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avermedia was founded in 1990 and through success has become one of world s leading companies in the research design and manufacture of `high level digital security surveillance equipment our highly innovative products have received high levels of acclaim and accreditation from our customers in 1997 we proudly become a public listed company within taiwan with innovation and cutting-edge technology avermedia provides a comprehensive range of high definition digital video surveillance products for the cctv market our range of products includes second generation hybrid dvr s embedded hybrid dvr s pure nvr solutions megapixel ip cameras surveillance software plus a full range of accessories and peripherals avermedia currently employs over 1,200 staff worldwide our design team and engineers are the very best within the industry and equate to over 40 of the company employees they have a complete devotion attention to detail and application with the ability to react quickly to and utilize

averdigi eb3004 md eb3004 md is a new embedded dvr which has more advanced functions supporting all major brands of sata hdd for convenience installation and integration motion mask for privacy protection and compact size for lower shipment cost eb3004 md has high cost-performance and will bring the biggest profit to all customers key features · embedded linux · individually adjust channel frame rate and video quality for each of cameras · 3 different combinations of simultaneous vga and cctv outputs · motion recording supported and smart search by target motion events · smart alarm triggered by motion detection/video loss/hdd fail/sensor · ienhance to adjust image and provide highest-level video quality · intelligent auto-skip bad hdd sectors technology · schedule recording · motion detection mask · support ptz cameras · lightweight and compact size · supports standard 3.5 sata hdd · auto-scan on full channel screen · supports usb for pc/nb backup averdigi mob1304

averdigi seb3104h h.264 is the latest video compression technology and seen as the answer for efficient data transmission and high-quality video storage while the market of h.264 will be as big as the one for mpeg4 avermedia information implement this feature into the newly-developed dvr with same overall stability and compatibility key features · advanced h.264 compression · 4ch 120/100 fps ntsc/pal d1 real-time recording · intelligent gui design for easy learning and operation · full functional control utilizing mouse · individually adjustable channel frame rate and resolution · motion detection mask 44x30/44x36 blocks · support 4ch ptz cameras · compatible with averdigi ra4000e and averdigi hdd box via esata interface · remote software integration remote console webviewer and javaviewer iphoneviewer cm3000/cm3000 gold averdigi seb5108 series averdigi dvr takes another step forward into new and advanced h.264 technology inside innovative slim case averdigi seb5108h series

averdigi eh5108h series averdigi eh5108h series is a versatile h.264 dvr that significantly maximizes the video quality and minimizes the file size for efficient management of hdd usage embedded with the linux operation system and bringing the new vision to surveillance market it provides independent dual streams for better network efficiency pos integration professional posviewer individually adjustable channel frame rate and expandable ip/analog cameras support for users to integrate systems widely key features · h.264 compression with 120/100 fps@d1 · independent dual stream for better network efficiency · embedded linux hybrid dvr · 8ch ip/analog cameras · individually adjust channel resolution and frame rates for unparalleled control · pos integration and professional posviewer · intelligent gui design · support 5 megapixel ip camera and ip ptz · support all major brands of ip camera · remote software integration cm3000/cm3000 gold remote console webviewer pdaviewer

averdigi sa5108 the averdigi sa5000 series utilizes the latest embedded os efficiently protecting your system from virus and enabling your system to operate even hdd crashed with various ip and analog cameras support built-in dvd-rw pos integration and powerful remote software integration it takes in up to 8 video channels analog and ip and digitally encodes the video streams into mjpeg mpeg4 and h.264 compression key features · 8ch video and audio inputs · ip analog ptz camera control · supports megapixel ip cameras · supports dual monitor optional and spot monitor outputs · pos integration and professional ipos function · powerful remote software integration cm3000/cm3000 gold remote console webviewer pdaviewer iphoneviewer and smartviewer for symbian windows smart phone · built-in dvd-rw supports backup to dvd cd directly · 2 sata removable hdd trays · supports static as well as dynamic de-interlacing for smoother graphics · built-in noise reduction algorithms ·

averdigi sa9000e pro averdigi sa9000e pro breaks the frame of the market by supporting 16ch d1 real-time recording and ip camera tv output function with high quality video stream and newly-added monitor function its design is based on market s major requirements as well as to be entirely future-proof security system key features · support 16ch d1 real-time recording · support megapixel ip analog ptz/cameras · ip analog tv outputs · mpeg4 h/w compression · easy-to-use touchpad · multifunctional front panel and lcd display · remote software integration cm3000/cm3000 gold remote console webviewer pdaviewer iphoneviewer handyviewer and smartviewer for symbian windows smart phone · maximum recording frame rate ntsc/pal cif 480 400 fps d1 480/400 fps · detect human face in live video and trigger instant playback from object index · multiple and configurable channels displayed on cctv monitor · jog shuttle for easy playback · built-in rs485 and e-sata · dual monitor

averdigi exr6004 mini to meet and greet the trend of ip camera averdigi exr6004 mini brings you the new version of pure nvr in surveillance market with compact size it provides 4 channel video and audio inputs shattering marketing limitation by supporting full range of ip camera from all major manufactures worldwide and accepting h.264 mpeg4 and mjpeg video streaming format it s 100 smart nvr you have been looking for key features · embedded linux with intelligent gui design · connect to all major brands of ip cameras and video servers · each individual channel can support a maximum of 2.3 megapixels · supports local/server site preview playback and setup from nvr directly · optional 1 internal sata hdd and 1 external hdd via esata interface · built-in dual lan ports for sophisticated network application · powerful remote software integration cm3000 cm3000 gold remote console webviewer javaviewer pdaviewer 3gviewer and iphoneviewer · compatible with averdigi touch monitor ·

sanyo full hd the nine new cameras are collectively designed to provide a solution for virtually any project with vandal resistant domes ptz cameras and a zoom camera included in the range as well as a choice of three fixed cameras with cs mounts to provide a choice of lens all the cameras have the capability to capture full high definition 1920 x 1080 sharp and crystal clear colour images at 25 frames per second and are equipped with a dual codec to support both the latest h.264 compression standard as well as mjpeg sanyo ptz · vcc-hd5400p quad-stream compact indoor · vcc-hd5600p quad-stream outdoor/indoor h-speed · · · · · · · · · · · · built-in 10x af megapixel-rated lens 6.3­63 mm 360-degree continuous ptz pan-tilt-zoom 1080p full hd 25 ips full framerate with h.264 exclusive xacti hd-pro engine and optimum ip-pro engine twin engine quad-stream hdmi output vcc-hd5600p optional digital image stabilizer video analytics cropping bidirectional audio local recording on

sales and technical support moreton alarm supplies unit 1 maritime business park dock road birkenhead ch41 1dg sales 0844 245 3999 technical helpline 0906 700 3999 email