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delivery methods 2 learning mohawk online 3 delivery methods classroom online learning courses provide you with the opportunity to learn online anywhere and at your convenience most courses are delivered every january may and september there are also many monthly intake course offerings courses are delivered over a 14-week period and are led by instructors they are not self-paced or self-directed there are scheduled start and end dates and you cannot start late or finish earl the delivery method is identified in the course listings as ontariolearn or elearn your start-up information is different depending on the delivery see below the delivery location is identified in the course listings you will go to the appropriate location on the start date at the time listed delivery locations ce.mohawkcollege.ca/campuscodes classroom ff fennell campus 135 fennell avenue west hamilton on l9c 1e9 computer requirements ce.mohawkcollege.ca/online-faq classroom ih institute for applied health

17 credentialed programs a acknowledgement of completion apics is an organization of professionals with a network of chapters dedicated to advancing productivity innovation and competitive success apics is a leader in delivering superior training and education in operations management including production inventory supply chain management materials purchasing and logistics the hamilton chapter in cooperation with mohawk college offers programs and workshops suited to different levels of professional development questions apics hamilton chapter call 905-689-9117 email education@apicshamilton.org web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/apics completion requirement 3 courses benefit from a self-study format that allows you to work at you own pace and complete more than one level per term if you choose you must purchase textbooks and correlated workbooks available through the college bookstores questions call 905-575-2358 email cebus@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/appacct online learning

veterinary lab procedures days start 21361 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 fee ontariolearn animal husbandry ii $358.52 hlth10071 develop basic knowledge of the anatomy nutrition and behaviour of horses pigs cows sheep and goats explore veterinary diseases especially zoonotics and appropriate restraint and safety procedures around large animals prerequisite hlth10062 crn days start 21005 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 $358.52 hsci10138 consider basic procedures for common veterinary surgeries topics include pre and post-op duties handling and cleaning of surgical instruments sterile and non-sterile techniques appropriate behaviour during surgery and record keeping prerequisite hlth10098 crn days start 21065 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 fee ontariolearn basic veterinary pharmacology $358.52 hsci10135 enhance your basic pharmacy skills and develop understanding of veterinary pharmacology focus on the pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics of common veterinary drugs and

stress wellness and nutrition hlth10111 e crn days start 21068 21261 21403 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 jun1 sep7 jul4 oct11 the study of human sexuality ontariolearn ontariolearn ontariolearn fee $403.94 $403.94 $403.94 ssci10003 e questions call 905-575-2298 email crearts@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/languages-other online learning questions call 905-575-2703 email disted@mohawkcollege.ca examine historical theoretical cross cultural and life cycle perspectives on human sexuality discuss gender relations body image sexual diversity arousal and response mating dating and interpersonal attraction interpersonal communication sex education sexual health or risk and issues of power or intimacy 45 hours italian for beginners crn crn days start 22465 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 understanding literature ontariolearn fee $426.65 comm10095 e learn to appreciate literature critically by reviewing literary history and examining different genres explore themes and

introduction to fundraising busn10062 crn days start 21600 end times sess delivery may10 aug16 fee ontariolearn methods of fundraising $426.65 busn10069 focus on the issues and processes involved in planning and organizing special fundraising events examine grant seeking entrepreneurial and third-party fundraising and developing relationships with the corporate sector crn days start 21601 a end times sess delivery may10 aug16 fee ontariolearn $426.65 holistic studies introduction acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 4 courses holistic studies provides students with an introduction to the philosophy and practices of holistic health gain a foundational understanding of the mind body and spirit connection that is instrumental in health and healing by examining physical mental and spiritual dimensions as well as bio-energetic and sociocultural factors various modalities of complementary and alternative therapies and lifestyle management techniques that promote

c microcomputer engineering software certificate 898 microstation 2d level 2 graduation requirement 4 courses develop fundamental knowledge of proven software development lifecycle methodologies ebusiness principles data management and information architecture ia oracle and sap modules of interest to those who work in an environment where management and dissemination of information are essential questions call 905-575-2203 email ceengty@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/microcomputersoftware admission requirements • elec10050 internet technologies • elec10102 advanced server technologies or equivalent hours 56 comp10080 sap essentials 56 comp10081 oracle grid computing 56 comp10082 oracle soa service oriented architecture 56 comp10082 study why companies are tackling the complexity of their application and it environments with service-oriented architecture soa which facilitates the development of modular business services that can be easily integrated and

creative and visual arts 88 history of crafts histpd024 through independent/self-directed learning/projects with textbook online and faculty resources you examine the evolution of diverse approaches to craft in metal wood clay to understand the connection between mankind and arts/crafts instructor contact information provided prior to course start crn days start 22290 apr18 end times sess delivery jun27 other painting 1 fee $229.20 arttpd211 explore painting basics use of materials oil and acrylic paints composition and colour email crearts@mohawkcollege.ca for list of materials required crn days start 22229 tu apr19 end times jun21 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 10 fee classroom ff $256.90 painting 2 arttpd311 examine historical developments in art and painting and experiment with various media and techniques prerequisite arttpd211 crn days start 22230 tu apr19 end times jun21 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 10 fee classroom ff $256.90 painting 3 arttpd411 develop a personal style incorporating

102 registered nurse occupational health nursing certificate 875 health and nursing c health and safety legislation module 3 hsciohn03 introduces various health and safety legislation which will assist you in the design and implementation of a health and safety program prerequisite nrsgohn01 crn ontario college graduate certificate days start 21510 graduation requirement 8 courses questions call 905-575-2703 email disted@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/occupationalhealthnursing admission requirements • certificate of registration from the college of nurses of ontar o as an rn or • registered in any canadian jurisdiction where you live end times sess delivery may10 aug16 health and safety management module 4 $370.94 hsciohn04 learn to design implement and evaluate an effective occupational health service and health and safety program incorporating evidence-based practice acquire or enhance professional writing skills and obtain and critique a research report

mathematics 116 mathematics math learning centre independent study steps for completing a course through the math learning centre mlc at fennell campus register • select the date you wish to begin your studies make sure you can attend the in-person orientation session on the date you’ve chosen • follow the appropriate column down to the course you require • make note of the corresponding crn • use this crn on your in-person registration form or when registering online get started • attend the mandatory orientation session on the start date you selected you cannot begin your studies without attending the orientation • the orientation runs from 6:00-7:00 pm at the fennell campus you must arrive on time complete your course • math learning centre courses are delivered through elearn in a windows based environment • you will work through modules independently however personal one on one support is available in the math learning

technology and skilled trades 130 bcin preparation general legal new other courses automotive questions call 905-575-2507 email ceskills@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/automotive crn motp10083 study the fundamentals of a variety of vehicle transmission systems typical designs and important components topics also include transmission control units the product development process manufacturing technology of vehicle transmissions and reliability and testing days start 22206 th apr21 end times sess delivery jul7 6:30-9:30 12 fee classroom ff $299.88 boating questions call 905-575-2703 email disted@mohawkcollege.ca elec10133 gps technology provides additional safety and can help make navigating on the water much easier learn about hand-held and built-in gps and chartplotter instruments and become familiar with the many features and capabilities of these devices discover electronic programs like maptech ozi fugawi and nobeltec prerequisite pleasure craft operator card 30 hours

spring registration is now open courses can fill quickly so register today see the inside back cover for details fall registration opens august 9 2016 featured programs for spring see page 3 for a full list of programs business computer applications certificate floral techniques basic certificate ce.mohawkcollege.ca/buscomputer page 81 ce.mohawkcollege.ca/floral page 70 landscape design certificate educational support diploma ce.mohawkcollege.ca/landscapedesign ce.mohawkcollege.ca/es page 113 page 56 alternative formats available upon request visit mohawkcollege.ca/accessibility