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wayfinding orientation guidance 124 series galerie galerie berlin galerie fastening material for wall mounting adjustment thanks to undercut is to the right left top and bottom possible wall mounting 1 use the glass panel as an assembly template after you have marked the holes remove the glass panel from the wall and drill the holes in the wall as precisely as possible 2 insert the dowels then tighten the spacer only lightly for the moment through the front opening 3 before you fit the first glass panel place one of the supplied foam rings on the neck of the spacer material thickness space to wall diameter art no … for screwing 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm and 12 mm 6 up to 8 mm 6 up to 8 mm and 12 mm 10 up to 12 mm 15 mm 15 mm 25 mm 15 mm 25 mm 15 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm Ø 22 mm Ø 22 mm Ø 22 mm i7324 i7326 i7320 i7322 i7321 i7323 Ø 14 mm Ø 14 mm i7324klebe i7320klebe with round adhesive plates for adhesive installation 6 up to 8 mm 15 mm 6 up to 8 mm and 12 mm 25 mm available in packing units a 4 or a 10 items galerie free occupied indicator 4 fit the rear glass panel adjust the spacer to the correct position with the glass panel and then tighten the wall screws slider made of silver anodized aluminium with 2 holes suitable for standard signs in width 150 mm description dimensions slider made of aluminium foil green and red 30 x 150 mm 28 x 148 mm art no height x width in mm 5 after you have fitted the first panel insert the information panel so that the pre-punched holes fit over the necks of each of the hardware elements 6 fit the front glass panel 7 fit the second sponge rubber spacers on the bolts 8 now insert the bolts into the sleeves 9 lock the bolt in the sleeve with the side assembly screw this presses the glass panels together igalfbalu150 igalfbalu150f universal display „free engaged” name art no universal display „free engaged” iuniversalfb see page 192.