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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business 905-575-2703 community and urban studies 905-575-1212 ext 3244 creative media and interdisciplinary studies 905-575-2358 health and nursing 905-575-1212 ext 6703 technology and skills development 905-575-2203 general inquiries 905-575-2220

17 environmental laws and regulations envr10059 123 environmental legislation and audit lawsoh703 134 environmental technology envrea204 130 ergonomics envroh304 122 estimating 2 bldg10010 127 exterior inspection bldghi002 124 fire safety 4-water extinguishing systems safeft104 l 124 fire safety 6 processes and protection safeft106 l 135 foundations of sustainability envr10058 132 framing techniques bldgre028 135 fundamentals of quality assurance qual10014 132 gas metal arc welding weldre237 l 125 gas technician 2 part 1 goptre050 l 125 gas technician 2 part 2 goptre051 l 125 gas technician 2 part 3 goptre052 l 125 gas technician 2 part 4 goptre053 l 125 gas technician 2 review gopt10002 l 125 gas technician 3 goptre244 l 125 gas technician 3 review gopt10003 l 130 geometric dimensioning tolerancing mechbda55 l 130 geometric dimensioning and tolerancingintroduction mech10045 l 125 gis software arcview infocva36 l 135 global warming concepts envr10004 126 gps global positioning

32 qualified administrative assistant business c turn to page 2 for contacts the association of administrative assistants is a chartered canadian non-profit professional organization the aaa establishes a national standard of qualifications for administrative assistants and senior office personnel seven courses must be completed successfully within six years to qualify for the qaa certificate refer to the website to view the pos course offerings are listed under a variety of diplomas and certificates refer to the index sharing economy business management certificate 973 turn to page 2 for contacts mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 6 courses turn to page 2 for contacts ontario college certificate graduation requirement 10 courses develop or enhance your skills and knowledge for successful small business ownership or management roles develop a comprehensive business plan useful for

communications languages and preparatory studies 46 the olympics where sport and spectacle meet sprt10023 e take an in-depth look at the socio-cultural relevance that the olympics have on our society and historical review of the games that allows you to understand how the olympics have altered the manner in which we view athletic competition special emphasis placed upon the emergence of elite athletes financial remuneration banned substances and the international olympic committee ioc 42 hours crn days start 12856 jan10 end times sess delivery apr18 the ontario metis ontariolearn fee $388.16 hist10018 e analyze the emergence of the metis peoples and their relationship with the provincial government through historical sociological and political perspectives explore trends and issues affecting the ontario metis in contemporary society 45 hours crn days start 12837 jan10 end times sess delivery apr18 personality psychology ontariolearn fee $456.10 psyc10007 e learn to define personality

classroom skills educede21 crn days start 11360 jan10 end times sess delivery apr18 fee ontariolearn communication exceptionalities $388.16 educede23 safe10004 examine safety issues associated with physical care coping with behavioural challenges physical restraint handling medical conditions legislative requirements and whmis must be completed prior to registering for placement crn days start 11354 jan10 end times sess delivery apr18 fee ontariolearn technology in education $388.16 educede19 discuss the types of communications exceptionalities and their implications for students integrate previous learning on behaviour management and other aspects of communications prerequisite educede22 learn to use ministry of education software and other programs to enhance skills in working with exceptional learners keyboarding and computer skills required access to ministry software is recommended advised to be completing a placement concurrently crn fee crn $388.16 11361 days start 11358 jan10

c server network support certificate 183 graduation requirement 5 courses understand a local area network environment including how a network handles data and shares hardware and software resources focus on data communications and networking essentials tcp/ip and networking network operating systems for network applications computer and server hardware and internet programming provides preparatory studies for the network specialist certificate and to write comptia a server inet linux and microsoft certification examinations admission requirements • ontario secondary school diploma ossd or equivalent mohawk academic upgrading ged • compco001 generic computer training • math10042 mathematics for computer studies or equivalent turn to page 2 for contacts mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 6 courses creation organization and maintenance of personal and business web pages requires

90 neonatal nursing 1 advanced program of studies health and nursing high risk obstetrics mandatory courses hours nrsg10055 perinatal nursing 1 35 nrsg10056 perinatal nursing 2 35 hsci10163 neonatal resuscitation provider certification 10 nrsg10049 obstetrical nursing 1 advanced 35 nrsg10051 obstetrical nursing 2 advanced 40 nrsg10045 examine nursing assessment and care of the moderately ill and/or preterm neonate includes preterm birth from the neonatal perspective assessment of the at risk infant thermoregulation nutrition infection and respiratory problems prerequisite nrsg10056 crn days start 11105 jan11 end times sess delivery apr12 fee elearn $279.30 neonatal nursing 2 advanced nrsg10043 clin10002 obstetrical nursing 1 clinical experience 72 clin10003 obstetrical nursing 2 clinical experience 72 examine the assessment and care of critically ill and/or very premature neonates topics include cardiac problems congenital anomalies acid-base balance neurological concerns

gardening steel art workshop pipe shelving choosing trees for the future hort10052 new considering trees for the future answer the questions where what why and how includes selection factors trees to avoid and how to plant trees for a sustainable environment bring a lunch crn days start 12769 sa feb18 end times sess delivery feb18 10:00-4:00 1 fee classroom sc $93.39 garden pests how to spot them and how to deal with them hort10048 new introduces common garden pests in ontario and includes tips for identifying and managing them crn days start 12768 sa mar25 end times sess delivery mar25 10:00-4:00 1 fee classroom sc $93.39 landscaping for the home hort10049 new learn to navigate the horticultural world as it applies to your home and garden a great way to get geared up for the spring season field trip sun mar 5 crn days start 12772 tu feb7 end times sess delivery mar7 6:30-9:00 6 fee classroom sc $211.44 perennials for the home hort10050 new a guide to programs and courses c mohawk college certificates autocad design 191 120 building environmental systems certificate 090 121 cnc programming certificate 070 122 construction estimating certificate 867 122 electrical fundamentals certificate 063 123 electronic fundamentals certificate 886 123 environmental engineering certificate 083 123 fire safety certificate 853 123 fluid power certificate 847 124 geographic information systems certificate 079 125 home inspection certificate 171 126 human machine interfacing certificate 182 127 industrial drives certificate 202 127 industrial engineering certificate level 1 868 128 industrial lubrication certificate 064 128 lean six sigma green belt certificate 966 129 machine tool operator certificate 848 129 occupational health and safety management certificate 060 130 programmable logic controllers certificate 092 131 quality assurance level 1 certificate 858 131 residential design construction

technology and skills development 134 bcin preparation general legal bldg10111 gain basic knowledge of the ontario building code and prepare to write the legal qualification exam offered by the ministry of municipal affairs and housing specifically legal processes for building officials and designers course manual is included you must purchase the ontario building code 2012 2 volume set and bring it to every class crn days start 11405 th jan19 end times apr20 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 14 fee classroom ff $657.35 commercial construction estimating bldg10114 new introduces measuring techniques for items in a commercial construction project use excel spreadsheets to interpret construction working drawings and specifications to measure items such as excavation concrete steel etc emphasis is placed on accuracy of measurement standard descriptions logical sequence of take-off and estimating principles the parts of a detailed estimate will be identified crn days start 12927 jan10 end times

featured new programs sharing economy business management certificate page 32 brand management certificate page 20 share your mohawk memories mohawk has an amazing story to tell for our 50th anniversary share your memories at mobile food services management certificate page 31 winter registration now open don’t wait to register – courses can fill quickly you can register by web fax mail or in person refer to the inside back cover of this catalogue browse online at