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Corporate Profile by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation

Catalog: Corporate Profile
Company/Brand: Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation

parts for fuso in Corporate Profile by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation

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part of daimler trucks mitsubishi fuso is an integral part of daimler trucks ... of the company s truck group mitsubishi fuso takes its place alongside mercedes-benz ... s leading truck brands mitsubishi fuso plays a crucial role as the group s ... asia pillar and center for light-duty trucks and hybrid technology ...
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comprehensive support service parts mitsubishi fuso vehicles are backed ... by a comprehensive service and parts system the goal is far-reaching ... support with maximum productivity for vehicles in japan we have consolidated ... and service outlets supports mitsubishi fuso products a growing numbers of these ... logistics systems ensure comprehensive parts availability a fundamental requirement ... for commercial vehicle operators however ... to create even better support systems for our customers ...
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,000 km per year technicians trained in fuso products stand ready to perform any ... maximum vehicle uptime 02 03 mitsubishi fuso goes beyond simply selling a vehicle by ... transport and logistics solutions for our customers 04 designed for user- ... business of our customer 05 mitsubishi fuso provides a swift parts supply system ...
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and research centers to the community for exchange programs to develop mutual ... sports programs and sponsorships form a key part of our public outreach ... players for the company s baseball team hold youth ... skills and sportsmanship 05 mitsubishi fuso s summer sketch contest in japan has ... this is an example of mitsubishi fuso and daimler collaborating in ... exchange programs 08 mitsubishi fuso sponsors exchange programs for japanese ... program as a sponsor mitsubishi fuso supplements the travel expenses of ...
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