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c building environmental systems bes™ operator class i certificate 989 graduation requirement 9 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/bes1 building on the operations and maintenance foundations of bes™ operator class ii the bes™ operator class i certificate explores the unique nature of hospital systems and covers in detail energy efficiency in large buildings admission requirements • practical work experience or equivalent ce.mohawkcollege.ca/cfc-odp turn to page 2 for contacts required by individuals who do not have an odp card or for those whose odp card has expired under ontario regulations individuals who handle refrigerants must successfully complete training and an exam as part of the ozone depleting substances awareness program those who successfully complete the full one-day course will receive a renewable ontario ozone depletion card and a nationally registered number for refrigerant purchase ozone layer protection awareness program program of studies envr10065 mandatory courses hours bldg10700 building systems-a practical overview 45 formerly known as cfc/hcfc/hfc control training program envr re904 examine environmentally correct equipment design and handling procedures for cfc/hcfc/hfc refrigerants intended for those who wish to maintain an odp card or whose card has expired course manual included hrapbes01 heating 45 crn days start end times sess delivery fee hrapbes02 air conditioning and refrigeration 45 bldgbes03 air handling preventive maintenance 45 bldgbes04 electrical 45 32141 32142 32143 32144 sa sa sa sa sep29 oct20 nov24 dec15 8:30-2:30 8:30-2:30 8:30-2:30 8:30-2:30 1 1 1 1 $198.94 $198.94 $198.94 $198.94 stenbes05 controls 45 stenbes06 water treatment 45 bldg10709 hospital building systems 45 bldg10710 energy efficiency in large buildings 45 you must complete the first seven courses before taking bldg10709 and bldg10710 bldg10070 stenbes05 and bldgbes04 are offered on page 124 certificate of qualification examination preparation ce.mohawkcollege.ca/cofq prepare for the certificate of qualification exam stipulated by the ontario apprenticeship tradesmen s qualification act by reviewing various relevant theory for a specific trade turn to page 2 for contacts admission requirements • before registering in a certificate of qualification course contact the apprenticeship branch office at 1-800-668-4479 • confirm your trade identification number for the appropriate exam and determine your eligibility to write the exam • ask your apprenticeship contact if any ministry-funded deliveries are available prior to registering c of q instrumentation 447a inst10006 designed to help prepare experienced trades persons who have or will soon have permission to write the c of q exam in the instrumentation 447a trade area special emphasis will be placed on theory review and practice answering sample questions 30 hours crn days start 32852 sep19 end times sess delivery dec19 elearn c of q prep millwright 433a fee $251.10 mechheq02 prepare for the examination in the industrial mechanic millwright 433a trade area under the ontario apprenticeship tradesmen s qualification act crn days start 32501 tu/th sep18 end times sess delivery dec6 6:30-9:30 24 fee classroom sc $568.80 a sep29 oct20 nov24 dec15 classroom sc classroom sc classroom sc classroom sc cnc operator turn to page 2 for contacts acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 3 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/cncoperator cnc operators produce machined parts by interpreting programs to set up and operate a computer numerical control cnc machine with a focus on maintaining quality and safety standards keeping records and maintaining equipment and supplies benefit from hands-on practical training in safety procedures setup and operation of haas lathe and milling cnc machines learn to create quality products and make the most of innovative technology admission requirements • grade 12 math • experience in machining is beneficial program of studies mandatory courses hours mach10071 cnc operator lathe 39 mach10072 cnc operator milling 39 tdrwre152 blueprint reading mechanical 36 pathways after completing cnc operator you may be interested in the following programs • machine tool operator certificate 848 for basic skills • cnc programming certificate 070 for programming skills cnc operator lathe mach10071 new examine the fundamentals of cnc lathes and turning centres enact and practice safety procedures setup and operate haas lathes cultivate an understanding of cnc turning as you gain hands-on experience using tools and equipment to create quality turned parts for a practical project a stirling engine milled components produced in mach10072 cnc operator-milling materials included you must bring csa approved safety shoes and safety glasses to every class crn days start 32573 fr sep21 end times dec14 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 13 fee classroom sc $359.16 ce.mohawkcollege.ca technology and skills development turn to page 2 for contacts mohawk college certificate 125 cfc/odp training