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implementation step 3 a creating a quality control network covering a wide area on site unify management of the quality control function using the network the quality control section monitors results from the inspection room and production floor handles statistical usb analysis ofps/2 stored data and issuesrs-232c forms database server database server centralizes usb results inspection 1ch ps/2 rs-232c quality control office quality controller’s terminal usb ps/2 rs-232c 1ch measurement results storage/retrieval generation of inspection certificates site lan optical measuring instrument measurement results digimatic gauge measurement results 1ch usb ps/2 rs-232c vision measuring machine measurement results cmm measurement results usb ps/2 rs-232c 1ch qvpak u-wave-r u-wave-t qm-data200 production line mcosmos inspection room measurlink see page a-5 mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological

user friendly click a gauge button and watch the charts update in real time this helps the operator stay in control of the process begin collecting data in minutes with the newly designed inspection wizard data acquisition collects data from digital micrometers calipers indicators bore gauges etc keyboard entry is quick and easy collect data for one or a million parts comprehensive spc easy to use control charts histograms capability detailed statistics assignable causes corrective actions and traceability all make this software best in class variable data collect dimensional data length width height outside diameter inside diameter weight etc supports derived features calculations for run out volume true position etc attribute data collect data from visual inspections burrs cracks dents missing holes etc to determine the fitness of a part track failures using a go/no-go style or count the defects on a characteristic to determine if a part is defective there is complete flexibility

measurlink 8 process analyzer professional edition process analyzer is an invaluable tool for your quality team it gives you the flexibility to analyse your processes identify problem areas and take corrective action to improve your product’s quality inspection runs can be sorted by inspection station routine or part and are displayed with the look and feel of windows explorer inspection data can be merged filtered grouped charted and printed in the way you want designed for robust manipulation of real-time data in a networked environment using advanced features it enables quality engineers to manipulate the data in meaningful ways that contribute to quality control initiatives for larger installations that use different databases the ability to switch the connection allows an engineer to analyse data from all sources full reporting template functionality is also provided • group search and sort data view data by part routine station year month day apply saved filters to

data management measurlink 8 gage r&r standard edition a technical data determines the repeatability and reproducibility linearity bias and stability of inspection systems allowing you to isolate gauging problems graphical tools allow for isolation of gauging problems including inconsistencies in technique between operators or inspectors • study wizard user-guided study setup defines the study that needs to be performed in order to determine the measurement system’s capabilities all elements required for the selected study to be completed are captured before the study is created and the user is prompted to provide any missing information before beginning the study • data input data for the study can be collected directly from a gauge connected to the system or transferred from mitutoyo coordinate measuring machines or vision and form measuring systems via native integration dde users can also key in their data • group studies all studies in the database are

data management digimatic signal cables technical data • these cables are used to connect mitutoyo measuring instruments that feature a digimatic interface • mitutoyo’s digimatic interface not only allows connection of numerous additional devices such as printers counters and the like but also enables connection of one or more digimatic measuring instruments to a pc by using a mitutoyo transmitter and an rs-232c signal cable a digimatic measuring instruments require one of the following for initiating data transmission 1 footswitch 2 data pushbutton on the instrument if present 3 data request from the pc 4 signal cables with data pushbutton if connectable to the measuring instrument 05cza662 specifications code no and price 1m 2m measuring instrument plugs remarks image for use with ip65/66/67 absolute digimatic thickness gauge series 547 05cza624 05cza625 ip65/66/67 absolute digimatic caliper series 500 550 551 573 £67.30 £81.00 ip65/66/67 absolute digimatic

series 06adv – usb input tool direct digimatic usb cable technical data cable length output os compatibility max connectable devices 2m usb hid/vcp windows® 7 / 8 / 10 32bit,64bit 20 devices optional accessories code no 937179t 06aen846 description footswitch software usb-itpak with dongle price £45.30 £225.00 • this input tool allows you to directly connect digimatic measuring devices to a usb interface without needing additional software • measurement data is converted into keyboard codes enabling interaction with any program working with keyboard entries • you can also connect to a usb with fixed com assignment in microsoft® windows® as channel identification vcp • the usb-itpak software lets you easily create microsoft® excel® worksheets • multi-channel input for measurement values microsoft® excel® • cables can be cascaded via a standard usb hub 06adv380c specifications code no

series 02azd/02aze – u-wave-t connecting cables • this is a short cable that connects a measuring tool to its u-wave t unit choose the appropriate cable for your measuring tool from the seven types below a to g supercaliper with 02azd790a cable quantumike with 02azd790b cable standard absolute caliper with 02azd790c cable digimatic indicator id-h with 02azd790d cable quick micrometer with 02azd790e cable digimatic height gauge with 02azd790f cable a cable without footswitch connection cable with footswitch connection specifications absolute digimatic indicator id-n with 02azd790g cable code no model description without footswitch connection 02azd790a a ip u-wave data cable straight with pushbutton e.g for ip67 caliper 02azd790b b ip u-wave data cable rear mounting with pushbutton e.g for ip65 micrometer 02azd790c c u-wave data cable straight with pushbutton e.g for standard absolute caliper 02azd790d d u-wave data cable plain e.g for idh/idf indicator 02azd790e e u-wave

series 264 – digimatic multiplexers technical data data output default configuration data length start bit stop bit parity check baud rate via rs-232c interface usb • digimatic multiplexers are used to concentrate streams of measurement data from several instruments into a single stream feeding into a dedicated processor or pc for storage and processing • models are available for handling 4 or 8 inputs it is possible to obtain more inputs by linking multiple units together • supplied with rs-232c and usb cables 8 bits 1 bit 1 bit none 9600 a optional accessory code no description 264-000-271 footswitch price £65.30 64aab387 64aab386 specifications code no 64aab387 64aab386 type mig-4usb mig-8usb mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological advances therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specification without notice data

data management series 542 – ec counter low-cost modular display unit technical data functions preset go/±ng judgement output selectable tolerance judgement -ng ok +ng open collector data digimatic code external control signal input preset data hold power supply via ac adapter • a display unit of the single-function type for connection to digimatic measuring instruments • employs din size 96 x 48 mm panel-mount configuration to facilitate system integration • able to produce tolerance judgement and digimatic measurement data output a optional accessories code no 936937 965014 214938 c162-155 description spc data cable 1 m spc data cable 2 m dc plug pj-2 i/o cable 542-007e specifications code no applicable input number of gauge inputs resolution display price 542-007e digimatic code spc 1 0.01 0.001 mm automatically set depending on the gauge 6-digit and a negative sign led amber green red £249.00 dimensions 48 44.4 unit mm 96 67 8 44.4

data management series 264 – dp-1vr digimatic mini-processor a technical data • mitutoyo’s dp-1vr is so compact it fits right in your palm but with this powerful little device you can print data from calipers micrometers and any other measuring devices equipped with a digimatic port and even perform statistical evaluations • printing speed is excellent it prints from a one-touch start and with the built-in thermal printer there’s almost no noise the thermosensitive paper has outstanding durability and chemical resistance for long term storage • the dp-1vr even lets you transmit the data to a computer using an rs-232c connecting cable • easy printing function • excellent readability due to large character print • clock function for loading measurement data • processing capacity for up to 9,999 data groups printer type printing method print speed printing paper capacity processing capacity printable data output function

optional accessories code no 937179t description footswitch price £45.30 09eaa084 rs-232c signal cable 1 m 9 pin for connecting dp-1vr to a pc 965516 go ±no go cable £201.00 lower limit upper limit £50.40 input data a average process capability index range 937179t number of data groups upper control limit x control consumable spare code no description 09eaa069d printer paper 1 roll lower control limit x control number of divisions in the histogram price £9.40 upper control limit r control lower control limit r control key functions printer on/off cl ce tol limit stat mode 0 mode 1 2 only measurement data clear press before setting limit cancel the previous measurement data press before entering or finish the upper/lower measurement mode cancel measurement mode feed data printer on/off power printer on/off cl ce tol limit stat making histogram to printout the calculation result via statistical analysis do not operate printer paper is fed when this key is pressed enter