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contact us 2 contact us watch for these icons as you re reading business 905-575-2703 community services and support 905-575-1212 ext 3244 creative media and interdisciplinary studies 905-575-2358 health and nursing 905-575-1212 ext 6703 technology and skills development 905-575-2203 trending programs enhanced programs general inquiries

mathma383 mathma383 mathma179 math10014 math10031 mathma018 math10020 108 106 108 108 110 110 110 107 106 109 108 110 110 109 106 109 110 110 109 108 109 110 106 106 l l l culi10070 l crea10036 florfc005 florgi601 l l l hort10021 l hlth10001 l hort10011 l l math10053 l mathms244 l math10042 l mathms144 l mathms165 math10029 math10059 math10008 mathma001 mathma003 l l l mathma002 l 112 112 112 112 mathma482 mathma570 math10052 math10054 l l l 123 119 114 120 120 120 120 114 119 116 116 116 116 115 115 115 115 115 115 acting for adults acting three the feedback show aesthetics skin care ii basic sewing 1 basic sewing 2 basic sewing 3 basic sewing 4 biology preparatory the business of photography ceramics advanced 1 ceramics advanced 2 ceramics advanced 3 ceramics advanced 4 ceramics foundation 1 ceramics foundation 2 ceramics foundation 3 ceramics foundation 4 ceramics intermediate 1 ceramics intermediate 2 crea10194 crea10079 asthaes03 texthc177 texthc203 texthc322 text10023

34 business c office administration general certificate 380 ontario college certificate graduation requirement 11 courses document production turn to page 2 for contacts crn days start 12845 become skilled in the performance of essential office tasks such as document preparation record management digital transcription customer service recordkeeping and business applications software students completing this program through continuing education are regulated by post-secondary policies human relations jan15 end times sess delivery apr16 fee elearn $453.65 hrescb172 develop interpersonal skills to successfully function in the workplace and the community investigate personal growth and development related to basic behaviour concepts analyze a variety of interpersonal behaviour concepts crn days start 12842 program of studies info10209 create professional business documents using word concepts advanced features and simulations demonstrate proper keyboarding

myths and legends histllt05 e crn days start 12458 jan15 end times sess delivery apr23 nutrition ontariolearn fee $449.54 hlth10044 e explore the nutritional effectiveness of various diets and food additives examine the role of food in maintaining health and reducing the risk of illness and learn to evaluate claims made by food faddists and food vendors prerequisite college english or equivalent 42 hours crn days start 12474 12526 12511 jan15 feb1 mar1 end times sess delivery apr23 may10 jun7 oceanography ontariolearn ontariolearn ontariolearn fee $449.54 $449.54 $449.54 envr10049 e study the oceans from an historical geographical geological and biological perspective travel through the story of the oceans exploring a different topic each week 45 hours crn days start 12478 jan15 end times sess delivery apr23 personality psychology ontariolearn fee $474.65 psyc10007 e learn to define personality and its influence on behaviour and actions examine patterns of thoughts feelings and

d 65 library and information technician diploma 800 graduation requirement 28 courses turn to page 2 for contacts prepare for employment in academic public school and special libraries and other information service settings through a carefully designed course of study that combines theory and hands-on practice participants learn to acquire organize retrieve produce and disseminate information in print and electronic formats admission requirements • applications must be submitted online through the ontario college application service ocas • ontario secondary school diploma ossd general or advanced level or equivalent mohawk academic upgrading ged or mature student status • a pass standing in grade 12 english at the general level or equivalent hours librlt110 introduction to libraries and the information industry 42 info10172 information technology for library technicians 42 infolt402

80 cisco certified network associate computer sciences computers turn to page 2 for contacts connecting networks comp10210 focus on advanced ip address techniques wan technology and terminology such as ppp isdn ddr frame relay network management and an introduction to optical networking network design and implementation will be discussed with an emphasis on network security and reliability includes extensive hands-on exercises equivalent to comp10118 70 hours crn days start 12396 jan15 end times sess delivery apr23 ontariolearn introduction to networks days start 12451 jan15 end times sess delivery apr23 crn 11295 11309 11322 fee ontariolearn routing and switching essentials $649.65 comp10208 focus on initial router configuration ios software management routing protocol configuration tcp/ip and access control lists acls develop skills on configuring a router managing ios software configuring routing protocols and setting access control lists to control data

health and nursing 96 critical care respiratory nrsg10100 learn to assess plan implement and evaluate nursing care in critical care settings for patients with respiratory using enhanced knowledge of pathopsychological processes prerequisite nrsg10099 crn days start 12883 jan16 end times sess delivery apr24 fee elearn critical care respiratory clinical $376.65 clin10004 take this opportunity to utilize knowledge and skills learned in the respiratory module and apply them within this preceptored clinical experience the preceptor will retain responsibility for care of the patient clinical paperwork information and assessments are housed on elearn prerequisite nrsg10100 you must register for hlth10223 to complete required health clearances prior to registration see page 100 crn days start 12997 12998 12999 c jan2 feb2 mar2 end times sess delivery feb2 mar2 apr2 fee fieldwork fieldwork fieldwork $202.56 $202.56 $202.56 registered nurse first assistant certificate 921 turn to page 2 for

mathematics 112 mathematics mathematics courses mathematics courses crn turn to page 2 for contacts differential calculus mathma383 cover empirical equations conics and differential calculus with applications prerequisite math10029 crn days start 12585 th jan24 end times sess delivery apr25 7:00-10:00 14 fee blended ff engineering mathematics 3 $354.48 math10014 study calculus learn about differentiation and integration of algebraic trigonometric logarithmic and exponential functions differential equations of the first and second order and laplace transforms prerequisite mathma279 or math10021 or equivalent crn days start 12625 we jan23 end times apr24 6:30-9:30 sess delivery 14 fee classroom ff $354.48 fundamental mathematics math10031 build your skills and understanding of basic arithmetic concepts and the metric system focus on operations with whole numbers fractions and decimals operations with percents and solving applied problems involving percents know

127 certificate of qualification examination preparation prepare for the certificate of qualification exam stipulated by the ontario apprenticeship tradesmen s qualification act by reviewing various relevant theory for a specific trade turn to page 2 for contacts admission requirements • before registering in a certificate of qualification course contact the apprenticeship branch office at 1-800-668-4479 • confirm your trade identification number for the appropriate exam and determine your eligibility to write the exam • ask your apprenticeship contact if any ministry-funded deliveries are available prior to registering c of q instrumentation 447a inst10006 cnc operator turn to page 2 for contacts acknowledgement of completion completion requirement 3 courses cnc operators produce machined parts by interpreting programs to set up and operate a computer numerical control cnc machine with a focus on maintaining quality and safety

quality assurance turn to page 2 for contacts basic concepts of reliability qual10021 understand the concepts of reliability integrated with statistical techniques used in quality assurance summarizes methods and procedures of reliability statistics for professional designers and test and reliability personnel includes a review of distributions tests of hypotheses logic diagrams mathematical models predictions of component reliability apportionment reliability growth assessment methods and reliability demonstration 39 hours days start 12377 jan15 end times sess delivery apr23 fee ontariolearn computer applications in quality assurance $424.43 qual10029 introduces the computerization of statistical process control functions such as histograms control charts and data collection spreadsheets word processing and other quality assurance related software will be used to demonstrate how computers can effectively manage a quality system 36 hours crn days start 12378 jan15 end times sess

specialize your skills with a workshop program or course sewing mohawk offers sewing for all levels benefit from hands-on experience coupled with techniques and best practices to improve your sewing skills in the basic sewing series of courses you will construct basic garments for yourself or others while learning how to use a sewing machine and developing skills in pattern reading fitting measuring and more educational support educational support workers make a difference by providing support to exceptional students dealing with physical emotional or intellectual challenges while attending school prepare to work with teachers and other professionals through a combination of theory and hands-on practice in school-based field placements to meet a wide range of exceptional student needs first aid c.p.r take c.p.r and first aid training at mohawk first aid and c.p.r certification is required for many careers but is also an essential life