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efficient mechatronic solutions high quality wittenstein alpha gearheads integrated with mitsubishi electric system solutions partner product ƒƒ highly dynamic ­mechatronic systems ƒƒ accurate low backlash positioning ƒƒ suitable for hygienic and sterile production ƒƒ greater design freedom ƒƒ software for sizing entire drive train

wittenstein alpha from components to solutions mitsubishi electric has extended its capability to provide dynamic and efficient complete mechatronic solutions working with e-f@ctory partner wittenstein alpha to integrate the gear specialist’s innovative gearhead technology into the mitsubishi electric control platform high performance linear system with innovative rack bevel gearhead spc and planetary gearhead alpheno® today’s fast-paced markets mean standing still is actually moving backwards competition is fierce and everyone is looking to find a competitive edge productivity and quality are key demanding machinery with the production capability to match the accelerating advances in product design machines therefore have to be controlled and regulated with extreme care mitsubishi electric has driven that from the control side with its iq platform from the industry’s most trusted plcs to inverters robots motion controllers and highly dynamic servo technology

wittenstein alpha industrial production is increasing in complexity products are becoming more customised and innovation cycles shorter furthermore networking with customers and suppliers is entering new dimensions mastering complexity and complex technologies is therefore the main challenge in remaining competitive wittenstein alpha is a leading manufacturer of low backlash planetary gearheads servo right-angle gearheads rack and pinion systems and couplings mitsubishi electric is one of the world’s foremost control and automation technology companies delta robotics wittenstein alpha gearheads are used in the delta robots from e-f@ctory partner codian robotics wittenstein alpha is a specialist for delta robot applications with high requirements on dynamic and precision mitsubishi electric mr-j4 amplifier following aspects lead to a perfect matched drive trains solution mr-j4 is able to control the hygienic motor from wittenstein directly thus the combination of mitsubishi

sizing of the entire drive train applications gearhead motor motor characteristsic representation of motor load cymex® motion profiler definition of motion profiles cad generator generation of 3d models with the gearhead and motor sizing software cymex® it is possible to define the best in class solution for mechatronic solutions e.g codian robotics and other customer are using the dynamic solution of mitsubishi electric and e-f@ctory partner wittenstein alpha with their deep-rooted engineering know-how acknowledged methodological and software expertise and impressive portfolio of high-performance products they create solutions with unbeatable specifications perfectly matched and sized solutions lead to compact designs and reduction of costs european offices representatives russia geva wiener straße 89 a-2500 baden phone +43 02252 85 55 20 austria czech republic autocont c.s s.r.o kafkova 1853/3 cz-702 00 ostrava 2 phone +420 595 691 150 czech rep mitsubishi electric europe