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delivery methods 2 learning mohawk online online learning courses provide you with the opportunity to learn online anywhere and at your convenience most courses are delivered every january may and september there are also many monthly intake course offerings courses are delivered over a 14-week period and are led by instructors they are not self-paced or self-directed there are scheduled start and end dates and you cannot start late or finish early the delivery method is identified in the course listings as ontariolearn or elearn your start-up information is different depending on the delivery see below computer requirements you need regular access to a computer with an internet connection and web access for the duration of your course computer system requirements are listed on the website textbooks textbooks are not included in course fees and can be ordered online exams all

17 credentialed programs a acknowledgement of completion apics is an organization of professionals with a network of chapters dedicated to advancing productivity innovation and competitive success apics is a leader in delivering superior training and education in operations management including production inventory supply chain management materials purchasing and logistics the hamilton chapter in cooperation with mohawk college offers programs and workshops suited to different levels of professional development questions apics hamilton chapter call 905-689-9117 email web principles of operations management program busn10110 apics principles of inventory management busn10111 apics principles of operation planning busn10113 apics principles of manufacturing management busn10114 apics principles of distribution and logistics busn10112 apics principles of managing operations apics basics of supply chain management busnspc24 apics

small business marketing skills sbmg10000 acquire the tools and skills necessary to develop an effective marketing plan for your small business prerequisite sbmgsb101 11027 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 ontariolearn business research and writing skills fee $464.27 sbmg10019 develop appropriate business communication skills while completing various assignments that require research data analysis and suitable business writing equivalent to sbmg10023 crn days start end 11109 times sess delivery fee jan12 apr19 ontariolearn $464.27 supervisory skills for small business sbmg10017 exposes students to the concepts and skills associated with managing people within the small to medium sized enterprise crn days start end 11111 c times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn $464.27 veterinary office management certificate 935 mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 9 courses prepare for a career as a key member of the veterinary office and animal health care team focus on

nutrition hlth10044 e crn days start end 11321 11271 11631 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 feb1 may9 mar1 jun7 oceanography ontariolearn ontariolearn ontariolearn crn days start end fee crn days start end 12731 envr10049 e 11127 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn $426.65 the olympics where sport and spectacle meet sprt10023 e take an in-depth look at the socio-cultural relevance that the olympics have on our society and historical review of the games that allows you to understand how the olympics have altered the manner in which we view athletic competition special emphasis placed upon the emergence of elite athletes financial remuneration banned substances and the international olympic committee ioc 42 hours crn days start end 11199 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 the ontario metis fee ontariolearn $370.94 hist10018 e historical sociological and political perspectives on the origins of the ontario metis people are introduced as you analyze the emergence of the metis

stress response and the immune system program of studies hours busn10062 introduction to fundraising 45 busn10069 methods of fundraising 45 busn10070 fundraising as management process 45 busn10071 donor relationships in fundraising 45 examine stress and its sources covers the psychological physiological and biochemical response that occurs in the body which impacts overall health acute and chronic stress will be explored as well as coping strategies and techniques including meditation biofeedback yoga and other holistic practices crn days start end 12764 sa c introduction to fundraising busn10062 develop an understanding of the fundraising sector and principles ethics and practices of professional fundraising explore the thinking and preparation required for an organization to engage in successful fundraising crn days start end 11680 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn methods of fundraising $426.65 busn10069 focus on the issues and processes involved in planning and

c microcomputer engineering software certificate 898 microstation 2d level 2 graduation requirement 4 courses develop fundamental knowledge of proven software development lifecycle methodologies ebusiness principles data management and information architecture ia oracle and sap modules of interest to those who work in an environment where management and dissemination of information are essential questions call 905-575-2203 email web admission requirements • elec10050 internet technologies • elec10102 advanced server technologies or equivalent hours 56 comp10080 sap essentials 56 comp10081 oracle grid computing 56 comp10082 oracle soa service oriented architecture 56 comp10081 will provide information about the grid space explore grid concepts oracle flagship grid-enabling technology prerequisite comp10079 a fee ontariolearn $371.40 cadm10009 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn $371.40

creative and visual arts 88 jazz harmony 1 other courses floral workshops the purchase of supplies is required a materials list will be provided at least one week before the course starts once adequate enrollment is reached please contact us for more information or to receive the materials list by email questions call 905-575-2298 email web flor10021 explore interesting techniques to design and create a vibrant and trendy eyecatching floral arrangement use a unique assortment of tropical flowers and greens to create a special arrangement purchased kit available 12794 sa times sess delivery feb13 feb13 9:30-12:30 1 fee classroom ff $35.39 easy flower arranging florgi601 try your hand at arranging and consider pursuing courses in the floral techniques program using fresh flowers and greens create at least 4 simple projects using budget wise containers and accessories get tips on care and handling project ideas outlined in materials

health and nursing 102 ergonomics and disability management for occupational health nursing mgmt10020 acquire an understanding of biomechanical ergonomic principles relate these to pathophysiology of work-related musculoskeletal disorders perform physical demands analyses identify ergonomic risk factors recommend workstation and or task modification to prevent work-related injuries identify barriers to return to work and design an effective disability management program recommended prerequisite nrsgohn01 crn days start end 11261 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn health in the workplace $370.94 hlth10030 learn to develop implement and evaluate health promotion and disease prevention programs and strategies in the workplace crn days start end 11114 times sess delivery jan12 apr19 fee ontariolearn health assessment $370.94 hsci10151 develop skill in conducting a complete physical examination and health assessment for adults facing health challenges and life transitions

mathematics 116 mathematics 1 mathematics courses mathematics courses crn days start end questions call 905-575-2203 email web online learning questions call 905-575-2703 email 12801 we crn days start end 11247 math10064 times sess delivery jan21 apr21 fee elearn $411.27 engineering mathematics 3 math10014 study calculus learn about differentiation and integration of algebraic trigonometric logarithmic and exponential functions differential equations of the first and second order and laplace transforms prerequisite mathma279 math10021 or equivalent crn days start end 12800 we times sess delivery jan27 apr13 6:00-9:30 12 fee classroom ff $349.86 fundamental mathematics math10031 build your skills and understanding of basic arithmetic concepts and the metric system focus on operations with whole numbers fractions and decimals operations with percents solving applied problems involving percents

technology and skilled trades 130 shielded metal arc welding 3 weldre236 learn to weld in overhead positions identify basic joint design select electrodes and work safely prerequisite weldre235 or equivalent material fee included theory components are self-study but will be tested in class be prepared to complete several hours of homework each week crn days start end times sess delivery 11723 mo/we jan11 6:30-9:30 26 apr6 gas metal arc welding fee classroom sc $676.66 weldre237 weld basic joints in the flat and horizontal positions using the gmaw mig spray and short circuit transfer modes as well as fcaw flux cored arc welding with a gas shielding in the flat horizontal and vertical positions introduces the gtaw tig process prerequisite weldre236 or weld10052 or equivalent material fee included theory components are self-study but will be tested in class be prepared to complete several hours of homework each week crn days start end times sess delivery 11720 mo/we jan11 6:30-9:30 26

winter registration now open don’t wait to register – courses can fill quickly browse online at you can register by web fax mail or in person refer to the inside back cover of this catalogue spring registration opens march 22nd featured programs for winter see page 3 for a full list of programs competence in the french language certificate cake decorating acknowledgement page 110 page 39 autocad design certificate make-up artistry certificate page 70 photo features make up application by jakki polyoka page 81 alternative formats available upon request visit