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frankfurt outdoor stand led berlin entrée single-post stand frankfurt outdoor stand with led berlin entrée single-post stand madrid silver line outdoor stand with led

wayfinding orientation guidance 24 series berlin berlin berlin basic berlin basic led lighting profiles puts outdoor free-standings shapely in perspective technical data fits to all berlin basic posts format 560 x 152 mm h x d delivery will be effected ready to mount with cross bar single-sided or box profile double-sided cable exit prepared in the midst of the backside illuminants led white the lighting profile is splashproof lighting profile led light source version lighting profile cross bar hollow art no height x width in mm length in mm length in mm silver anodized single-sided single-sided single-sided single-sided 990 1190 1490 1990 1000 1200 1500 2000 i98leucht990-1led i98leucht1190-1led i98leucht1490-1led i98leucht1990-1led double-sided double-sided double-sided double-sided 990 1190 1490 1990 1000 1200 1500 2000 i98leucht990-2led i98leucht1190-2led i98leucht1490-2led i98leucht1990-2led supplied silver anodized as standard for a painted version please specify the

44 rio berlin timeless and discreet à a tasteful greeting already awaits the visitor the use of brushed inscription surfaces in stainless steel look as well as the availability of stands in vertical or horizontal format leaves nothing to be desired the continuation indoors is ensured by indoor totem wall guides and ceiling hangers built in the same way stainless steel – reduced to the essentials – is the basis for paperflexible indoor signs a frameless information carrier for every particularly demanding architectural solution • stainless steel • frameless look • paperflexible as with all collections updating information can be carried out quickly and costeffectively by the

64 madrid berlin gold line black line unobtrusive and specific à the madrid collection is particularly suited to individual needs even outdoors the madrid pillars are the right choice no matter whether in vertical or horizontal the main feature of the charming frame is continued indoors with indoor totem wall guides and ceiling hangers paperflexible doorplates and guides attain an aesthetic and unobtrusive appearance through a particularly filigree aluminium frame • aluminium • elegant design • individual solutions the special editions black line and gold line make madrid the ultimate orientation and information system of modern day times silver

wayfinding orientation guidance 84 series madrid madrid silver line madrid silver line main directory outdoor sign for wall mounting direct print the madrid main directory permits individual combinations of different sizes and types of sign it comes in a slim-line and elegant design for the display of information on large surfaces the sign information can be applied directly to the base panel and for the quick exchange of information exchanger modules offer the ideal solution to be able to produce the madrid main directory we require a scale assembly drawing of the proposed guide please note that the door signs/directories must be capable of being opened towards the side or the top to enable the sign information to be changed technical data the basic structure is comprised of a surrounding silver anodized aluminium frame with angle brackets inside it has keyholes on the back for wall mounting the information panel itself is a 3.0 mm composite panel in silver ral 9006 or white ral

wayfinding orientation guidance 104 series sydney sydney berlin sydney suspended sign paperflexible for sign information on both sides including two 1.5 m steel cords and press-on lugs sign size information area height x width in mm height x width in mm 167 x 600 134 x 600 accessories automatic unit art no i9601 art no instead of hooks i7732 two automatic units are required per sign the automatic unit is described on page 190 installation and sign information in this case the sign information is applied directly to the area for information using self-adhesive foil letters digital printing or emergency fire safety symbols the sign can be fastened to the ceiling either with conventional hooks or an automatic ceiling fastening system the automatic device permits the sign to be adjusted retroactively so that if it is not straight or there are any differences in the length of the cord these can be corrected with ease rvice ing se tlusu on our c ere for yo 00 is th 5-2 0 621 6 49 9

wayfinding orientation guidance 124 series galerie galerie berlin galerie fastening material for wall mounting adjustment thanks to undercut is to the right left top and bottom possible wall mounting 1 use the glass panel as an assembly template after you have marked the holes remove the glass panel from the wall and drill the holes in the wall as precisely as possible 2 insert the dowels then tighten the spacer only lightly for the moment through the front opening 3 before you fit the first glass panel place one of the supplied foam rings on the neck of the spacer material thickness space to wall diameter art no … for screwing 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm and 12 mm 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm and 12 mm 10 up to 12 mm 15 mm 15 mm 25 mm 15 mm 25 mm 15 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 22 mm Ø 22 mm Ø 22 mm i7324 i7326 i7320 i7322 i7321 i7323 Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm i7324klebe i7320klebe with round adhesive plates for adhesive installation 6 up to 8 mm 15

wayfinding orientation guidance 144 series monaco monaco berlin monaco projecting sign paperflexible for one or single-sided sign information including adapter sign size material adapter quantity height x width in mm quantity x thickness and -length in mm 148 x 148 180 x 215 2 x 4 mm esg 2 x 4 mm esg 1 x 120 1 x 120 art no i2250 i2251 i2252 installation and sign information 1 2 3 4 the flag sign consists of two tsg panels and one flag adapter fix the two wall brackets of the adapter with screws 1 fix the glass panels to the adapter 2 put the sign onto the wall brackets 3 and fix the sign with two headless screws 4

wayfinding orientation guidance 164 series kairo kairo berlin kairo door sign/directory for wall mounting paperflexible kairo door sign consists of mounting plate base plate and a 3 mm non-reflective cover the signs has an integrated non-visible locking device thus change of inlays as well as removal can only be done with the help of a special key 1x per pu sign size description 1 pu height x width in mm art no art no art no grey white painted 74,75 x 149,5 door sign 75 in portrait and landscape format mountable 10 signs i2301v10 i2301wv10 i2301ralv10 149,5 x 149,5 door sign 150 10 schilder i2300v10 i2300wv10 i2300ralv10 painted to ral please specify the desired ral colour with the article number when placing the order minimum quantity 5 pu 50 pieces coloured plastic grey approx ral 7005 white approx ral 9010 kairo installation and inserting the sign information special key 1 mounting plate abs base plate abs paper inlay non-reflective cover 3mm 1 drill the holes insert

184 3d letters and berlin numbers wayfinding orientation guidance 3d letters 3d letters and

schilderfabrikation moedel gmbh plant ii wernher-von-braun-straße 13 industrial area north d-92224 amberg po box 1755 d-92207 amberg phone +49 9621 605-200 fax +49 9621 605-202 e-mail web office berlin danziger straße 64 10435 berlin orientation way finding guidance design+layout solemedia werbe.agentur