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Boston Transfer Hose Products by Moreland Hose and Belting

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Catalogue: Moreland Hose and Belting Boston Transfer Hose Products
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Moreland Hose and Belting Contact Information

Moreland Hose and Belting Corp.
4118 Sunrise Highway
Oakdale, NY 11769

135 Adams Avenue
Hempstead, NY 11550

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boston transfer hose products both sae 37 and 45 connections cam and groove coll o crimp coll o crimp die chart coll o crimp operating procedures coll o crimp pumps coll o crimp t 400 coll o crimp t 420 coll o crimp t 440 coll o crimp t 462 collets spacer rings for t 400 4c hose end fitting hose end fittings hose end selector chart tool chart hose end tool selector chart moreland hose and belting of the catalogs t 400 2c t 400 3c t 400 8 t 440 1 t 460 2 the coll coll o crimp t 400 1 tool selector chart tube minimum bend radius

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application important safety information coll-o-crimp® hose hose ends and assembly equipment compatibility the coll-o-crimp® equipment package coll-o-crimp® hose ends and coll-o-crimp® hose have been engineered and designed as a complete hose assembly system each component of the coll-o-crimp® hose assembly system is compatible with other coll-o-crimp® components to which it relates component compatibility along with the use of quality components insures the production of reliable hose assemblies when assembled properly the use or intermixing of fittings and hose not specifically engineered and designed for use with each other and coll-o-crimp® equipment is not recommended and may result in the production of unsafe or unreliable hose assemblies this can result in hose assembly leakage hose separation or other failures which can cause serious bodily injury or property damage from spraying fluids flying projectiles or other substances tion of the proper hose couplings are · fluid compati

dry bulk transfer refer to warnings and safety information on pages 1-2 and page 59 material handling boston weatherhead sabertooth® dry material tube natural rubber/sbr blend static dissipating reinforcement fiber 4 spiral and helical wire cover sbr color black temperature range -10°f to +160°f type of branding printed strip suction full vacuum working pressure 100 psi depending on coupling type of coupling cam and groove or combination nipple clamps band approx product number h034748-100 h034764-100 nominal i.d in 3 4 mm 76.2 101.6 4 4 spiral nominal o.d in 4 5 mm 101.6 127.0 lbs weight per 100 ft 320 440 max working press psi 100 100 min bend radius in 9 11 mm 228.6 279.4 standard length ft 100 100 material 61 boston weatherhead tm

equipment iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii portable t-465 refer to safety information regarding coll-o-crimp® hose hose fittings and assembly equipment compatibility on pages 1-2 t-450-c · portable coll-o-crimp® stand the t-450-c stand is designed specifically for your portable coll-o crimp® t-465 press this stand allows you to use your press on a work bench or other flat surface without the need of a vise simply bolt the press onto the stand with the supplied bolts and you re ready to make coll-o-crimp® hose assemblies t-465-tb · portable coll-o-crimp® tool boxes the t-465-tb tool boxes feature convient press pump and collet storage while offering easy mobitiy of your hose assembly equipment supplied as a set the t-465-tb tool boxes are an excellent addition to the portable coll-o-crimp system includes one each t-460-10b small tool box stores the t-465 and spacer rings 15 x 9 x 8 t-460-10bb large tool box stores the t-460-2 and collets 25 x 10 x 8 t-465 portable coll-o-crimp® repair and is not a reseller or dealer of Moreland Hose and Belting.

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