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why mopar® why us that’s a good question for starters we are the same people who have designed engineered and manufactured worldrenowned cars — and their engines — for 80 years so our expertise has been built over time and proven on the street and the strip we invented many of the classic cars you know and revere we built the hemi® engine into the legend that it is we respect the spirit of restoration but have the guts to innovate 4 performanceenginesc ata l o

392 crate hemi ® engine step up to the next level of performance with the srt ® 6.4l hemi® engine with 485 hp and 475 lb ft of torque this complete engine assembly includes a water pump flywheel and clutch front sump oil pan intake manifold with throttle body fuel injectors and coil packs features • 392 cu in • 103.9mm bore • 94.6mm stroke • cast iron block with 4-bolt powder metal caps • forged steel crank material • powdered metal floating pin connecting rods • hypereutectic aluminum piston material • nodular iron camshaft • aluminum hemispherical chamber cylinder heads • 54.3mm intake valve size • 42mm exhaust valve size • 10.9:1 compression ratio • 6,400 peak rpm 6.4l crate hemi® engine p/n 168303090aa fig c $9,960.00 c 345 crate hemi ® engine now you can own the same legendary 5.7l hemi® engine found in the 2015 and newer dodge challenger with 383 hp and 417 lb ft of

pistons connecting rods increase strength and durability and reduce reciprocating weight with mopar® pistons and rods see representative image fig o pistons connecting rod bolt kit features intake valve notch and 10.5:1 compression ratio 5.7l crate hemi® engine p/n 1p5153480 $145.00 forged aluminum designed for production 4.055 bore and 3.795 stroke uses full-floating 0.927 pin 10.5:1 compression ratio uses stock piston rings 6.1 l/392 crate hemi® engine set p/n 1p5153635 $1,495.00 o camshafts the mopar® performance camshaft is based on the popular comp series of camshafts with slightly modified cam timing to increase low-end torque without sacrificing high-end power thanks to an optimized vct calibration the cam measures 222/230 at 0.050 270/282 at 0.006 and has just under 0.600 lift with a 115-degree lobe separation angle stage 2 performance camshaft with phase limiter 2009-2016 5.7l eagle/gen iii hemi® engine p/n 5160018 fig p

cylinder heads gaskets hardware mopar® cylinder heads are where it all comes together — spark fuel and air this is where the power is made cast iron or aluminum mopar® has the heads to top off your engine build cylinder heads aluminum interchangeable with production cast iron head and offers a weight reduction of 50 lbs per engine set features include single plug per cylinder capability for dual common 2.25 intake and 1.94 exhaust valve machining 170cc combustion chamber valve seats and guide inserts includes valves springs retainers and keepers bare 426 hemi ® engine p/n 1p5153779 $1,300.00 cylinder heads cast iron designed for more power stiffer and stronger than original increased material permits porting for improved airflow features the same outward appearance as the original 19661971 heads except for shape of alternator boss all components attach the same as original intake and exhaust valves valve guides seats rocker gear etc features 170cc combustion

big block 361 383 400 engines 413 426 440 32 performanceenginesc ata l o g

cylinder heads gaskets hardware mopar® cylinder heads are where it all comes together — spark fuel and air this is where the power is made cast iron or aluminum mopar® has the heads to top off your engine build cylinder heads aluminum head casting number 452 is complete with valves and springs 2.14 intake and 1.81 exhaust flow is 290 cfm intake and 217 cfm exhaust at 0.600 lift these ready-to-bolt-on heads use a straight plug design so you can us stock exhaust manifolds or many popular aftermarket headers for 361 and 440 engines includes valves and springs straight plug 84cc 2.14 intake 1.81 exhaust b/rb engines p/n 1p5153524 fig e $1,495.00 aluminum cylinder heads stage vi 2.14 intake 1.81 exhaust p/n 1p4529335 $1,055.00 e cnc-ported 2.18 intake 1.81 exhaust p/n 1p4876383 $2,840.00 cnc-ported 2.25 intake 1.81 exhaust max wedge p/n 1p4876386

m distributor drive gear assemblies oil filter performance features a hardened tip shaft with full radius blend from hex to round and pinned gears engineered to meet the demands of heavy-duty and high-performance applications black with mopar® omega m logo flat tappet cams p/n p3571071 $106.00 6 8-cylinder engines p/n p4452890 $11.45 flat tappet cams milodon oil system p/n p3412064 $105.00 roller tappet aluminum-bronze gear p/n p3690875 $165.00 roller tappet aluminum-bronze gear milodon oil system p/n p3690876 235.00 dipstick and tube chrome big block p/n p4349629 $22.65 oil pump priming shaft don’t fire up that engine without pre-lubing priming it thoroughly with oil special hardened steel shaft fits on any 3/8 or larger drill insert shaft into hole where distributor fits pressurizes oil galleys to ensure against dry starts and engine damage fits all v8

cylinder heads gaskets hardware mopar® cylinder heads are where it all comes together — spark fuel and air this is where the power is made cast iron or aluminum mopar® has the heads to top off your engine build cylinder heads la cylinder heads raised port w9 aluminum 63cc combustion chamber 2.020 1.600 valves with hp springs 1967–1992 la 318/360 engines p/n 1p5153849 fig f 983.00 partially machined w9 cylinder head with raised intake and exhaust ports recommended for use in sprint cars and midget cars super commando machined and assembled with 2.080 1.600 valves 5/16 stem with hp springs use rocker arm set p/n p5153995 p/n 1p5153850 $1,400.00 features •h  igh-strength lightweight a356 aluminum alloy casting • ports raised significantly higher than standard w9 cylinder heads •m  achined deck intake surface head bolts and valve cover rail •p  orts are cast small to allow for flexibility in porting requires

aluminum single-plane intake mpi can be used as a direct replacement for production engines allows use of air conditioning and all factory accessories designed to use production throttle body injectors fuel rail and other hardware from your stock intake available in egr and non-egr replacement for stock installation kit intake manifold two-barrel intake only 5.2l/5.9l truck magnum/jeep ® brand engines p/n 1p5007638 $88.00 throttle body 360 magnum note pinout is different from delphi iac and mopar® iac throttle body service part for 360 fuel injection kits p/n 1p5153702 fig t $550.00 intake manifold gasket sets custom-fit for use with small block cylinder heads complete kit to service one engine including gaskets end seals o-rings and distributor seal where applicable gasket intake manifold 5.9l magnum jeep ® brand engines/truck p/n p4876049 $42.05 gasket

voltmeters representative image for voltmeters fig e voltmeter short sweep electronic 2 1/16 range 8-18 volts black dial p/n 77060051 $83.00 d voltmeter short sweep electronic 2 1/16 range 8-18 volts white dial p/n 77060050 $83.00 voltmeter short sweep electronic 2 5/8 range 8-18 volts white dial p/n p5155504 $118.00 coolant temperature representative image for coolant temperature gauges fig f water temperature full sweep electronic 2 1/16 range 100-260°f black dial p/n 77060053 $196.00 water temperature full sweep electronic 2 1/16 range 100-260°f white dial p/n 77060052 $196.00 water temperature full sweep electronic tachometers 2 5/8 range 100-260°f white dial representative image for tachometers fig d p/n p5155502 $240.00 tachometer in-dash mount full sweep electronic water temperature short sweep electronic 3 3/8 range 0-10,000 rpm black

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