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factory automation turbiset® steam turbine control reliable robust control and protection ƒƒ reliable solution using packaged pre-validated turbine control and protection libraries ƒƒ plc hardware with or without redundancy for optimum control and protection ƒƒ first-principles turbine simulator for safe offline checkout of the controls ƒƒ monitoring diagnostics and lifecycle optimisation ƒƒ ideal for steam turbine upgrades and

turbiset® steam turbine control protection steam turbine control protection turbiset® steam turbine control and protection solutions represent a comprehensive suite for both utility and industrial turbine applications with many decades of experience in control and protection systems for steam turbines turbiset® represents the culmination of this depth of experience relating to all aspects of turbine operation safety and efficiency outline applications scope turbiset® is a solution for enhanced control protection and surveillance of steam turbines its built-in control features and in-depth reporting functions simplify plant operations and add flexibility to improve overall plant productivity turbiset® is equally deployable in industrial plant applications including cogeneration or motive power turbines for compressors and pumps as it is at home running medium and large fossil fuel power plant turbines turbiset® includes all the elements necessary for essential steam

turbiset® steam turbine control protection ideal for steam turbine upgrades and retrofits turbiset® offers its clients a control system for industrial steam turbines that is based on proven standard components to provide high operating safety and reliability flexibility and user friendliness the system is implemented on rugged melsec system q standard automation equipment allowing flexible use for industrial steam turbines including extraction turbines and irrespective of whether these are used as generator compressor or pump drives the advanced turbiset® control module implements standard controllers for generator load live steam pressure extraction pressure and back pressure limit controllers can be applied for defined process variables like generator load live steam and back pressure linearisation curves can be parameterised for all final control elements the system also permits automatic start-up of the turbine and run-up to nominal speed while distinguishing between

specifications turbiset® control – closed-loop control of turbiset® protect – 2 out of 3 voting principle for ƒƒ turbine speed ƒƒ overspeed ƒƒ generator load ƒƒ generator protection ƒƒ live steam pressure ƒƒ boiler protection ƒƒ back pressure ƒƒ lubrication oil pressure ƒƒ pressure of extraction via cross over valve ƒƒ turbine and generator bearing temperature ƒƒ bleeding pressure via throttle valve ƒƒ bearing vibration ƒƒ limit controls for generator load live steam and back pressure ƒƒ shaft displacement etc according to requirements turbine protection is implemented using three identical and independent plcs each of which controls a separate solenoid on the 2oo3 hydraulic block this gives a maximum protection of the turbine assuring the highest turbine availability – maximising your profits ƒƒ turbine run-up and loading turbiset® protect triple-replicated 2oo3