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wayfinding orientation guidance series oslo oslo universal display „free engaged” name art no universal display „free engaged” iuniversalfb see page 192 oslo paper inlays paper inlays are supplied in pure white blank for self-printing with laser or inkjet printers format art no pu height x width in mm 72,5 x 147,5 for door sign 75 i725x1475p50 i725x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 102,5 for din a6 i1475x1025p50 i1475x1025p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 147,5 for door sign 150 and flag sign 150 i1475x1475p50 i1475x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 209,5 x 147,5 for din a5 i2095x1475p50 i2095x1475p10 50 sheets 10 sheets 147,5 x 296,5 296,5 x 209,3 421,5 x 296,5 for safety sign for din a4 for din a3 i1475x2965p10 i2965x2093p10 i4215x2965p5 10 sheets 10 sheets 5 sheets inserting the sign information 1 slide the acrylic cover out of the sign base together with the upper bracket 2 insert the paper and then fit the acrylic cover and the bracket back in place again punched on din a4 sheet accessories/pictograms art no design templates incl pictograms and free installation file „inkscape“ ivorlagen extract from a wide range please refer to page 194 onwards for a selection of emergency fire safety symbols please refer to for sign information in braille tactile lettering please refer to page 178 onwards 63