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ms-ebg flexible design switchboard ratings ƒƒ panels with main circuit and control cable entry from either the top or bottom are available type designation ms-ebg applied standard iec 62271-200 1 ƒƒ partitions between compartments and an automatic shutter system for withdrawable equipment primary junctions completely isolate live parts ƒƒ safe operation and maintenance is ensured with the adoption of comprehensive interlocking and padlocking mechanisms ƒƒ in the event of an internal arc fault the ms-ebg is designed to withstand the huge pressure and scorching effect of the arc relief flaps located on top of the panel open to limit pressure ƒƒ withdrawable equipment is mounted behind the front panel door which is screw-closed so that any arc proof rating is not compromised compliant with iec 62271-200 requirements rated voltage 2 kv rms ur rated frequency hz fr 3.6 7.2 12 17.5 24 rated insulation level 3 short-duration power frequency ­withstand voltage 1 min kv rms ud 36/45 50/60 lightning impulse withstand voltage kv peak up 75 95 125 630,800,1000 1250 1600 2000,2500,3150 4000 4 630– 3150 630– 2500 50 60 28/32 rated normal main busbar current a rms ir rated short-time withstand ­current symmetrical ka rms ik 25 31.5 40 50 63 rated peak withstand current ka peak ip 50 hz 2.5 × ik 60 hz 2.6 × ik rated duration of short-circuit sec tk loss of service continuity category 25 3 lsc2b-pm iac internal arc classification 5 accessibility type afl aflr arc test current ka arc test current duration sec 25 31.5 40 50 25 1 service conditions location/ip indoor ip 54/5x/4x ambient temperature °c -5 to +40 altitude above sea level m 1000 max humidity r.h 95 max water vapour pressure kpa 2.2 average earthquake protection 6 horizontal seismic withstand 7 m/s2 9.8 vertical seismic withstand m/s 3.24 2 features type test 8 withdrawable equipment position 9 withdrawal/insertion method maintenance access iel warsaw mid-mount external operation with door closed front rear front 1 h  igh-voltage switchgear and control-gear-part 200 ac metal-enclosed switchgear and control-gear for rated voltages above 1 kv and up to and including 52 kv 2 12 kv and 15 kv apply to switchgear 3 28 kv rms 75 kv peak and 36 kv rms 95 kv peak apply to switchgear 4 3150 a apply to 7,2 kv and 12 kv switchgear 5 optional 6 general use class b on the upper floor or roof of building according to jem-tr 144 7 static acceleration of horizontal is 3.92 m/s2 at base of structure 8 tta fault test 9 circuit breaker/fused contactor/voltage transformer type meprotect relay applications high reliability mitsubishi electric ­e urope meprotect melpro-d emc-b multiple protection relays are installed as standard additionally third party protection devices can be supplied according to client requirements ƒƒ ms-ebg from mitsubishi electric europe provides control and protection of the power supply to motors transformers capacitors and other feeder circuits ƒƒ the ms-ebg is available at rated voltages of 3.6 to 24 kv with rated short-circuit breaking capacities from 25 to 50 ka ƒƒ ms-ebg is designed for indoor use and is particularly suitable for the high demands of electric power plants substations industrial plants commercial buildings pumping stations pipeline stations and transportation systems 3 meprotect protection relay