessor-based protection platform with on-board digital i/o usb port rs485 ports utpu rtd current transformer meprotect base relay module sion 4xo temp voltage sense block 4 xpan put loca l via u enginee ring sb rtd temp e sens rature or mod ule io expansion modules 8 digital inputs 4 relay digital outputs 4 rtd inputs for temperature inputs 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs 4-20 ma anal o io m g

meprotect local operating hmi robust touchscreen passwordprotected multi-level access 7” or 10” screen meprotect can also operate without hmi optional add-ons external memory module • stores parameter and logic-function settings and protection configurations • automatically updates when settings are changed or relays replaced insulation lock-out module • measures resistance of the cable and protected equipment even while not in use • detects potential problems in standby equipment • prevents potentially disastrous energisation of equipment with shortcircuit or earth faults hmi and local op engi neer eration ing common software tools all meprotect relays use the same software interface which enables easy setting and access to information 0ma x ou ule t netw ork meprotect/emp is used for configuring and monitoring the protection relay to provide comprehensive engineering parameterisation and monitoring tools including •s  tatistical

meprotect meprotect hmi the operator’s hmi provides touchscreen access to the meprotect relay at three password protected levels unprotected viewing of key operational and protection data level 0 local operation of the equipment displays key operational and protection data level 1 allows adjustments to selected parameters by authorised technicians and senior operators level 2 allows changes to the protection settings by senior technicians or engineers the hmi provides independent logging and analysis of events it is usually door or panel mounted but can be located up to 1200m distant from the relay its intuitive navigation allows easy meprotect configuration and parameter setting seven and 10 inch screens are available the latter able to serve up to eight meprotect relays integration with scada and dcs systems ope rator engin eer pro fibu s net auto ma statio tion ns mep r rela otect ys prote c asse ted ts 6 meprotect can be used in mccs switchgear panels or generator

meprotect operational and monitoring functions table 1 common functions provided by meprotect protection functions table 2 protection functions available in meprotect operational features monitoring metering protection type current pos neg and zero seq 12 overspeed current demand 14 underspeed phase angles 24 volts per hertz overfluxing temperature with rtd module 25 synchronizing or synchronism-check current unbalance 26 thermostat thd current 27 undervoltage magnitude thd current 27t low voltage ride-through thd voltage 27x auxiliary undervoltage magnitude thd voltage 32p directional active overpower sync values 32q directional reactive overpower differential current 37 phase undercurrent or underpower voltage l-l l-n pos neg and zero seq 38 bearing protective temperature mechanical voltage unbalance 40 loss of field excitation va and va demand 46 phase negative sequence unbalance kw and kw demand 46g generator negative sequence current protection kwh forward reverse and

technical specifications parameter specifications general voltage aux power 110 240vac/dc power consumption 2.5 watt relay alone operating conditions digital inputs 20°c +65°c relative humidity 85 profibus dpv-1 modbus rtu can-bus modbus tcp and profinet iec61850 and cc-link ief basic in upcoming releases 7 opto-isolated 24vac/dc – 240vac/dc digital outputs 4 electromechanical relay 5 a 240vac analog inputs/outputs 4-20ma rtd ptc inputs pt100 pt1000 ntc ptc sensors real time clock 24hr clock 5-day battery back-up time/date stamping led fault indication latch led on trip event and fault mounting din rail or chassis compact and lightweight 150g-245g communication expansion modules digital io expansion module 8x inputs 4x outputs relay temperature rtd module 4x pt100 pt1000 rtd ntc or ptc analog i/o module 2x 4-20ma inputs 2x 4-20ma outputs network module 2x ethernet ports current inputs rated current 1a 5a rated frequency 40hz 66hz burden 0.1va at rated current maximum