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ms-ebg medium voltage switchgear for all applications the ms-ebg switchgear is the latest addition to the long established range of medium voltage products from mitsubishi electric manufactured in europe mse-ebg conforms fully to the latest iec 62271-200 standards and is designed and manufactured utilising state-of-the-art technology comprehensively taking into account present and future power system requirements mitsubishi electric has manufactured over 250,000 medium voltage panels over the last 60 years – the ms-ebg mv switchgear panel utilises our highest quality vacuum circuit breaker and vacuum contactor components including mitsubishi vacuum interrupters for which mitsubishi electric has gained a strong reputation globally ms-ebg represents an up-to-date and reliable medium voltage panel design offering fully withdrawable vacuum circuit breakers and contactors to provide maximum availability fully in line with mitsubishi electric’s quality supply and service record resulting in highly satisfied customers all across the globe features high reliability ƒƒ type testing of the ms-ebg was performed by an independent external testing and certification authority iel in europe ƒƒ ms-ebg is designed with the benefit of mitsubishi’s vast experience of medium voltage panel production of hundreds of thousands of panels over the last 60 years ƒƒ all components such as current transformers voltage transformers and multi-function relays are made of the highest quality materials ƒƒ heat stress analysis of the switchgear structure has led to a heat-­resistant design in which circuit breakers up to 4000 a are self-cooled i.e cooling fans not required ƒƒ modern design and manufacturing techniques reduces the number of parts which further reduces the chance of failure easy installation safety safety and reliability are the prime focus of the ms-ebg design using 60 years of mitsubishi electric experience in supplying approximately 250,000 panels of mv switchgear to date full type testing to iec 62271-200 of the ms-ebg has been carried out by the independent external testing and certification authority electrotechnical institute instytut elektrotechniki iel in warsaw poland ƒƒ installation and testing duration are considerably reduced as the panel is tested and adjusted in the factory and then delivered as a complete unit 2 internal arc safety testing