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ms-ebg medium voltage switchgear and controlgear ƒƒ conforms to latest iec 62271-200 standards ƒƒ maximum short circuit current 25–50 ka ƒƒ rated voltage 3.6–24 kv ƒƒ maximum busbar rating 630–4000

ms-ebg medium voltage switchgear for all applications the ms-ebg switchgear is the latest addition to the long established range of medium voltage products from mitsubishi electric manufactured in europe mse-ebg conforms fully to the latest iec 62271-200 standards and is designed and manufactured utilising state-of-the-art technology comprehensively taking into account present and future power system requirements mitsubishi electric has manufactured over 250,000 medium voltage panels over the last 60 years – the ms-ebg mv switchgear panel utilises our highest quality vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum contactor components including mitsubishi vacuum interrupters for which mitsubishi electric has gained a strong reputation globally ms-ebg represents an up-to-date and reliable medium voltage panel design offering fully withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers and contactors to provide maximum availability fully in line with mitsubishi electric’s quality supply and service

ms-ebg flexible design switchboard ratings ƒƒ panels with main circuit and control cable entry from either the top or bottom are available type designation ms-ebg applied standard iec 62271-200 1 ƒƒ partitions between compartments and an automatic shutter system for withdrawable equipment primary junctions completely isolate live parts ƒƒ safe operation and maintenance is ensured with the adoption of comprehensive interlocking and padlocking mechanisms ƒƒ in the event of an internal arc fault the ms-ebg is designed to withstand the huge pressure and scorching effect of the arc relief flaps located on top of the panel open to limit pressure ƒƒ withdrawable equipment is mounted behind the front panel door which is screw-closed so that any arc proof rating is not compromised compliant with iec 62271-200 requirements rated voltage 2 kv rms ur rated frequency hz fr 3.6 7.2 12 17.5 24 rated insulation level 3 short-duration power frequency ­withstand

ms-ebg vacuum circuit breaker ratings type designation 6/10/20-vpr-xx d 1 applied standard iec 62271-100 rated voltage 7.2 12 17.5 2 24 kv rms ur rated frequency hz fr 50 60 rated normal current self-cooling a ir 630 800 1000 1250 1600,2000 2500 short-duration power frequency ­withstand voltage 1 min kv rms ud 20 28 36 50 lightning impulse withstand voltage kv peak up 60 75 95 125 rated short-time withstand current ka rms ik 25 31.5 40 rated peak withstand current ka rms ip 50 hz 2.5 × ik 60 hz 2.6 × ik rated duration of short-circuit sec tk 3 rated cable-charging breaking current a rms ic 10 25 rated short-circuit breaking current ka rms isc 25 31.5 40 5 rated insulation level transient recovery voltage trv kv uc 12.3 20.6 25.7 xx rate of rise of recovery voltage rrrv kv/μs uc/t3 0.24 0.34 0.34 xx rated break time cycles reference voltage rated short-circuit making current 3 ka peak rated control voltage 63 78.8 100 v dc 48 110 220 ua o-3min-co-3minco

ms-ebg construction enclosure and partitions the all-metal enclosure is completely earthed each compartment control withdrawable switching device busbar and cable termination is segregated from other compartments by earthed metal partitions the front of the ms-ebg is divided into 3 compartments the upper or low-voltage compartment is the control/protecton compartment the middle section houses the withdrawable equipment while the bottom compartment can be used for maintenance access to volatage transformers or cable termination multi-function relays meters protective relays control switches etc are semiflush mounted on the door of the control compartment busbars voltage transformers the main busbar is made of copper conductors to allow easy maintenance fully withdrawable circuit voltage transformers can be fitted in the bottom section of the panel accessible from the front of the switchboard via an interlocked panel ms-ebg has bare busbars as standard however when required the busbar

ms-ebg earthing devices earthing truck optional earthing devices are available for safety during cable and busbar maintenance and/or inspection the following two types of earthing device can be provided upon request with the ms-ebg for more demanding applications an earthing truck with fault-making capability can be supplied which employs the same operating mechanism as the vacuum circuit breaker integral earthing switch for the purposes of safety during equipment cable and busbar maintenance and/or inspection a circuit earth switch can be integrated within the cable compartment operated from the front of the panel a mechanical interlock between the switch and circuit breaker or fused contactor is provided for busbar earthing switches are usually integrated within a bus riser/vt panel and employ electrical interlocking with the adjacent panel’s circuit breaker the mechanical indicator and operation for the switch can be viewed from the front of the panel through a small

ms-ebg internal arc classification iac for switchgear and controlgear requiring optional internal arc classification to the aflr standard a gas exhaust duct must be fitted onto the top of panel the gas exhaust duct ensures that in the event of an internal arc fault any hot gases or vapours are channelled away from personnel in the vicinity of the panel the gas exhaust duct may extend to the open air outside the substation or a safe area within the substation the straight extension two meters width which is standard is available the part of extension duct to reach to the open air will be supplied by others the gas exhaust duct is dismantled from the panels prior to shipping and is reinstalled after the panels are installed on site with the gas exhaust duct the switchgear and controlgear are designed to protect persons in the event of an internal arc fault of up to 40 ka for 1 second thus in the event of internal arcing there is no ejection of parts no expulsion of hot gases except from

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