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wayfinding orientation guidance 104 series sydney sydney berlin sydney suspended sign paperflexible for sign information on both sides including two 1.5 m steel cords and press-on lugs sign size information area height x width in mm height x width in mm 167 x 600 134 x 600 accessories automatic unit art no i9601 art no instead of hooks i7732 two automatic units are required per sign the automatic unit is described on page 190 installation and sign information in this case the sign information is applied directly to the area for information using self-adhesive foil letters digital printing or emergency fire safety symbols the sign can be fastened to the ceiling either with conventional hooks or an automatic ceiling fastening system the automatic device permits the sign to be adjusted retroactively so that if it is not straight or there are any differences in the length of the cord these can be corrected with ease rvice ing se tlusu on our c ere for yo 00 is th 5-2 0 621 6 49 9 hooks automatic unit