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152 maxway berlin clear and classic à maxway quattro can be used in various situations the colour can be defined by the use of finishing rails or foil inserts when using paper inserts the layout can be customized the integrated anti-theft device is a unique selling point • plastic • paperflexible •

wayfinding orientation guidance 154 series maxway maxway berlin quattro discontinued line – while stock lasts maxway quattro door sign for wall mounting paperflexible sign size art no height x width in mm 144 x 144 i8005 a maxway quattro door signs are available with edge rails from our mpc-f colours f1 f5 f10 f12 f13 f15 and f16 please specify the required colour number with the article number when ordering for details please refer to page 199 installation and inserting the sign information 1 clip on the edge rails and take the special key out of the back panel 2 fully insert the special key and pull gently towards you at the same time once the cover panel is open fully edge rails mounting plate with base panel and non-reflective pc cover 3 special key drill the holes insert suitable dowels and fasten the sign to the wall with two screws swing the base panel back 4 insert the strips of text paper inlay foil or pictogram swing the cover panel down over the base panel

wayfinding orientation guidance series maxway maxway quattro universal display „free engaged” name art no universal display „free engaged” iuniversalfb see page 192 maxway quattro opened maxway quattro paper inlays paper inlays in pure white blank for self-printing with a laser or inkjet printer format art no pu i139x139p50 i139x139p10 50 sheets 10 sheets height x width in mm 139 x 139 paper inlay pure-white punched on din a4 sheet accessories/pictograms art no design templates incl pictograms and free installation file „inkscape“ ivorlagen extract from a wide range please refer to page 194 onwards for a selection of emergency fire safety symbols please refer to for sign information in braille tactile lettering please refer to page 178 onwards