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meprotect key components dcs rem o oper te ation mon itorin and g medium voltage current voltage input block ct+vt voltage transformer interposing block for connecting external cts and vts installed in the protected equipment sc ada volta g trans e form er s profi b canb us mod bu us s mv curr e trans nt form er s lv i/o e 8 x in curr e trans nt f +vol ormer tage bloc k core trans balance form er low voltage current transformer t eratu re 4-20 2x in 2x base mod relay ule digit a mod l io expa ule nsion optional core balance current transformers powerful microprocessor-based protection platform with on-board digital i/o usb port rs485 ports utpu rtd current transformer meprotect base relay module sion 4xo temp voltage sense block 4 xpan put loca l via u enginee ring sb rtd temp e sens rature or mod ule io expansion modules 8 digital inputs 4 relay digital outputs 4 rtd inputs for temperature inputs 2 analog inputs and 2 analog outputs 4-20 ma anal o io m g odu