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58 oslo berlin timeless and striking à oslo convinces with design and functionality oslo gets its particular character through the stainless steel holders which serves the purposes of assembling and attaching the inserts and cover simultaneously in an elegant fashion in order to round off the system doorplates mounted on the wall and signposts as well as banners ceiling hangers and table stands are available as with all other collections the labelling can be equipped with braille or tactile writing • aluminium and stainless steel • paperflexible • easy to assemble made to measure blank inlays and preprepared inscription data make changing of information user friendly

wayfinding orientation guidance 60 series oslo oslo berlin oslo suspended sign paperflexible for double sided sign information including two 1,5 mm steel cords and press-on lugs sign size information area height x width in mm height x width in mm 151 x 297 144 x 297 i2640 accessories automatic unit art no art no instead of hooks i7732 two automatic units are required per sign the automatic unit is described on page 190 installation and sign information in this case the sign information is applied directly to the paper inlay using self-adhesive foil letters digital printing or emergency fire safety symbols the sign can be fastened to the ceiling either with conventional hooks or an automatic ceiling fastening system the automatic device permits the sign to be adjusted retroactively so that if it is not straight or there are any differences in the length of the cord these can be corrected with ease e servic lting u usno our c ere for yo is th -200 05 +4 21 6 9 96 hooks automatic

wayfinding orientation guidance series oslo oslo oslo projecting sign paperflexible for sign information on both sides e.g with safety symbols or paper inlays including adapter sign size information area height x width in mm height x width in mm 151 x 148 151 x 297 144 x 148 144 x 297 art no i2651 i2650 installation and sign information the adapter consists of a mounting base profile an adapter profile in anodized silver the base profile is attached to the wall using two screws a grub screw at the side secures the slid over adapter on which the signs are attached on both sides oslo employee presentation panel present skilful your employees technical data ÌÌ base made of aluminium composite silver ral 9006 ÌÌ 150 mm height for title ÌÌ profile oslo height 151 mm ÌÌ transparent covers 147,5 x 105 mm din a6 ÌÌ separating strips made of silver anodized aluminium overall size quantity rows height x width in mm x pictures per row 650 x 565 810 x 565 970 x

wayfinding orientation guidance 62 series oslo oslo berlin oslo door sign/directory for wall mounting paperflexible intelligent and discrete oslo convinces by design and functionality two adapters made of stainless steel are used for mounting and hold the paper inlay in place in the aluminium sign base text inlays can be produced and replaced by the user himself sign size information area height x width in mm 73 x 151 103 x 151 148 x 151 210 x 151 148 x 213 148 x 300 297 x 213 210 x 300 420 x 300 art no height x width in mm door sign 75 din a6 hor door sign 150 din a5 ver din a5 hor safety sign din a4 ver din a4 hor din a3 ver 73 x 144 103 x 144 148 x 144 210 x 144 148 x 206 148 x 293 297 x 206 210 x 293 420 x 293 i2601 i2616 i2600 i2605 i2615 i2630 i2604 i2614 i2603 bestseller bestseller installation stainless steel wall bracket aluminium base plate silver anodized paper inlay non-reflective cover 1 fasten the lower installation bracket to the wall with two screws recommendation

wayfinding orientation guidance series oslo oslo universal display „free engaged” name art no universal display „free engaged” iuniversalfb see page 192 oslo paper inlays paper inlays are supplied in pure white blank for self-printing with laser or inkjet printers format art no pu height x width in mm 72,5 x 147,5 for door sign 75 i725x1475p50 i725x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 102,5 for din a6 i1475x1025p50 i1475x1025p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 147,5 for door sign 150 and flag sign 150 i1475x1475p50 i1475x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 209,5 x 147,5 for din a5 i2095x1475p50 i2095x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 296,5 296,5 x 209,3 421,5 x 296,5 for safety sign for din a4 for din a3 i1475x2965p10 i2965x2093p10 i4215x2965p5 10 sheets 10 sheets 5 sheets inserting the sign information 1 slide the acrylic cover out of the sign base together with the upper bracket 2 insert the paper and then fit the acrylic cover and the bracket back in