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meprotect operational and monitoring functions table 1 common functions provided by meprotect protection functions table 2 protection functions available in meprotect operational features monitoring metering protection type current pos neg and zero seq 12 overspeed current demand 14 underspeed phase angles 24 volts per hertz overfluxing temperature with rtd module 25 synchronizing or synchronism-check current unbalance 26 thermostat thd current 27 undervoltage magnitude thd current 27t low voltage ride-through thd voltage 27x auxiliary undervoltage magnitude thd voltage 32p directional active overpower sync values 32q directional reactive overpower differential current 37 phase undercurrent or underpower voltage l-l l-n pos neg and zero seq 38 bearing protective temperature mechanical voltage unbalance 40 loss of field excitation va and va demand 46 phase negative sequence unbalance kw and kw demand 46g generator negative sequence current protection kwh forward reverse and net 47 phase-sequence voltage or phase-balance overvoltage vars and kvar demand 49 machine or transformer thermal i2t kvarh lead lag and net 49t machine thermal protection rtd/ptcs power factor 50/27 inadvertent generator energization frequency 50bf breaker failure volts/hz 50g ground instantaneous overcurrent 2nd harmonic voltage h2/fundamental 50n neutral instantaneous overcurrent 3rd harmonic voltage 50p phase instantaneous overcurrent harmonics spectrum analyser 51g timed ground overcurrent overload trip circuit monitoring 51lr locked rotor during running breaker wear 51ls locked rotor on startup ct supervision cts 51n neutral timed overcurrent vt supervision vts 51p phase timed overcurrent waveform recorder 6000 cycles typical 51v delayed voltage-restrained phase overcurrent fault recorder last 35 faults 55 power factor limiting sequence of events recorder 1400 events 55a apparent power factor limiting trend recorder 59 overvoltage motor history 59g ground overvoltage motor start trending 59x auxiliary overvoltage programmable logic equations 62 time-delay stopping or opening min max recording 64 ground earth detector conformal coated circuit boards 64ref restricted earth fault differential local operating panel basic 66 notching or jogging starts per hour local operating panel advanced 67n directional earth fault connection of externally provided vts cts fitted e.g in mv panels 67p phase directional overcurrent 74tc trip circuit control circuit supervision sensitive ground current 0.5a/0.1a 78 phase-angle limit vector surge vector shift 79 auto-reclose /ac reclosing 81o overfrequency 81r rate of change of frequency rocof 81u underfrequency 86 lockout 87 87t differential protective 87b busbar differential zone protection 87g restricted ground fault 87gdh unrestrained restricted ground fault/ground differential 87h unrestrained current differential 87m motor differential protective dual-slope %’ge restrained current differential inrush 87r note not all listed functions are available in each model – please refer to the meprotect catalogue for details 94 block tripping or trip-free circuit breaker contactor control clpu cold load pickup lop loss of power sotf switch on to fault 7