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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business ce.mohawkcollege.ca/business 905-575-2703 cebusiness@mohawkcollege.ca community services and support ce.mohawkcollege.ca/communityservices 905-575-1212 ext 3244 cecommunity@mohawkcollege.ca creative media and interdisciplinary studies ce.mohawkcollege.ca/creative cecreative@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-2358 health and nursing ce.mohawkcollege.ca/health cehealth@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-1212 ext 6703 technology and skills development ce.mohawkcollege.ca/tech 905-575-2203 trending programs cetechnology@mohawkcollege.ca ceskills@mohawkcollege.ca enhanced programs general inquiries ce.mohawkcollege.ca/contacts ce@mohawkcollege.ca

18 course guide 124 painting 5 arttpd611 l 148 barn door workshop bldg10124 l 124 painting 6 arttpd711 l 148 barn furniture bench crate bldg10711 l 119 pattern design and drafting 1 fashfa200 l 148 barn furniture bookcase bldg10712 l 119 pattern design and drafting 4 fash10033 l 148 barn furniture dresser bldg10714 l 126 photobook creation phto10096 l 148 barn furniture vanity bldg10713 l 122 photography travel phto10015 l 133 basic principles of fire safety safeft100 l 120 piano beginners part a musc10075 l 140 basic principles of fire safety safeft100 l 120 piano continued explorations musc10103 l 147 basic welding weld10073 l 126 piano song book musc10053 l 143 bcin preparation general legal bldg10111 l 127 pottery workshop cera10013 l 139 blueprint reading mechanical tdrwre152 l 116 professional selling in cosmetics mrkt10044 l 141 blueprint reading mechanical tdrwre152 l 126 quilting basic introduction texthc319 l 130 building systems-a practical overview bldg10700 126

business 34 project management applications and simulation mgmt10140 using a case study method work through a simulated mock project applying various project management tools and techniques activities will include project planning decision-making problem-solving and presenting project progress crn days start 31568 sep12 end times sess delivery dec19 fee ontariolearn project management scheduling software $391.12 info10105 managing vast amounts of information is both time consuming and limiting so using project software allows work to be completed more efficiently become familiar with functions of project planning and scheduling resource allocation and costing progress monitoring and reporting crn days start 31531 32351 32405 sep12 oct2 nov1 end times sess delivery dec19 jan8 feb7 ontariolearn ontariolearn ontariolearn fee $485.05 $485.05 $485.05 qualified administrative assistant students who are currently in progress should email cebusiness@mohawkcollege.ca for information on

communications languages and preparatory studies 50 oceanography envr10049 e study the oceans from an historical geographical geological and biological perspective travel through the story of the oceans exploring a different topic each week 45 hours crn days start 32522 sep12 end times sess delivery dec19 ontariolearn the olympics where sport and spectacle meet fee $464.65 sprt10023 e take an in-depth look at the socio-cultural relevance that the olympics have on our society and historical review of the games that allows you to understand how the olympics have altered the manner in which we view athletic competition special emphasis placed upon the emergence of elite athletes financial remuneration banned substances and the international olympic committee ioc 42 hours crn days start 32671 sep12 end times sess delivery dec19 the ontario metis ontariolearn fee $396.14 hist10018 e analyze the emergence of the metis peoples and their relationship with the provincial government through

66 community services and support a program of studies holistic studies introduction turn to page 2 for contacts acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 4 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/holistic holistic studies provides students with an introduction to the philosophy and practices of holistic health gain a foundational understanding of the mind body and spirit connection that is instrumental in health and healing by examining physical mental and spiritual dimensions as well as bio-energetic and sociocultural factors various modalities of complementary and alternative therapies and lifestyle management techniques that promote self-healing will be explored in a comprehensive educational self-explorative environment to learn the art and science of integrative health program of studies mandatory courses hours libr10046 user experience in libraries 39 libr10047 library leadership in the digital age 39 libr10048 issues in digital resource management and technologies 39 libr10049

computer sciences computer workshops ce.mohawkcollege.ca/computersciences comp10108 develop understanding of typical pc components and their relationship to the computer s operating system and peripherals gain experience in diagnosis and troubleshooting and prepare for the a hardware certification exam 56 hours days start 31999 sep12 end times sess delivery dec19 fee ontariolearn email server administration $539.45 comp10017 learn the fundamentals of administering an email server and configuring users groups and security for local and remote access 56 hours crn days start 31966 sep12 end times sess delivery dec19 fee ontariolearn generic computer training $539.45 compco001 gain an overview of the windows operating system and microsoft office word and excel fundamentals topics include managing files and folders formatting a word document and creating and manipulating data formulas and charts in excel 28 hours crn days start 32982 sep19 end times sess delivery dec12 fee elearn

perinatal nursing labour delivery and newborn care nrsg10103 accelerated crn continue your in depth study of perinatal nursing from crn days start 32422 32382 32420 sep6 sep13 nov1 end times sess delivery oct18 dec20 dec13 elearn elearn elearn neonatal resuscitation-provider certification fee $343.14 $343.14 $343.14 hsci10163 gain hands-on experience in individual skill practice and integrated simulations of mega codes and newborn scenarios bring proof of successful completion of online nrp exam dated within 1 month of start date to first class visit www.cps.ca/nrp/onlineexam for details exam requires self-study textbook required crn days start 32424 tu 32432 tu 32383 tu sep19 oct24 nov28 end times sep19 9:00-5:00 oct24 9:00-5:00 nov28 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 1 1 1 fee classroom ih $217.49 classroom ih $217.49 classroom ih $217.49 obstetrics 1 antepartum intrapartum and postpartum complications in pregnancy nrsg10106 accelerated crn explore common obstetrical interventions and

113 math learning centre independent study turn to page 2 for contacts steps for completing a course through the math learning centre mlc at fennell campus register • select the date you wish to begin your studies make sure you can attend the in-person orientation session on the date you’ve chosen • follow the appropriate column down to the course you require • make note of the corresponding crn • use this crn on your in-person registration form or when registering online get started • attend the mandatory orientation session on the start date you selected you cannot begin your studies without attending the orientation • the orientation runs from 6:00-7:00 pm at the fennell campus you must arrive on time course name mathematics 1 complete your course • math learning centre courses are delivered through elearn in a windows based environment • you will work through modules independently however personal one on one support is

air brake training credentialed programs a 129 turn to page 2 for contacts acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 5 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/airbrake turn to page 2 for contacts admission requirements • minimum requirement is full class g license ontario air brake training motpsam70 mandatory courses hours learn the airbrake system and components earn your z air brake endorsement on your ontario license as required by the ontario ministry of transportation test booklet included when you have successfully completed the endorsement course you need to report to a drivetest centre within 6 months to add the z endorsement to your licence manu10051 solid modelling for additive manufacturing 42 crn days start end times sess delivery fee manu10052 additive manufacturing 3d printing 42 manu10053 design optimization generation of form 42 manu10054 additive manufacturing safety considerations 21 31903 31904 31905 31906 sa/su sa/su sa/su sa/su sep24 oct22 nov19

mohawk workplace safety academy crn additional training can be obtained through the occupational health and safety management certificate on page 140 ce.mohawkcollege.ca/workplacesafety ce.mohawkcollege.ca/working-at-heights approaches that are the principal means of integrating environmental considerations into governmental decision-making 42 hours days start 32815 end sep12 times sess delivery dec19 fee ontariolearn foundations of sustainability $440.14 envr10058 explore the general principles of sustainability reflect on the implications it has in your life and learn the importance of its inclusion within the curriculum hone your active critical-thinking problem-solving and reflective skills and practices as you explore a variety of topics 45 hours chemical hazards crn crn days start 31851 end sep12 times sess delivery dec19 fee ontariolearn global warming concepts $464.65 envr10004 days start 31987 end sep12 times sess delivery dec19 restoration ecology days start 32009 crn times