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ms-ebg construction enclosure and partitions the all-metal enclosure is completely earthed each compartment control withdrawable switching device busbar and cable termination is segregated from other compartments by earthed metal partitions the front of the ms-ebg is divided into 3 compartments the upper or low-voltage compartment is the control/protecton compartment the middle section houses the withdrawable equipment while the bottom compartment can be used for maintenance access to volatage transformers or cable termination multi-function relays meters protective relays control switches etc are semiflush mounted on the door of the control compartment busbars voltage transformers the main busbar is made of copper conductors to allow easy maintenance fully withdrawable circuit voltage transformers can be fitted in the bottom section of the panel accessible from the front of the switchboard via an interlocked panel ms-ebg has bare busbars as standard however when required the busbar and joints can be insulated and/or tin plated 5