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media and creative arts 120 human figure phto10056 a sewing basic photograph the human form in a studio with attention to lighting directing a model protocol and the photo shoot studio experience required nude models will be used model fees included acknowledgement of completion crn completion requirement 6 courses days start 22391 sa/su jun24 end times jun25 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $178.60 introduction to digital imaging/photoshop crn days start 22380 we may2 22375 th may3 days start may2 10 10 phto10054 texthc322 basic sewing 3 13 text10023 basic sewing 4 13 text10024 basic sewing 5 13 times sess delivery jul5 6:30-9:30 10 fee classroom ff $247.20 phtopy106 end times sess delivery 10 10 basic sewing 2 end jun20 6:30-9:30 sewing introduction basic sewing 1 fee learn to photograph various subjects in their natural habitat including flowers wildlife insects geological formations and more field trips saturday may 12 and may 26 9 am to 12 pm prerequisite phtopy101 22453 we hours texthc027 texthc203 sess delivery 10 nature photography crn mandatory courses texthc177 times 6:30-9:30 gain basic skills in the industry-standard tool for managing photo libraries and image processing learn to import develop and present your photos you must have your own laptop with lightroom available at adobe.com education store windows or mac experience required prerequisite phtopy101 days start program of studies classroom ff $247.20 end jul4 lightroom crn ce.mohawkcollege.ca/sewing phtopy110 using adobe photoshop and your own photographs learn the fundamentals of digital imagery software provided in the lab only bring photographs and usb for storage software for self-use available for purchase at adobe.com education store fee classroom ff $247.20 night sky photography phto10085 the purchase of supplies is required a materials list will be provided before the course starts please contact us for more information or to receive the materials list by email sewing introduction crn days start crn crn start end times sess delivery jul12 9:00-5:00 3 fee classroom ff $131.84 photography wedding phto10018 use basic camera controls and available locations to photograph a mock wedding group covers pricing contracts protocol on-the-spot decision-making lighting indoor/outdoor weather permitting model fee included crn days start 22368 tu may1 end times may22 6:00-9:00 sess delivery 4 fee classroom ff $165.36 portraiture phtopy402 hands-on course covers studio techniques location shoots hand-held flash lenses composition posing model fee included recommended prerequisite phtopy225 crn days start 22383 sa/su may5 end times may13 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 4 fee classroom ff $368.20 studio lighting phtopy225 learn to manipulate artificial light using studio strobes light modifiers and reflectors for portraits and products you require camera tripod and speed light or strobes studio fees included prerequisite phtopy101 crn days start 22381 mo apr30 end times sess delivery fee jul16 6:30-9:30 10 $302.20 other end times 22550 fr/sa apr27 apr28 7:00-9:00 sa 9:00-5:00 basic sewing 1 days texthc027 tackle a simple project and gain basic skills in operating a sewing machine a great stepping stone for future participation in other sewing courses and the dressmaking certificate program some materials included photograph the stars and night sky using a camera tripod and the internet learn tips techniques and theories to achieve the best results a sound knowledge of camera operation is required first class is saturday jun 9 9 am to 5 pm following classes are wed june 13 and thurs july 12 11 pm to 2 am 22454 we/th/sa jun9 turn to page 2 for contacts sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $92.40 texthc177 develop skills in pattern reading preparing the fabric measuring marking pressing and machine sewing as you make a pair of elasticized shorts or pants patterns and fabric suggested some materials included days start end times 22553 fr/sa may11 may12 7:00-9:00 sa 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $92.40 basic sewing 2 texthc203 develop new skills in measuring easy set in sleeves facings interfacings and finishing details by making a simple collarless shirt or top patterns and fabric suggested some materials included crn days start end times 22559 fr/sa may25 may26 7:00-9:00 sa 9:00-5:00 sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $92.40 basic sewing 3 texthc322 continue to develop sewing skills by constructing a sleeveless or semi-fitted dress with set in sleeves and explore new techniques for zippers easy fitting hem and neck finishing patterns and fabric suggested crn days start 22675 sa/su jun9 end times jun10 9:00-3:00 sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $117.12 basic sewing 4 text10023 make this semi fitted jacket that has simple lines with either a short cut on sleeve or 3/4 length sleeves which will suit anyone this project works up quickly and will enhance your skills in measuring layout cutting top stitching and construction pattern and fabric suggested some sewing experience beneficial some materials included crn days start 22679 sa/su jun23 end times jun24 9:00-3:30 sess delivery 2 fee classroom ff $117.12 crn course registration number for delivery details see page 3 sa special approval required to register see page 148