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meprotect local operating hmi robust touchscreen passwordprotected multi-level access 7” or 10” screen meprotect can also operate without hmi optional add-ons external memory module • stores parameter and logic-function settings and protection configurations • automatically updates when settings are changed or relays replaced insulation lock-out module • measures resistance of the cable and protected equipment even while not in use • detects potential problems in standby equipment • prevents potentially disastrous energisation of equipment with shortcircuit or earth faults hmi and local op engi neer eration ing common software tools all meprotect relays use the same software interface which enables easy setting and access to information 0ma x ou ule t netw ork meprotect/emp is used for configuring and monitoring the protection relay to provide comprehensive engineering parameterisation and monitoring tools including •s  tatistical data log stops and starts energy use running hours availability etc assists predictive maintenance • fault log time stamped fault description current maximum voltage minimum breaker clearance time etc • event log includes events warnings and faults netw o ethe rk rnet • protection configuration parameterisation of all protection functions • spectrum analyser power quality analysis for assessing line filtering needs network expansion module modbus tcp profinet iec61850+goose cc-link ie field • logic engineering control functions based on protection trip/alarm states timers local and remote network io including powerful function blocks • real-time display shows voltage current power temperatures etc • simulation comprehensive pre-commissioning testing training and lifecycle modifications •t  hree-phase recorder protected equipment’s currents voltages thermal capacity and power factor 5