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148 clip-trick berlin colourful and diverse à with clip trick the name says everything the diversity of colours and versions ease of installation and sunny appearance are the persuasive advantages of this system floors departments or functional areas can be denoted by different colours making them easily comprehensible even for children and the more elderly clip-trick fastening elements are available in many colours • variable • easy to assemble • simple to

wayfinding orientation guidance 150 series clip-trick clip-trick berlin discontinued line – while stock lasts clip-trick door signs/directories for wall mounting paperflexible glass material sign size art no height x width in mm 3 mm acryl discontinued line – while stock lasts 150 x 150 210 x 148 din a5 148 x 297 297 x 210 din a4 i7800a3f i7801a3f i7808a3f i7802a3f corners/spacers for wall mounting name art no small clip corner bracket 6 mm clip i7920 f clip-trick corner brackets are available in a single colour from our mpc-f colours f1 f5 f10 f12 f13 f15 and f16 please specify the required colour number with the article number details are contained on page 199 universal display „free engaged” name art no universal display „free engaged” iuniversalfb see page 192 wall fastener abs clip-trick foil inlays transparent acrylic glass panel at back transparent foil acrylic glass panel at front wall fastener with washer and spring plate

wayfinding orientation guidance series clip-trick clip-trick inserting the sign information and installation 1 once you have prepared the installation aid and drilled the holes insert the clip-trick corner brackets in the installation aid 3 remove the installation aid and then fit the spring plate 5 fit the front glass panel 2 insert the washer and fasten to the wall with a screw 4 place the back panel and the transparent foil in position if direct sign information is used place only the glass panel in position 6 slide the cover cap over the completed sign until it locks into place 7 to remove the transparent foil insert the key in the gap at the back until it locks the cover can now be removed without difficulty it is impossible to open without the key