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specifications optional accessories code no 905338 905409 description spc data cable 1 m spc data cable 2 m price £32.90 £36.80 02azd790f spc data cable for u-wave-t 160 mm £60.10 02aze140f spc data cable for u-wave-t and footswitch 160/500 mm £123.00 21eza198 21eza105 540774 264-504-5e plunger lifting lever plunger lifting knob plunger lifting cable digimatic mini-processor dp-1vr £6.10 £13.20 £23.60 £394.00 contact points for mitutoyo’s dial indicators refer to pages f-37 to f-40 for details interchangeable backs refer to page f-41 for details measuring stands refer to pages f-70 to f-75 for details inch/metric code no with lug 543-501 543-506 flat 543-501b 543-506b resolution range overall hysteresis repeatability price .00005  / 0.001 mm ±.0001  / 0.003 mm .0001  / 0.002 mm .0001  / 0.002 mm .5  / 12.7 mm .0005  / 0.01 mm ±.001  / 0.02 mm .001

series 543 – absolute digimatic calculating indicator id-c technical data display 6-digit lcd and sign scale type absolute electrostatic linear encoder stem diameter 8 mm standard contact point 901312 battery cr2032 05saa217 battery life 1 year under normal use2 dust/water protection level ip42 2 operation time per day 8 hours functions origin-set/preset zeroset go/±ng judgement power on off data output inch/mm reading inch/mm models max min value holding function lock data hold alarm low voltage counting value composition error overflow error tolerance limit setting error • this indicator incorporates an internal calculation function that operates from plunger displacement using dedicated fixtures measurements of outside and inside diameter and radius of curvature can easily be made without needing to use conversion tables or manual calculations and requiring access to only one side of the component to be measured • the absolute sensor restores the last origin

dial indicators feature icons mitutoyo’s dial indicators have long been used by many of our customers in full recognition of their needs we have devoted ourselves to the research and development necessary to produce high-quality and high-accuracy dial indicators due to the recent re-acknowledgement of the importance of measurement technologies the demands on dial indicators are many and varied installation in measuring jigs mounting in countless types of precision equipment etc we offer numerous models with various dial faces measuring ranges graduation styles and environmental resistance ratings the stems which ensure the fixture reliability and the plungers which are the basis of accuracy have excellent resistance against hard use thanks to the hardened stainless steel construction 0.01 mm resolution dial indicators have a grand gear made of stainless steel with high resistance to wear and deformation 0.001 mm resolution dial indicators employ a sector gear made of a special

features dimensions metric unit mm iso/jis type — ✓ ✓ — — — 10 ø6.5 5 12 5 16 30° ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ a — — ✓ — — — øc ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ — — 30° 38 f b 5 0 ø8 –0.009 ø4.8 g 2109s-10 2110s-10 2110s-70 2113s-10 2119s-10 2124s-10 e d øh code no m2.5x0.45 i note 1 dimensions of the inch ansi/agd type dial indicator partly differ from those of the metric iso/jis type indicator note 2 inch ansi/agd type dial indicator is provided with a stem of 3/8 dia and #4-48unf thread mount for the contact point f code no 2109s-10 2110s-10 2110s-70 2113s-10 2119s-10 2124s-10 a 48.8 b 60.5 66.5 67.5 61 cdef 16.9 57 17.7 20 16.9 60.3 mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological advances therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects

dial indicators series 3 and 4 – long stroke large dial indicators • dial indicators with a large-diameter dial face for easy reading • models with longer measuring ranges are also available • both the stem and the plunger are made of high-strength quench-hardened stainless steel suitable for heavy-duty use • all types are supplied with limit markers and a bezel clamp as standard • the bezel clamp and lifting lever optional 1 can be attached to either the right or left side these parts can be easily installed and removed without tools 3046s 1 can be attached only to code no 3046s 3047s 3050s 3109s-10 and 4046s 3047s 3050s f 3109s-10 4046s 3052s-19 specifications metric code no graduation range range/rev 3046s 10 mm 1 mm 3047s 3050s 20 mm 1 mm 3052s-19 0.01 mm 30 mm 1 mm 3058s-19 50 mm 1 mm 3060s-192 80 mm 1 mm 3062s-192 100 mm 1 mm 3109s-10 0.001 mm 1 mm 0.2 mm 4046s 0.01 mm 10 mm 1 mm accuracy overall retrace 1/10 rev 1 rev 15 µm 3 µm 5

120062 extension rod suitable for use on convex surfaces especially those with shallow grooves 10 2.5 unit mm ø5.2 blade point carbide a unit mm a t d 901954 code no a m2.5x0.45 120061 120062 120063 t w price 0.4 0.6 1 2 2 4 £42.50 £42.50 £49.50 roller point suitable for use on a moving workpiece surface or where the workpiece needs to slide from the side unit mm 23 15 a ø10 3 9 ø10 code no a m2.5x0.45 303611 21aaa259a 303612 21aaa259b 303613 21aaa259c 21aaa259f 304146 21aaa259j 21aaa259l 21aaa259m 304147 303614 a 4-48unf 139167 301655 301657 301659 r5 code no a m2.5x0.45 901954 a 4-48unf 901991 price £35.20 code no a m2.5x0.45 7822 contact points included flat point 131365 ø5 mm flat point 101117 ø10 mm needle point 101121 spherical point 101119 shell type point 101118 shell type point 101387 mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological advances therefore the company

set configuration metric full set swivel clamp 900321 for ø4 mm ø8 mm dovetail set configuration inch full set stylus ø1 mm carbide point stylus ø.039 carbide point swivel clamp 900322 for ø.157 ø3/8 dovetail stylus ø3 mm carbide point stylus ø.118 carbide point stem ø4 mm stem ø.157 holding bar l 100 mm holding bar l 4 basic set basic set indicator knurled clamp ring knurled clamp ring stem ø8 mm stylus ø2 mm contact point carbide indicator stem ø3/8 stylus ø.079 contact point carbide specifications metric code no graduation vertical type basic set 513-454e 0.01 mm 513-455e 0.002 mm vertical type full set 513-454t 0.01 mm 513-455t 0.002 mm parallel type basic set 513-284ge 0.01 mm parallel type full set 513-284gt 0.01 mm price range accuracy scale measuring force 0.8 mm 0.2 mm 8 µm 3 µm 0-40-0 0-100-0 0.3 n or less 0.3 n or less £86.10 £135.00 0.8 mm 0.2 mm 8 µm 3 µm 0-40-0 0-100-0 0.3 n or less 0.3 n or less

instruments series 170 – i-checker technical data • the i-checker is specially designed to calibrate all types of indicators and electronic gauges with a stroke of up to 100 mm 4 • ±0.2+l/100 μm indication accuracy where l indicator stroke mm • directly inspects an indicator with a stroke of up to 100 mm 4 dial test indicators bore gauges and lever-type inductive heads can be inspected with optional accessories such as the test indicator attachment set 02ask000 • adjustment of the measurement position is very easily accomplished because of semi-automatic measurement and fully automatic measurement functions • creates and prints out a simple inspection certificate • saves inspection results as a csv file for analysis by software measuring range 100 mm/4 resolution 0.02 μm / 0.8 μin accuracy ±0.2+l/100 μm in vertical position at 20°c ±0.3+2l/100 μm in lateral position l arbitrary length mm drive

specifications ball point flat point flat point sr2 sr3 anvil concave lens anvil anvil convex lens plano-convex lens lens thickness measurement application examples ball flat flat point the flat pointpoint note parallelism between and anvil is 5 μm point sr2 anvil sr3 anvil anvil metric code no range standard ceramic plunger/anvil 7301 0 - 10 mm 7305 0 - 20 mm deep throat ceramic plunger/anvil 7321 0 - 10 mm 7323 0 - 20 mm lens thickness 7313 0 - 10 mm groove depth 7315 0 - 10 mm tube thickness 7360 0 - 10 mm price graduation accuracy measuring force 0.01 mm ±15 μm ±20 μm 1.4 n or less 2.0 n or less £83.20 £102.00 0.01 mm ±15 μm ±22 μm 1.4 n or less 2.0 n or less £100.00 £117.00 0.01 mm ±15 μm 1.4 n or less £91.10 0.01 mm ±15 μm 1.4 n or less £113.00 0.01 mm ±15 μm 1.4 n or less £81.50 graduation accuracy measuring force

instruments series 201 – dial snap gauges optional accessories • designed for quick go/ng judgement of diameters of cylinders and shafts in machining processes • wide 13.5 x 12 mm / 1.53 x 47 flat carbide anvils • indicator-anvil retraction stroke 2 mm / .080 • anvil positioning range 25 mm / 1 • adjustment nut adjusts the setting anvil to the nominal size required within the measuring range • clamp clamps the setting anvil at the required position • flatness of measuring face 1 μm • repeatability of indication 2 μm or less repeatability of indicators is not included • the dial indicator and protection cover are optional also some dial indicators and protection covers cannot be used with the dial snap gauge consult mitutoyo before using dial indicators which are not recommended code no 21dza000 description dial protection cover price £8.70 2046sb dial indicator