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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business ce.mohawkcollege.ca/business 905-575-2703 cebusiness@mohawkcollege.ca community services and support ce.mohawkcollege.ca/communityservices 905-575-1212 ext 3244 cecommunity@mohawkcollege.ca creative media and interdisciplinary studies ce.mohawkcollege.ca/creative cecreative@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-2358 health and nursing ce.mohawkcollege.ca/health cehealth@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-1212 ext 6703 technology and skills development ce.mohawkcollege.ca/tech 905-575-2203 trending programs cetechnology@mohawkcollege.ca ceskills@mohawkcollege.ca enhanced programs general inquiries ce.mohawkcollege.ca/contacts ce@mohawkcollege.ca

18 course guide 129 gas technician 3 goptre244 l 134 module 8 mmp capstone course mgmt10161 130 gas technician 3 review gopt10003 l 136 oh&s fundamentals lawsoh301 l 130 gis software infocva36 l 144 overhead crane awareness i-cab safe10125 l 139 global warming concepts envr10076 l 125 ozone layer protection awareness program envr10065 130 gps global positioning systems infocv630 l 140 plant administration and applied mechanics mech10066 144 ground disturbance awareness safe10115 l 136 plc programming 3 asysplc13 142 guitar building acoustic 1 bldg10120 l 136 plc programming 4 asysplc14 142 guitar building electric bldg10128 l 131 plumbing inspection hraphi005 135 h s program development coordination safeoh308 136 programmable logic controllers programming 1 asys10015 142 hand tool techniques bldgtz030 139 project construction management bldg10118 135 hazard assessment and control safe10072 l 137 properties of materials lecture matl10110 l 143 hazard identification safe10100 l 136

a sage 300 c completion requirement 2 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/sage300 learn to navigate sage 300 computerized accounting software and gain knowledge in using accounts payable receivable payroll and general ledger accounts familiarity with basic accounting concepts is recommended graduation requirement 10 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/smallbusentrepreneurship develop or enhance your skills and knowledge for successful small business ownership or management roles develop a comprehensive business plan useful for securing financing and strategic business planning program of studies mandatory courses hours info10182 sage 300 erp accounts receivable and payroll 36 info10232 sage 300 erp general ledger and accounts payable 36 info10184 and info10185 together are equivalent to info10232 for windows operating systems not compatible with mac computers accpac sage 300 erp accounts payable info10185 examine ledger set up adding vendor accounts daily transactions processing reports and periodic

ce.mohawkcollege.ca/communityservices programs and courses c ontario college graduate certificates autism and behavioural sciences certificate 164 50 career consultant certificate 076 56 concurrent disorders certificate 252 53 early childhood education resource consulting certificate 956 57 libraries and digital technologies certificate 965 60 d diplomas child youth care advanced diploma 612 51 early childhood education diploma 213 56 educational support diploma 747 58 library and information technician diploma 800 61 social service worker diploma 215 65 c mohawk college certificates counselling techniques certificate 802 54 early childhood education leadership and administration certificate 932 57 records and information management certificate 810 64 teaching the adult learner certificate 129 66 volunteer management certificate 095 66 a acknowledgements of completion addictions/concurrent disorders 50 children’s mental health 53 criminal psychology and behaviour 55

community services and support 64 death and dying in crisis intervention psyc10017 study the hendricks model of death notification acute grief reactions notifying children and the elderly of a sudden death homicide suicide accidental sudden infant death and parental grief the grieving person s reactions what can be done to facilitate mourning pathological grief risk factors and multi-cultural issues crn days start 32192 sep11 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn learning from death and dying days start 31927 sep11 psyc10025 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn mourning grief and bereavement $399.32 psyc10023 examine reactions and responses to death from a variety of perspectives compare anticipated responses to death as determined by an individual s relationship to the deceased consider other factors influencing the grief response such as age gender and manner of death crn days start 31925 sep11 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn religious beliefs

quickbooks-desktop info10159 crn days start 32652 sep19 end times sess delivery dec12 fee elearn quickbooks online $351.54 info10218 quickbooks online qbo is a cloud-based accounting software program learn the difference between quickbooks pro and qbo before utilizing program features explore and apply key features including tracking and communicating customers invoicing supplier management profitability analysis payroll hst management and reporting 3rd party application integration will be explored prerequisite knowledge of basic accounting and windows crn days start 32363 32365 sep11 nov1 end times sess delivery dec18 feb7 fee ontariolearn ontariolearn windows 10 $405.54 $405.54 info10215 learn to use microsoft windows 10 to properly operate secure and customize your computer manage files and more windows 10 uses a graphical/visual approach to performing operating system tasks 42 hours crn days start 32548 sep11 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn word core $449.54

perinatal nursing reproductive health pregnancy nrsg10102 accelerated crn enhance your knowledge and nursing skills in the crn days start 32981 32980 32979 sep12 sep12 oct31 end times sess delivery oct24 dec19 dec12 elearn elearn elearn fee $351.54 $351.54 $351.54 perinatal nursing labour delivery and newborn care nrsg10103 accelerated crn continue your in depth study of perinatal nursing skin wound and footcare management turn to page 2 for contacts acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 3 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/foot-care-program update and expand knowledge and skills related to footcare within scope of practice specialization increases potential to find employment working as footcare nurse or independently in a footcare business admission requirements • proof of current rn/rpn registration with college of nurses of ontario program of studies from the end of the labour process through the intra partum and postpartum periods examining the care of the mother

media and creative arts 110 media and creative arts ce.mohawkcollege.ca/creative programs and courses c mohawk college certificates aesthetics certificate 026 111 applied cosmetics certificate 830 111 ceramics certificate 936 112 dressmaking certificate 819 113 fashion design certificate 804 114 make-up artistry certificate 056 114 music certificate 809 115 nail technician certificate 027 115 performing arts certificate 929 116 photography applied certificate 031 116 photography art certificate 032 116 visual arts advanced certificate 043 118 visual arts foundation certificate 041 118 visual arts intermediate certificate 042 118 a acknowledgements of completion ceramics advanced 113 sewing basic 117 stand-alone courses media studies 120 music 120 performing arts 121 photography 121 sewing and needlework 121 social media essentials 121 visual arts 121 aesthetics nail technician and applied cosmetics certificates these certificates are offered as day-time three term programs

126 technology and skills development c construction management a cnc programming certificate 070 turn to page 2 for contacts mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 5 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/cncprogramming develop skills in basic microcomputer operation manual cnc programming and cad/cam programming using pc-based mastercam some review of geometry and trigonometry included intended for individuals with experience in machining admission requirements • cnc courses require you to function at a grade 12 level in mathematics and interpret engineering drawings • since basic machining parameters are not covered industrial experience in operating conventional machine tools such as turning or milling machines is recommended • see machine tool operator certificate for basic skills • see cnc operator acknowledgment of completion for cnc operator skills program of studies mandatory courses hours machre810 cnc programming basic 60 machre811 cnc programming

wastewater treatment certification level iii iv envr10071 crn days start 31936 sep11 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn water distribution certification level i ii $579.65 envr10070 gain basic understanding and knowledge of practices and applications relevant to sources of water supply distribution system components pipe network pumping systems water quality monitoring and water wells related concepts in hydraulics equipment safety and legislation are reinforced 60 hours crn days start 31914 sep11 end times sess delivery dec18 fee ontariolearn water treatment certificate level i and ii $579.65 envr10061 review material related to basic sciences math hydraulics and support systems studied in earlier courses after review you are presented with knowledge practices theories and applications relevant to sources of water supply treatment processes quality parameters and plant operations prerequisite envr10044 or successful completion of ministry oit certification exam 60 hours