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investing in the future growth in britain’s railways rail passengers miles uk 1950 to 2012 britain has one of the fastest growing railway systems in europe in 2012/13 rail passengers made over 1.5 billion journeys travelling over 36 billion miles this has doubled since the mid 1990’s on london underground over 1.4 billion passengers were reported in 2012/13 covering over 46 million miles transferring road traffic to rail is a good thing for reducing congestion and carbon emissions however a 2 shift from road to rail requires a 25 increase in rail capacity investment investment has been made and considerable infrastructure spend is planned for the future in order to maintain and improve the service and prevent overcrowding during 2014-2019 cp5 network rail is investing £21 billion transport for london plan an annual spend of £1.4 billion for the underground and crossrail with a further £4 billion planned investment up to 2016 4 key sector drivers this

managing rail industry processes trackside control monitoring with a proven track record for reliability and security mitsubishi electric compact and modular plcs are used in a diverse range of trackside control asset monitoring applications including the use of embedded secure data management technologies from industry leaders such as raima inc emergency tunnel ventilation signalling de-watering provision of ventilation control supervisory systems using high availability redundant iq modular plcs vsds and maps scada iq modular plcs used to provide diversity in signalling control applications and compact plcs used for power control of principle supply points variable speed drives vsds for pump control

electrification iq modular plc supporting industry standard open protocols such as iec 61850 are used in traction substation automation including rtus bay control and complex logic for switching ied’s escalators lifts platform edge doors a complete portfolio of product offered for the control of lifts and escalators covering hmis for local visualisation with modular plcs and vsds for control mitsubishi electric compact fx plc range used for door control logic station communication annunciation iq modular plcs used for alarm management and mitsubishi maps scada used for visualisation as part of the scope of station management depot control communications systems

electrification electrification electrification is a key process as part of the driver to increase capacity and sustainability of the uk rail network at present some 40 of the existing network in the uk is electrified and government is committed to investing in programmes to increase this in coming control periods most of the electrified network is fed via overhead lines with the remainder being 3rd rail systems the department for transport’s rail technical strategy states that “the right long term solution for rail would be one that minimises its carbon footprint and energy bill” electrification although having a high capital cost is a low risk mature and available technology that is able to assist in achieving this 8 benefits of electrification faster longer trains electric trains have more seats than the same length diesel trains and can pull more carriages electric trains typically have more than twice the traction power of diesel trains journey times are made

solutions for electrification mitsubishi electric provides solutions covering an important cornerstone of the electrification process as part of the railway technical strategy defined by the dft namely the optimisation of traction power and energy consumption through the management of electrical power distribution networks which includes control centre scada solutions for visualisation and control of the network and telemetry products for substation automation control centre scada solutions mitsubishi maps scada solutions offer a range of benefits as part of an electrical switching control centre application including  reduced development engineering and lifecycle costs through the provision of an integrated development environment  production of lifecycle development documentation for achieving cenelec standards such as en 50126 and en 50128  utilisation of typical industry communications standards such as dnp 3 and iec 60870-5-104 for control centre/substation connectivity

signalling demand for modern signalling the re-signalling of the rail network is driven by the need to increase capacity in order to meet growing demand in the use of the railways and goes hand in hand with the driver to increase safety of the network as part of the process to electrify the network new signalling systems are required to cope with the longer and faster trains that are deployed on the electrified networks some of the other benefits of modern signalling solutions include  reduced number of train delays  increase in speed of service  increase in number of trains operating a route  reduction in operations and maintenance costs  improvement in information for passengers signalling solutions a vital component signalling is one of the most important components of a railway system train movement safety depends on it and the control and management of trains depends on them over the years many signalling and train control systems have evolved with signalling systems

asset monitoring opportunities infrastructure every asset controlled by a programmable device has the capacity to deliver a wealth of information about its performance and vital information for example for predictive maintenance techniques and other system critical operations an obstacle to gathering data can be that network architectures do not always exist and there are disparate systems to gather data from flexible control platforms and adoption of standard network communication protocols can help to overcome this mitsubishi electric provide interfaces to rail industry standard protocols such as iec 61850 and dnp3 as well as many other standard protocols which makes interfacing to other vendor’s equipment easy and cost effective untapped resource all assets contain data which may or may not be being utilised further up the chain in many cases this data is simply lying dormant in local control devices but represents a“gold mine” of information about the state of

cyber security challenges cyber terrorism has become ever more sophisticated and is a real threat to the national infrastructure infiltrating an organisation is a multi–layered approach with bad practice and disgruntled personnel posing as big a threat as “traditional” attacks from the internet change in the landscape often the “top end” of any organisation is well protected by sophisticated firewall and other protection systems however with the advent of malware such as stuxnet the point of attack switched to the generally more vulnerable automation layer and exposed weaknesses in some automation architectures convergence convergence and adoption of new technologies such as ip based systems and architectures that include gateway pcs to link between the asset level and business systems has provided opportunities to cyber terrorists but these threats can be mitigated against innovation going forward a “rethink” of traditional architectures can

safety passenger movement mitsubishi electric has been heavily involved in the london underground escalator lift refurbishment programme this programme has delivered leading edge technology increased reliability safety and cost savings ventilation and air management this is clearly a high priority from a control and safety perspective mitsubishi technology has been used in innovative methods of air and pressure management in areas of the underground network and also in the channel tunnel rail link ctrl tunnels air flow management systems diverted harmful fumes away from public areas and escape routes sil rated standard control systems demand has grown for project control systems to meet iec 61508 and associated safety integrity levels sil sil levels apply to the whole control system and mitsubishi electric is able to supply mean time between failuresmtbf and failure rate data for our equipment for inclusion in the system safety case mitsubishi equipment mtbf data is calculated using

a world of automation solutions mitsubishi electric offers a wide range of automation equipment from plcs and hmis to robots and inverters a name to trust since its beginnings in 1870 some 45 companies use the mitsubishi electric name covering a spectrum of finance commerce and industry the mitsubishi electric brand name is recognised around the world as a symbol of premium quality mitsubishi electric corporation represents space development transportation semiconductors energy systems communications and information processing audio visual equipment home electronics building and energy management and automation systems it has 237 factories and laboratories worldwide in over 121 countries this is why you can rely on a mitsubishi ­electric automation solution – because we know first hand about the need for reliable efficient easy-to-use automation and control as one of the world’s leading companies with a global turnover of 4 trillion yen approximately $40 billion

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