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functions dimensions drive unit stored inside display unit standard detector installed in drive unit sj-210 series 14.1 214.1 174.1 160 40 14.1 214.1 174.1 160 40 14.1 214.1 174.1 160 14.1 214.1 174.1 160 setups 10 sets measured profile 1 set sliding cover closed 65.8 500 setups 10000 measured profiles 500 display images text file setups measured profile assessed profile bearing area curve amplitude distribution curve auto-calibration with the entry of numerical value average calibration with multiple measurement max.5 times is available unit mm 65.8 sliding cover open 40 without rear panel cover with rear panel cover 52.1 desired parameters can be selected for calculation and display by max value 16 standard deviation save the setup at power off 65.8 customization go/ng judgement storage of setups storage internal memory memory card option calibration 52.1 40 26 23 52.1 23 65.8 drive unit not stored inside display unit standard detector installed in drive unit sj-210 series

63 ø14 35.8 dimensions unit mm tilting positioning range ±1.5° 45.8 microsoft excel is not included to be supplied by the customer referring to dimensions when a 50 mm drive is mounted to sj-412 display unit 275 fine contour measurement with an auto levelling table deep groove measurement upside down measurement cylinder measurement with a support foot with optional accessories 60 33.5 109 130.9 219.3 245.8 198 referring to dimensions when a 50 mm drive is mounted to sj-412 referring to dimensions when a 50 mm drive is mounted to sj-412 r-surface measurement 25.4 0.9 50.8 54 90 99 130.9 219.3 245.8 19810 up/down positioning range 35.8 60 33.5 cables required code no description price 25.4 60 usb usb pc connecting cable 50.8 12aad510 £45.50 0.9 54 130.9 33.5 cable 219.3 245.8 2aaa882d rs-232c cable £56.10 measurement applications 275 ø14 90 99 tilting positioning range 63 ±1.5° 45.8 25.4 0.9 50.8 54 tilting positioning range ±1.5° 45.8 10 up/down

surftest sv-3200 series 178 – surface roughness tester technical data • mitutoyo s surftest sv-3200 series provides highly accurate high level multi-functional analysis and measurement of fine contour as well as conventional surface roughness measurement • peripheral devices such as the auto-levelling table are available to enhance operability and enable automatic measurement • includes formtracepak data analysis software formtracepak provides data management in a consistent format from the work site to the laboratory • the x1-axis drive unit guide is made of superbly anti-abrasive ceramic and provides a choice of traverse distance of 100 or 200 mm according to model no lubrication is required • high-accuracy glass scales built-in on the x1 axis resolution 0.05 μm and z2 axis column resolution 1 μm ensure high-accuracy positioning the sv-3200 series produces highly reliable measurement particularly in horizontal roughness parameters

formtracer extreme sv-c4500cnc series 525 – surface roughness/contour measuring system • a high-accuracy cnc measuring system that enables measurement of surface roughness and form contour with just one instrument • each axis has a maximum drive speed of 200 mm/s which permits high-speed positioning that potentially offers a large increase in the throughput of multiple-profile multiple-workpiece measurement tasks • for models with the α axis it is possible to perform continuous measurement over horizontal and inclined surfaces by power-tilting the drive unit • for models with the y-axis table it is possible to expand the measuring range for multiple workpieces etc through positioning in the y-axis direction • the contour drive unit is equipped with a laser hologage detector giving excellent narrow and wide range accuracy and resolution in the z1 axis • enables inclined plane measurements through simultaneous control of the x1 and z2 axes

specifications standard software formtracepak enables control of the optional motor-driven y-axis table and rotary table for realizing efficient measurement automation contour evaluation can be performed such as analysis of level differences angle pitch area and other characteristics based on surface roughness data in addition an original inspection certificate can be created by setting the print format to suit your particular requirements model code no x1-axis measuring range z2-axis vertical travel y-axis table unit a-axis unit model code no x1-axis measuring range z2-axis vertical travel y-axis table unit a-axis unit cs-5000cnc 525-722-2e 525-723-2e 200 mm 300 mm 525-721-2e — installed — installed — installed cs-5000cnc 525-742-2e 525-743-2e 200 mm 500 mm 525-741-2e — — model code no x1-axis measuring range z2-axis vertical travel y-axis table unit a-axis unit 525-724-2e 525-744-2e installed installed — installed cs-h5000cnc 525-761-2e

contracer cv-3200/cv-4500 series 218 – contour measuring instruments technical data • dramatically increased drive speed x1 axis 80 mm/s z2 axis 30 mm/s further reduces total measurement time • in order to maintain the traverse straightness specification for an extended period of time mitutoyo has adopted highly rigid ceramic guides that combine the characteristics of smallest secular change and remarkable resistance to abrasion • the drive unit x1 axis and column z2 axis are equipped with high-accuracy linear encoders abs type on z2 axis this improves reproducibility of continuous automatic measurement of small holes in the vertical direction and repeated measurement of parts which are difficult to position • a newly designed straight arm has reduced interference with the workpiece and expanded the measurement range in the z1 axis height direction • one-touch mounting and removal of the arm • designed to handle workpieces calling for high

optional accessories for surftest formtracer and contracer quick chuck y-axis table q1-axis table enables efficient automatic measurement of multiple aligned workpieces and multiple points on a single measurement surface allows semi-automatic measurement with a manually operated machine for efficient measurement in the axial/transverse directions when measuring a cylindrical workpiece automatic alignment can be performed in combination with the y-axis table not for cnc models this chuck is useful when measuring small workpieces which are easily clamped by tightening the knurled ring note q1-axis mounting plate 12aae630 is required when directly installing on the base of the sv-3100 code no holding capacity internal jaws internal jaws external jaws dimensions mass price 211-032 od 1 - 36 mm id 14 - 70 mm od 25 - 79 mm ø118 x 41 mm 1.2 kg £1410.00 micro-chuck wy wx wx wy code no travel range resolution positioning accuracy

211-014 three-jaw chuck od 2 - 78 mm id 25 - 68 mm 211-031 211-061 micro-chuck od 0.1 - 1.5 mm £1090.00 collet chuck od 0.5 - 10 mm £771.00 356038 auxiliary stage for a low-height workpiece 211-016 211-045 997090 12aah320 211-013 reference hemisphere £748.00 magnification checking gauge £2280.00 gauge block set for calibration £240.00 x-axis stop £92.00 vibration damping stand £3370.00 price £72.20 £47.10 a b turntable axis initial misalignment of axes 2 following preliminary measurement the centering and levelling adjustment values are displayed on the monitor 4 centering and levelling is complete centering range ±3 mm levelling inclination range ±1° £66.60 dimensions unit mm external dimensions measuring area 140 143 52 636 280 473 25 181 25 25 400 450 turntable top view 135 20 75 360 installation floor plan 115  power inlet  air inlet pc d1 43 100 min.100 wall 3-m5xd8 120°

12aaf204 auxiliary detector holder for a large-diameter workpiece £1560.00 211-045 magnification checking gauge £2280.00 211-014 chuck od 2 - 78 mm id 25 - 68 mm 211-032 quick chuck od 1 - 79 mm id 16 - 69 mm 211-031 178-025 178-024 micro-chuck od 0.1 - 1.5 mm £1090.00 vibration damping table £5510.00 stand for vibration isolator £744.00 1 preliminary measurement of two cross sections “a” and “b” turntable axis initial misalignment of axes turntab le £590.00 £1410.00 unit mm a 3 by adjusting the digital micrometer heads on the rotary table the adjustment values displayed on the monitor can be achieved b turntable axis initial misalignment of axes workpiece price £420.00 £1980.00 turnta ble description cylindrical square 2x extension detector holder ce code no 350850 12aaf203 dat digital adjustment table function a guidance system dat is incorporated into the

roundtest extreme ra-h5200cnc series 211 – cnc roundness/cylindricity measuring system • mitutoyo offers innovative roundness/cylindricity measuring systems capable of automated measurement with independent/simultaneous multi-axis cnc control in addition to high measuring accuracy and reliability these cnc models provide excellent inspection productivity • roundness and surface roughness measurements are both available from a single measuring system so workpiece resetting for roughness measurement is not required if an optional roughness detector unit is incorporated into the system with roughness measurement possible in the circumferential direction around the turntable axis as well as in the x and z-directions with the turntable stopped roundtest ra-h5200cnc technical data turntable rotational accuracy radial 0.02+3.5h/10000 μm h probing height mm axial 0.02+3.5x/10000 μm x distance from the turntable axis mm rotational speed 2 4 6 10 rpm 20 rpm auto

auxiliary workpiece stand5 cylindrical square • only for models capable of measuring cylindricity code no cylindricity straightness external dimensions d x h mass price 350850 2 µm 1 µm ø70 x 250 mm 7.5 kg £420.00 code no loading diameter external dimensions d x h mass price 356038 100 mm ø105 x 25 mm 1.7 kg £316.00 5 supplied with ra-h5200 as standard vibration isolator • air suspension system 6 origin-point gauge • for zero setting the r and z-axes code no price 998382 £321.00 supplied with ra-h5200/ra-2200 as standard 6 for ra-220 and ra-1600 code no vibration isolation method external dimensions w x d x h price 178-025 diaphragm isolation system 750 x 550 x 57 mm £5510.00 vibration isolator optional accessory used with this vibration isolator stand 178-024 • desk type compatible with ra-2200 for ra-10 ra-120 and ra-120p