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84 creative and visual arts c photography certificates applied 031 and art 032 mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 8 courses develop and enhance your professional skills and photographic techniques in art and/or applied photography in a convenient part-time schedule become familiar with a wide range of photographic equipment business and design practices and studio work questions call 905-575-2203 email ceengty@mohawkcollege.ca web ce.mohawkcollege.ca/photography online learning questions call 905-575-2703 email disted@mohawkcollege.ca 30 phtopy225 studio lighting 30 phtopy101 digital photography 1 30 phtopy300 digital photography 2 30 option group 1 choose 1 introduction to digital imaging/photoshop 30 phto10054 lightroom 30 option group 2 choose 3 per certificate refer to the website for a complete list of courses camera requirements • dslr • aperture priority mode • shutter priority mode • program mode • manual mode • minimum 4 megapixels phtopy101 achieve better results for your images and a clearer understanding of camera operation you require a dslr camera and the ability to provide images from cd dvd or usb drive sess delivery jun27 7:00-10:00 10 jun22 7:00-10:00 10 jun23 7:00-10:00 10 fee classroom ff $249.90 classroom ff $249.90 classroom ff $249.90 fashion photography phto10027 a unique opportunity to work with a variety of fashion models and makeup artists in various settings hands-on course covers lighting posing techniques protocol ongoing discussion/demonstration image critique dslr and sound knowledge of camera operation required dates are july 6,7,9,10,12 end times sess delivery 7:00-10:00 5 9:30-4:30 digital photography 2 29047 tu apr19 phtopy109 apr19 end times jun21 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 10 days start apr20 end times jun22 6:30-9:30 fee classroom ff $199.92 phtopy300 jun21 7:00-10:00 fee classroom ff $249.90 phtopy110 sess delivery 10 10 classroom ff $249.90 fee classroom ff $249.90 phto10054 gain basic skills in the industry-standard tool for managing photo libraries and image processing learn to import develop and present your photos you must have your own laptop with lightroom available at adobe.com education store windows or mac experience required prerequisite phtopy101 crn days start apr21 end times jun23 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 10 fee classroom ff $249.90 nature photography phtopy106 learn to photograph various subjects in their natural habitat flowers wildlife insects geological formations etc saturday field trips may 7 28 prerequisite phtopy101 days start 22444 we apr20 end times sess delivery jun8 6:30-9:30 10 fee classroom ff $249.90 night sky photography new phto10085 photograph the stars and night sky using a camera/tripod/internet learn tips techniques and theories to achieve the best results a sound knowledge of camera operation is required one in-class session apr 30 2 night field trip weather permitting may 5 or 6 or 7 days start end times sess delivery 22466 sa apr30 may7 9:30-4:30 3 th-sa 8:00-9:30 times fee classroom ff $109.96 lightroom crn digital photography 1 days start days start 22446 we crn completion of certificate • it is your responsibility to monitor your progress through the program • option credits cannot be used twice 22449 we-su jul6 jul12 sa/su sess delivery 2 focus on the technical development of photography its recognition as an art form and its communication role in the modern world 22443 th phtopy110 crn times history of photography crn history of photography end end apr17 9:30-4:30 using adobe photoshop and your own photographs learn the fundamentals of digital imagery delivered in computer lab during class time software provided in the lab only bring photographs and usb for storage software for self-use available for purchase at adobe.com education store phtopy109 apr18 apr20 apr21 days start 22452 sa/su apr16 introduction to digital imaging/photoshop hours days start crn 22447 tu mandatory courses 22461 mo 22463 we 22760 th phto10080 learn lighting/camera techniques and food preparation specific o food photography use available light /single studio light source hints/tips to achieve commercial results crn program of studies crn food photography fee classroom ff $83.30 photography wedding phto10018 use basic camera controls and available locations to photograph a mock wedding group covers pricing contracts protocol on-the-spot decision-making lighting indoor/outdoor weather permitting model fee included note tuesday critique night is may 17 crn days start end times 22442 sa/su may14 may17 9:30-4:30 tu 6:30-8:30 sess delivery 3 fee classroom ff $166.62 portraiture phtopy402 hands-on course covers studio techniques location shoots hand-held flash lenses composition posing model fee included dates april 23,24 may 7,8 recommended prerequisite phtopy225 crn days start 22464 sa/su apr23 end times may8 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 4 fee classroom ff $359.90 studio lighting phtopy225 learn to manipulate artificial light using studio strobes ligh modifiers an reflectors for portraits and products you require camera tripod and speed lightor strobes course location jon evans photography 2c-468 cumberland ave hamilton prerequisite phtopy101 crn days start 22456 mo apr18 end times jun27 6:30-9:30 sess delivery fee 10 $229.20 other crn course registration number for delivery details see page 2 sa special approval required to register see page 133