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sales orderline 08456 410 750 just now £10.99 £1.37 yellow mustard 8 x 200ml a1142 now £13.99 just gf each v £1.40 tomato ketchup 10 x 324g £0.77 each v £1.44 each was £8.33 v was £19.88 v chicken gravy a3093 v now £10.69 now £12.49 just gf each v £1.04 £1.34 each v was £18.40 now £20.99 a1122 just gf each v £1.75 sweetened condensed milk carnation evaporated milk 12 x 410g a1124 heinz 8 x 285g a1141 heinz just was £21.40 12 x 397g a1459 was £35.01 a1460 now £9.99 25 ltrs were £23.38 reduced salt gravy a2732 v gf was £14.70 hp sauce was £24.15 a1135 bisto gravy granules v carnation 8 x 220ml a1120 gf each heinz just now £11.49 just £1.81 8 x 220ml a1140 was £18.20 heinz heinz onion gravy a3095 8 x 220ml just each £1.04 hot english mustard heinz tartare sauce malt vinegar 6 x 250ml barbecue a1121 just now £4.59 10 x 220ml now £8.29 v each now £14.49 heinz was

sales orderline 08456 410 750 new in frozen ew n ew n just now £23.89 £0.53 each v peppered brioche a classic brioche enriched with spicy tangy pepper a splendid accompaniment to all sorts of savoury meals from speciality breads 45 x 90g was £37.50 c12016 ew n just now £16.29 £0.81 each v fruit scioche half scone half brioche from speciality breads 20 x 140g was £25.50 now £23.89 just £4.78 each v plain focaccia sheet made with strong flour yeast salt water and extra virgin rapeseed oil to create a 100 british bread with a passionate italian heart equally good for split mediterranean toasts and deli sandwiches 5 x 1.4kg c12014 c12018 was £37.50 just £0.63 each ew n ew n now £15.69 now £14.39 v just gf each v £0.22 sourdough flatbread gluten free tortilla bite selection delicious flatbreads made using 100 british flour and premium kentish extra virgin rapeseed oil from speciality breads 32 x spinach

sales orderline 08456 410 750 in ew en n froz frozen deals now £10.99 just £0.44 each smoked salmon crab parcel smoked salmon delicate crab meat in creamy mix lightly seasoned with lemon dill hand wrapped into a crisp pastry parcel from scheff foods 25 x 30g was19.27 c15525 ew n now £9.59 just now £9.69 £0.40 ptn just £0.39 each v classic quiche lorraine pick-ups bbq bean monterey jack parcel smoked suffolk bacon mature cheddar cheese onion and dijon mustard combined with creamy egg custard and encased in a stone-oven baked italian cheese pastry from frank dale crisp pastry filled with kidney and cannellini beans monterey jack cheese and seasonings in a rich bbq sauce from scheff foods 1x24ptn was £14.16 25 x 30g c13481 was £16.47 c3979 ew n now £9.59 just now £2.79 £0.40 ptn just £0.03 each asparagus cheese quiche pick-ups party size sausage rolls asparagus cheddar cheese garlic and parsley combined with

sales orderline 08456 410 750 now £10.99 just £0.92 each boneless breaded chicken kiev a gorgeous golden crust hiding succulent chicken breast meat and a centre of garlic and parsley butter from moy park 12 x 170g was £17.50 c167 now £3.99 gf whole chicken whole british chicken perfect for roasting 1 bird 1.7kg £1.26 each gf plain chicken butterfly breast was £5.88 10 x 184g c11135 now £16.79 just now £12.59 just £0.19 each v now £16.79 c13992 was £19.44 just £0.19 each v now £16.79 just £0.19 each v milk chocolate cookies double chocolate cookies white chocolate cookies tasty buttery cookies with milk chocolate pieces from readibake tasty chocolate cookies with milk chocolate pieces from readibake tasty buttery cookies with white chocolate pieces from readibake 90 x 50g was £30.18 c19233 90 x 50g was £30.72 c19457 90 x 50g was £30.18

now £17.49 just just now £18.99 £1.46 each now £8.79 £1.58 each just gf each v £0.73 pressed chicken sun blushed tomato black olive terrine pressed duck confit chicken wild mushroom terrine gluten free pressed goats cheese potato terrine traditional pressed terrine of roasted chicken sun blushed tomatoes olives basil garlic from quality cuisine traditional pressed terrine of confit duck roast chicken wild mushrooms from quality cuisine thinly sliced potato layered with a goats cheese sauce and pressed into a terrine from quality cuisine 12 x 90g was £27.50 12 x 90g was £30.00 c23227 now £18.29 just each now £9.99 £1.39 each pressed ham hock split pea parsley terrine pressed sweet chilli chicken terrine terrine with ham hock split peas parsley and mustard from quality cuisine terrine of roasted chicken with spring onions and a sweet chilli sauce from quality cuisine was £28.75 c23225 now £21.69 12 x 90g was £26.25 c23232 was £13.75 now £13.99 just now £11.99 £1.17 each salmon prawn crayfish parfait a great starter served with melba toast and salad from quality cuisine 12 x 85g was £22.25 sales orderline 08456 410 750 now £11.99 gf cooked diced chicken pieces cooked chicken breast strips add these chicken pieces to salads or sandwiches from vestey add these chicken strips to pasta or sandwiches from vestey 2.5kg c23234 2.5kg was £21.25 was £21.88 c13999 c14349 now £4.19 wholetail breaded scampi 30 a classic dish best served with tartare sauce which we have on offer on page 4 from sterling 454g was £7.73 c13141 now £23.49 just £1.96 each v brie almond courgette crumble potatoes green beans and courgettes in a rich brie sauce topped with an almond crumble from k k fine foods 12 x 340g was £36.23 c18756 now £16.49 just £2.75 each steak spitfire ale luxury pie herefordshire beef and ale luxury pie from oliver james 6 x 330g was

sales orderline 08456 410 750 new in desserts ts er ss de ew n in ew n now £10.99 just £0.92 /ptn now £6.19 v just £0.52 /ptn v peakwell tart egg custard tart a real nutty treat a beautiful sweet short pastry case filled with rich sticky caramelised sauce and topped with toasted pecans pre cut from sidoli a melt-in-the-mouth buttery shortbread filled with luxuriously smooth creamy egg custard and finished with a sprinkling of nutmeg pre cut from sidoli 1x12ptn c16942 was £18.35 now £10.99 1x12ptn just £0.79 /ptn now £13.59 v c16943 was £10.39 just £0.97 /ptn v eaton mess strawberry cheesecake peanut butter toffee cheesecake a crunchy biscuit base topped with a creamy coldset cheesecake and rippled with an extravagant amount of strawberries it’s then topped with a strawberry coulis and piled high with crumbled meringue pieces pre cut from sidoli baked cheesecake made with crunchy peanut butter and a swirl of

sales orderline 08456 410 750 dessert deals now £12.99 just £0.32 v each mini dairy cream cakes 8 varieties of mini cakes 5 x chocolate eclairs 5 x finger doughnuts 5 x fruit scones 5 x black forest muffins 5 x carrot cake 5 x chocolate brownie 5 x custard slices 5 x cream slices thaw serve from wrights 8x5 now £7.79 just £0.56 /ptn v deep dish apple pie deep sweet pastry case made with our special continental pastry filled with apple lightly flavoured with cinnamon and sugar pre cut from vittles 1x14ptn was £13.98 c104 c13102 was £22.01 just now £12.99 £0.81 /ptn v now £5.79 just £0.36 /ptn v strawberry clotted cream torte 9” mandarin cheesecake sweet pastry case with fresh cream strawberry mousse and strawberry halves glazed and decorated with non-dairy cream and chocolate pre cut from vittles a digestive biscuit crumb base topped with a vanilla flavour cheesecake and topped with a mandarin orange fruit

sales orderline 08456 410 750 now £9.99 just gf each v £0.71 gluten free carrot cake a moist gluten free carrot cake made with pineapple carrots and coconut with a combination of mixed spices filled with cream cheese frosting and finished with nibbed hazelnuts 1x14ptn was £16.98 c16866 now £8.39 just gf /ptn v £0.70 gluten free chocolate brownie a rich gooey gluten free brownie studded with rich dark chocolate and milk chocolate pieces topped with more dark chocolate chunks pre cut from sidoli 1x12ptn was £14.10 just gf /ptn v £0.79 sticky chocolate orange cake a moist and gooey orange sponge with pockets of sticky orange curd smothered with rich chocolate ganache finished with a zig zag of orange icing pre cut from sidoli 1x14ptn c16879 now £22.99 now £10.99 just just now £14.29 £1.64 /ptn c16881 was £19.06 £0.12 each v now £13.59 just £1.13 /ptn oreo cookie bash brownie bites tiramisu slices an

sales orderline 08456 410 750 dessert deals now £14.69 just £0.82 /ptn now £7.99 gf just £0.67 v /ptn gluten free toffee pecan meringue roulade lemon meringue pie a cream filled meringue roulade layered with pecans and toffee sauce whole from waldrons a traditional shortcrust pastry case with a zesty lemon filling topped with a generous helping of meringue and baked to perfection pre-cut from sidoli 1x18ptn c16565 was £23.28 1x12ptn c325 was £13.39 n e he n w go ne ’’s o it ’s g it now £13.99 just £0.87 /ptn maple pecan waffle cheesecake biscuit base with a milk chocolate cheesecake and belgian waffles laced with maple syrup finished with fresh cream heaps of pecan nuts and drizzled with maple syrup pre-cut from eatons patisserie v 1x16ptn was £16.00 c24118 now £8.49 now £14.99 /ptn v new york cheesecake so creamy smooth and satisfying it makes the statue of liberty smile pre-cut from the

now just £13.59 dessert deals ruity hat f o tw kes t seca ect for e e ch perf are mmer su just now just £11.99 £1.13 /ptn just £1.00 /ptn peach cream cheese cake strawberry cheesecake a fruity variety of the classic cake the creamy cheesecake with shortcrust pastry base is covered with aromatic peach slices and covered with cake glaze pre cut from erlanbacher delicious aromatic and fragrant strawberry halves on an exquisite cheesecake filling and crispy base pre cut from erlanbacher 1x12ptn was £15.30 c26002 1x12ptn was £13.69 16 c26009 set sail to up %n 0 o 5 ff y o e da th on the mkg extravaganza for a day of food tasting and great deals 1st august 2017 ring telesales to book your place or visit ready to order get in touch with our team now 08456 410 750 or email us at terms conditions mkg standard terms conditions of sale apply these appear on the inside back cover of our 2017 product brochure and