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factory automation mmp-t32 series motor circuit breaker ƒƒ self-protected manual motor controller ƒƒ reliable protection and superior performance ƒƒ compact design ƒƒ smart wiring ƒƒ safety quality ƒƒ global

mmp-t32 series motor circuit breaker advantages of adopting this device mmp-t32 integrates low voltage circuit breakers and thermal overload relay functions this device is capable of protecting the motor branch circuits from overload phase-loss and short-circuit occurrences the mmp-t32 enables more secure wiring and motor protection than standard open type starters in addition to motor protection integrating the mitsubishi ms-t series contactor provides a smaller footprint and the combination motor controller will help eliminate wiring and save time in panel design mmp-t32 integrated finger protection provides convenient safety wiring-supporting bc terminal option a round solderless terminal is applicable the compact breaker design also allows auxiliary contact unti ax and alarm contact unit al adjustment dial settable to full load current optional short-circuit indicator unit can be added speeding up fault diagnosis breaker type operating handle with off-lock hole test trip

mmp-t32 series motor circuit breaker options list 2 3 1 4 9 6 7 5 8 number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 model code specification ut-max 1a 288455 1a ut-max 1b 288456 1b ut-maxll 1a 288457 1a ut-maxll 1b 288458 1b ut-mal 1a 288451 1a ut-mal 1b 288452 1b ut-malll 1a 288453 1a ut-malll 1b 288454 1b ut-ep3 288449 ut-2b4 288445 ut-3b4 288446 ut-2b5 288447 ut-3b5 288448 description auxiliary contact unit with on/off operation auxiliary contact unit with on/off operation for light load alarm contact unit with trip operation alarm contact unit with trip operation for light load a unit to connect a large size electric wires to mmp-t32 45 mm a unit to supply power to two or three mmp-t32 twin type 45 mm trippel type 57 mm twin type 57 mm trippel type ut-cv3 288450 for mmp-t32 to fulfill with ul60947-4-1a type e/f ut-tu 288459 for mmp-t32 to fulfill with ul60947-4-1a type e/f ut-mt20 288460 for s-t10/t12/t20 ut-mt32 288461 for s-t32 for sd-t12/t20 ut-mt20d 293623 ut-mt32d 293624 for sd-t32 ut-bt20 288462

mmp-t32 series motor circuit breaker specifications frame a 32 type name standard number of poles handle shape rated current in [a rated operational voltage ue [v rated frequency [hz rated insulation voltage ui [v rated impulse withstand voltage uimp [kv rated rated current ie [a short-circuit heater des current setbreaking ignation ting range capacity 0.16 0.1–0.16 [ka 0.25 0.16–0.25 0.4 0.25–0.4 jis c8201-2-1 0.63 0.4–0.63 ann.1 iec60947-2 1 0.63–1 1.6 1–1.6 2.5 1.6–2.5 4 2.5–4 6.3 4–6.3 8 5.5–8 10 7–10 13 9–13 18 12–18 25 18–25 32 24–32 selectivity jis c8201-2-1 ann.1 category iec60947-2 utilization jis c8201-4-1 category iec60947-4-1 trip class jis c8201-4-1 iec60947-4-1 instantaneous release current durability mechanical [times electrical [times phase loss sensitive trip display test trip function auxiliary contact unit alarm contact unit short-circuit indicator unit weight