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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business 905-575-2703 community services and support 905-575-1212 ext 3244 creative media and interdisciplinary studies 905-575-2358 health and nursing 905-575-1212 ext 6703 technology and skills development 905-575-2203 trending programs general inquiries

l elec10161 elec10002 elechi007 l safe10114 l 149 145 137 147 132 131 143 146 146 133 146 132 137 133 133 149 146 143 148 144 135 135 135 135 135 135 135 136 136 147 151 151 142 151 142 147 137 137 136 136 elechv200 bldg10710 bldgre031 envr10025 envr10024 lawsoh703 envr10069 bldg10010 bldghi002 safe10071 safeft104 mech10018 envr10058 bldgre028 qual10014 weldre237 goptre050 goptre051 goptre052 goptre053 gopt10002 goptre244 gopt10003 infocva36 infocv630 safe10115 bldg10120 bldg10127 safeoh308 bldgtz030 safe10072 safe10100 hraphi003 hraphi004 laws10158 bldg10093 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll 138 145 147 134 138 147 142 139 137 136 hmi programming 1 home inspection real estate q&a hydraulic safety in construction hydraulics 1 industrial drives 2 industrial ergonomics industrial hygiene instrumentation 1 for tradesmen interior/insulation inspection internet mapping internet of things 1 electronics and microcontrollers internet of things 2 controls and sensors internet

c small business and entrepreneurship certificate 179 managing the small business graduation requirement 10 courses study best practices and proven approaches for handling people data and systems in the small business focus on content and process skills including decision-making presenting arguments building teams introducing change and leadership crn days start times 11380 develop or enhance your skills and knowledge for successful small business ownership or management roles develop a comprehensive business plan useful for securing financing and strategic business planning operations and legal issues program of studies jan16 end sess delivery apr24 fee ontariolearn $494.45 sbmgsb202 examine various business topics including ownership models location strategies the home-based business government assistance licensing requirements inventory planning recruitment and selection of employees and human resource legislation prerequisite sbmgsb101

oceanography envr10049 e crn days start 12693 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 ontariolearn the olympics where sport and spectacle meet fee $463.65 sprt10023 e analyze the sociological aspects of popular music from the 20th century to the mainstream music of today emphasizes important trends genres labels and individuals in music history special attention will be given to canadian experiences in popular music 42 hours crn days start 13068 jan16 take an in-depth look at the socio-cultural relevance that the olympics have on our society and historical review of the games that allows you to understand how the olympics have altered the manner in which we view athletic competition special emphasis placed upon the emergence of elite athletes financial remuneration banned substances and the international olympic committee ioc 42 hours quest for wisdom crn 12258 days start 13055 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 the ontario metis ontariolearn fee $395.14 hist10018 e analyze the

alternative healing methods crn crn deviant behaviour examine this behaviour through sociological biological and psychological perspectives and apply this knowledge in critical examination of canadian and global crimes and statistics provides a contemporary look at victimology and restorative justice days start 12795 12797 12798 jan16 feb1 mar1 end times sess delivery apr24 may10 jun7 fee ontariolearn ontariolearn ontariolearn penology $463.65 $463.65 $463.65 crn days start 12317 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 fee ontariolearn safe and secure environments $341.10 safe10091 gain an understanding of the legal parameters of correctional operations the organizational framework of federal and provincial correctional services and an overview of staffing models and responsibilities in secure environments establish a knowledge foundation for subsequent applications of security skills crn days start 12318 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 fee ontariolearn special populations i $341.10

introduction to computers 1 comp10136 crn days start 12066 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 ontariolearn introduction to computers 2 crn days start 12067 jan16 fee crn 12074 comp10195 end times sess delivery apr24 ontariolearn microsoft office 2013 days start 12068 jan16 end times sess delivery days start 12072 jan16 end 11402 we $439.14 comp10191 times sess delivery apr24 fee ontariolearn ms office 2010 $439.14 info10095 study the diverse applications available within microsoft office professional academic or university edition including word excel powerpoint access and outlook home and student software is inadequate for this course mac users not supported equivalent to computer applications for business info10048 42 hours crn days start 12065 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 fee ontariolearn office simulation $439.14 comp10196 learn to integrate word processing and spreadsheet skills by completing a variety of office tasks and prioritize work in order to complete tasks within

nursing care of children with altered musculoskeletal neurological and sensory function nrsg10068 crn days start 11201 jan17 end times sess delivery apr27 fee elearn nursing care of children with hematological oncological problems palliative care needs $326.80 nrsg10069 examine the pediatric population with hematological oncological problems and palliative care needs focus on pathophysiology assessment medical nursing management consider client and family communication education cultural and spiritual influences the community as a clinical setting is a major focus prerequisite nrsg10057 crn days start 11202 jan17 end times sess delivery apr27 elearn pediatric nursing clinical practicum days start 11203 c jan2 end times sess delivery fieldwork fee end times sess delivery mar7 apr27 may2 days start jan22 feb8 mar9 end times jan22 9:00-5:00 feb8 9:00-5:00 mar9 9:00-5:00 graduation requirement 6 courses perinatal nurses must be able to identify

mathematics courses statistics differential calculus mathma383 cover empirical equations conics and differential calculus with applications prerequisite math10029 crn days start 12845 th jan18 end times sess delivery apr19 6:00-10:00 14 fee classroom ff $346.08 engineering mathematics 3 math10014 study calculus learn about differentiation and integration of algebraic trigonometric logarithmic and exponential functions differential equations of the first and second order and laplace transforms prerequisite mathma279 or math10021 or equivalent crn days start 13052 we jan17 end times apr25 6:00-9:00 sess delivery 14 fee classroom ff $346.08 fundamental mathematics math10031 build your skills and understanding of basic arithmetic concepts and the metric system focus on operations with whole numbers fractions and decimals operations with percents and solving applied problems involving percents know and perform conversion between si units conversion between si units and british or us units

c turn to page 2 for contacts mohawk college certificate graduation requirement 9 courses building on the operations and maintenance foundations of bes™ operator class ii the bes™ operator class i certificate explores the unique nature of hospital systems and covers in detail energy efficiency in large buildings admission requirements • practical work experience or equivalent program of studies motpsam65 prepare for the truck-coach technician class 310t exam under the ontario apprenticeship tradesmen s qualification act crn days start 12457 tu/we jan16 end times feb21 6:00-9:00 sess delivery 12 fee classroom sc $296.64 cfc/odp training turn to page 2 for required by individuals who do not have an odp card or contacts for those whose odp card has expired under ontario regulations individuals who handle refrigerants must successfully complete training and an exam as part of the ozone depleting substances awareness

bloodborne pathogens safety in the workplace safe10111 new understand the basics of bloodborne pathogens how to protect yourself ground disturbance awareness safe10115 new understand the basics of and how to implement safely any kind of ground disturbance course must be completed by scheduled end date run time is approximately 3 hours you will receive information at your mohawk college email address on how to access your course downloadable certificate of completion available upon successfully completing course valid for 3 years from course completion date crn fee crn $57.81 $57.81 $57.81 $57.81 $57.81 $57.81 12164 12178 12192 12206 12262 12280 days start 12160 12174 12188 12202 12256 12276 jan8 jan22 feb5 feb19 mar5 mar19 end times sess delivery jan19 feb2 feb16 mar2 mar16 mar30 online online online online online online caught in or between hazards in construction safe10112 new understand how to recognize and avoid caught-in or -between hazards in construction course must be

striving to enrich the lifelong learning of continuing education students visit us at take advantage of our services and programs • career coaching and career development workshops • student success coaching and academic success workshops • student leadership and volunteer opportunities • mcaces resource and study space find help at our resource centres fennell campus room f114 mcmaster campus room 144 stoney creek campus room a125 phone 905-575-2176 web email mcaces resource centre is supported by an advisory council of continuing education students be careerready attend our free sessions session 1 – talk it out tuesday january 23 session 2 – write it out monday january 29 session 3 – share it out wednesday february 7 session 4 – network it out thursday february 15 session 5 – act it out wednesday february 21 sessions from 6 pm to 7:30 pm fennell campus mcaces lounge room f114 to