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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business ce.mohawkcollege.ca/business 905-575-2703 cebusiness@mohawkcollege.ca community services and support ce.mohawkcollege.ca/communityservices 905-575-1212 ext 3244 cecommunity@mohawkcollege.ca creative media and interdisciplinary studies ce.mohawkcollege.ca/creative cecreative@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-2358 health and nursing ce.mohawkcollege.ca/health cehealth@mohawkcollege.ca 905-575-1212 ext 6811 technology and skills development ce.mohawkcollege.ca/tech 905-575-2203 trending programs cetechnology@mohawkcollege.ca ceskills@mohawkcollege.ca enhanced programs general inquiries ce.mohawkcollege.ca/contacts ce@mohawkcollege.ca

18 course guide 119 drawing for the absolute beginner arttpd501 l 114 dressmaking 1 skirts fashdm110 l 114 dressmaking 2 basic blouse fashdm115 l 114 dressmaking 3 detailed dress or blouse fashdm120 l 115 dressmaking 5 dressmakers jacket fashdm130 l 120 ear training 2 muscmu240 l 121 engagement photo phto10103 l 115 fabric awareness textfa910 l 117 fashion photography phto10027 l 120 guitar 3 musc10074 l 120 guitar song book musc10078 l 120 harmony 3 muscmu382 l 119 history of crafts histpd024 l 117 history of photography phtopy109 l technology and skills 138 active transportation tran10001 123 additive manufacturing and 3d printing manu10052 139 advanced boiler systems and pumps sten10028 123 air brake training motpsam70 130 air conditioning and heat pumps inspection hraphi006 124 air handling preventive maintenance bldgbes03 138 applied mechanics physea201 142 asbestos awareness safe10109 l 124 autocad advanced cadmcad15 l l 124 autocad introduction cadmcad06 l l 124 autodesk

a sage 300 c completion requirement 2 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/sage300 learn to navigate sage 300 computerized accounting software and gain knowledge in using accounts payable receivable payroll and general ledger accounts familiarity with basic accounting concepts is recommended graduation requirement 10 courses ce.mohawkcollege.ca/smallbusentrepreneurship develop or enhance your skills and knowledge for successful small business ownership or management roles develop a comprehensive business plan useful for securing financing and strategic business planning program of studies mandatory courses hours info10182 sage 300 erp accounts receivable and payroll 36 info10232 sage 300 erp general ledger and accounts payable 36 info10184 and info10185 together are equivalent to info10232 for windows operating systems not compatible with mac computers accpac sage 300 erp accounts payable info10185 examine ledger set up adding vendor accounts daily transactions processing reports and periodic

communications languages and preparatory studies 48 the olympics where sport and spectacle meet sprt10023 e take an in-depth look at the socio-cultural relevance that the olympics have on our society and historical review of the games that allows you to understand how the olympics have altered the manner in which we view athletic competition special emphasis placed upon the emergence of elite athletes financial remuneration banned substances and the international olympic committee ioc 42 hours crn days start 22324 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 personality psychology ontariolearn fee $405.54 psyc10007 e learn to define personality and its influence on behaviour and actions examine patterns of thoughts feelings and behaviour that make a person unique explore personality assessment and intelligence testing 42 hours crn days start 22351 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 philosophy of art concepts and theories ontariolearn fee $449.54 ssci10054 e explore the concepts of art

physical and multiple exceptionalities educede26 crn days start 21769 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 fee ontariolearn placement 1 $405.54 educ10085 formerly practicum 2 under the guidance of a supervising teacher or school team support learners effectively and demonstrate professional interactions in a primary/junior intermediate or secondary educational division placement packages are available online once registered students may not begin placement until package is submitted and approved equivalent to educede16 prerequisites educ10075 and educede14 and safe10004 crn days start 21739 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 fee ontariolearn placement 2 $551.96 educ10086 formerly practicum 3 under the direction of a teacher demonstrate capability in assisting students with three types of exceptionalities placement packages are available online once registered students may not begin placement until package is submitted and approved equivalent to educede24 prerequisite educ10085 crn

computers 78 html 2 info10242 accelerated create web pages suitable for business or personal use cissp asset security 2015 crn crn using hyper text markup language html in a windows environment classes begin online via elearn on jul 22 you must login prior to the classroom sessions in class dates jul 27 aug 3 10 prerequisite info10241 or info10144 equivalent to info10110 web page design days start 22643 mo/sa jul22 end times aug10 8:00-4:30 sess delivery fee 3 $303.84 blended ff javascript for the web info10186 accelerated learn to use javascript to write simple programs then progress to writing programs that interact with the elements in a webpage elearn course opens aug 12 in class dates aug 17 24 31 crn days start 22648 mo/sa aug12 end times aug31 8:00-4:30 sess delivery fee 3 $303.84 blended ff photoshop adobe info10149 accelerated learn to edit and enhance images focus on selection tools layers masks and channels text vector drawing colour adjustments compositing preparing

health and nursing 94 rnfa laboratory practice nrsg10041 offers a blended learning experience which includes online learning activities and four days of full time skills labs and lectures course is led by rnfas physicians and perioperative nursing faculty expanded skills are the focus as the nurse is prepared to assume the rnfa intraoperative responsibilities for assisting during surgery online coursework begins apr 25 you must register prior to this date lab dates are may 23-26 cmas fees included dates subject to change crn days start end times sess delivery 22996 th/fr apr25 may26 4:00-10:00 4 sa/su 7:00-5:00 fieldwork rnfa independent internship fee $934.80 clin10046 sa clinical hours will focus on rnfa activities in pre/postoperative patient care utilizing the student s learning contract developed in theory 2 examples include time with an infection control nurse pathologist radiologist and postoperative rounds with the surgeon mentor online support and communication with peers

109 math learning centre independent study turn to page 2 for contacts steps for completing a course through the math learning centre mlc at fennell campus register • select the date you wish to begin your studies make sure you can attend the in-person orientation session on the date you’ve chosen • follow the appropriate column down to the course you require • make note of the corresponding crn • use this crn on your in-person registration form or when registering online get started • attend the mandatory orientation session on the start date you selected you cannot begin your studies without attending the orientation • the orientation runs from 6:00-7:00 pm at the fennell campus you must arrive on time complete your course • math learning centre courses are delivered through elearn in a windows based environment • you will work through modules independently however personal one on one support is available in the math learning

technology and skills development 124 autocad advanced cadmcad15 learn advanced techniques for proficiency in the use of autocad recognize the best tool for the task the best use of that tool and how to create new tools for efficiency prerequisite cadmcad06 crn days start 22131 we 21718 end times sess delivery may8 aug21 6:30-9:30 15 may15 aug21 fee classroom ff $379.80 elearn $376.65 autocad introduction cadmcad06 air handling preventive maintenance bldgbes03 examine and explain air handling systems and fans filters and ductwork investigate the design and implementation of related preventative maintenance programs crn days start 21902 th may2 end times sess delivery aug8 6:30-9:30 15 fee classroom sc $379.80 heating hrapbes01 examine and use computer aided design software known as autocad investigate and apply entity creation dimensioning layers and line types and text creation examine operation and maintenance of boilers pipe systems and plumbing for building operators explain

material estimating and methods bldg10085 crn days start 21762 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 fee ontariolearn $424.43 statics for engineering technology bldg10119 new apply vector algebra and trigonometry to the analysis of statically determinate structures utilize newtonian physics and mechanics of rigid bodies to apply the concepts of static equilibrium and free body diagram analyze twodimensional structural elements and the loads applied on them the structural elements are idealized as simple beams frames cantilevered beams and trusses carrying point uniformly distributed and linearly varying loads 60 hours crn days start 21772 end times sess delivery may14 aug20 fee ontariolearn $579.65 turn to page 2 for contacts basic electrical theory and motor controls elec10151 covers electrical units ohm s law circuits magnetism and electromagnetism relays and contactors as it relates to multi-skilling of trades and related workers fundamentals of ac/dc and an overview of transformer

specialize your skills with a program course or workshop aesthetics using both theory and practical application with emphasis on hands-on experience and training this certificate program is excellent preparation for building a career in the aesthetics field areas of study include skin care and treatments makeup artistry product knowledge waxing manicuring salon management and customer relations ce.mohawkcollege.ca/aesthetics ibm skills academy learn the strategies tools and methodologies used in successful business process management programs ibm skills academy offers training and certification that is ideal for individuals in search of skills to improve and/or manage business processes for each successfully completed course you earn a globally recognized ibm digital badge that can be shared across your social and professional networks and can also be part of your digital signature ce.mohawkcollege.ca/ibmskills career consultant gain knowledge and skills that will allow you to provide