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table of contents motec systems west 2 motec systems east 3 engine control units 8 m1 series ecu’s 9 m1 series ecu’s con’d 10 m1 series hardware comparison chart 11 m84 12 m400 13 m600 14 m820 15 m880 16 m800 plug-in ecus 17 pwc plug-in ecu’s 18 snowmobile plug-in ecu’s 19 motec ecu options 20 motec ecu comparison chart 21 displays 22 motec d1 series color displays 23 m d153 23 motec d1 series color displays 24 m d175 24 display loggers 25 motec c1 series color display loggers 26 m c125 usb 26 c125 usb upgrades 26 motec c1 series color display loggers 27 m c127 usb 27 c127 usb upgrades 27 motec c1 series color display loggers 28 m c185 usb 28 c185 usb upgrades 28 motec c1 series color display loggers 29 m c187 usb 29 c187 usb upgrades 29 4

m600 developed with the same advanced technology as our revolutionary m800 and m880 models the motec m600 reflects the demand for sophisticated electronics to control today’s highly evolved engines engine tuning features windows based ecu manager tuning software with user definable screen layouts individual cylinder tuning of both fuel delivery and ignition timing suits modern engines including those with coil per cylinder ignition 4d fuel and ignition tables for engine mapping based on three channels ‡ selectable channels for table axes ‡ fully configurable axis points on all tables ‡ highly configurable crank and cam trigger inputs to suit almost all oem sensors and tooth patterns free access to wideband lambda and data logging for initial tuning available for the first 8 hours engine running time additional distinct features suitable for engines requiring the latest complex control functions such as • continuously variable camshaft control up to 2

loggers advanced central logger acl the advanced central logger acl is a highly configurable data acquisition and communications tool that is well suited to professional teams who place serious demands on their data equipment with 1 gb of logging memory it forms the heart of motec’s central logging system which also includes multiple vims versatile input modules for high resolution sensor inputs the acl performs data logging data communication and sophisticated calculations acquiring data from other motec devices such as an ecu dash logger and up to eight vims which enable it to log more than 200 inputs it provides all the advanced features of the adl3 including warning alarms fuel prediction engine logs timers tables user conditions and telemetry for maximum flexibility the acl connects to any motec display motec’s central logging system follows a modular concept employing separate dedicated devices for inputs and logging thereby allowing customers to tailor a solution

expansion boxes traction control multiplexer the traction control multiplexer tcmux is designed to increase the speed inputs into a motec ecu it takes four individual wheel speed signals and turns them into one coded signal for an ecu to read as driven speed wheels that have power undriven speed rolling wheels and slip percentage difference between driven and undriven wheels a tcmux is not a stand-alone device web item number m tc mux description traction control multiplexer compatible with all motec ecus inputs 4 x digital/speed inputs communications motec specific coded signal supplied to an ecu digital speed input physical case size 70 x 100 x 35 mm excluding connector weight 215 gram 1x18 pin waterproof connector with gold plated contacts www.motecusa.com

dual half bridge dhb the dual half bridge dhb is a high current amplifier which allows low current auxiliary outputs to drive high current loads such as motors it contains two high current half bridge outputs enabling it to drive a single motor in two directions or drive two motors in a single direction it is also capable of high speed pwm which can be used for speed control of motors and for other purposes the dhb connects to any auxiliary output of a motec ecu or dash logger which performs the control function such as pwm speed control direction control or servo control the fully sealed case makes the dhb suitable for under bonnet mounting application examples • • • servo motor e.g active wing control boat trim control inlet runner length control variable valve lift motor speed control e.g electric water pump thermo fan fuel pump solenoid control web item number m dhb description dual half bridge compatible with all motec ecus all motec dash loggers basic

communication trim switches steering-wheel switch assembly sport dash and adl steering-wheel switches for alarm-acknowledge scrolling alphanumeric display and adl mode terminates w 6-pin dtm m sd sw h for use with sport dash m adl sw h for use with adl dashboard mounted web item number description m ds-12 12 position user adjustable m ds-11 11 position user adjustable m dsm-4 4 position map switch m800 series ecu’s † boost control has never been easier the motec ecu’s offer unparalleled levels of boost control in addition to having feedback type wastegate control various inputs can be used to regulate boost for certain parameters for example when using a wheelspeed input motec allows boost based on wheelspeed and rpm or boost based on gear position and rpm a multiposition trim switch input can be used to allow the driver to manually select the desired boost level on the fly how can i use a trim switch the multiposition trim switch can be used in a number of ways

weather-pack web item number pin description m 120-5791k 1 male housing m 120-5792k 2 male housing m 120-5793k 3 male housing m 120-5797k 4 male housing m 120-5799k 6 male housing m 120-0996k 1 female housing m 120-0973k 2 female housing m 120-0717k 3 female housing m 120-0974k 4 female housing m 120-0975k 6 female housing a word about weatherpack the delphi weatherpack series of connectors can be used with wire sizes ranging from 12 ga to 20 ga there are corresponding seal sizes and terminal sizes to match the wire size before placing your order make sure which sizes you will require so that we can incorporate the proper sized terminals and seals into your order for you www.motecusa.com

type 1 as series specifications standard connector connector comes with pins/sockets and an insertion extraction tool materials web item number contact type of contacts 16 20 22 key ms as108-35pn pin 6 red ms as108-35sn socket 6 red ms as110-35pa pin 13 yellow ms as110-35pn pin 13 red insulators ms as110-35sn socket 13 red interface/wire seals ms as110-98pn pin ms as112-35pn pin 22 red ms as112-35sn socket 22 red ms as112-98sn socket ms as114-35pn pin 37 red ms as114-35sn socket 37 red ms as116-26pn pin ms as118-35pn pin shell/coupling ring high strength aluminium alloy black zinc finish contacts copper alloy gold plated thermoplastic fluorinated silicone features high density arrangements up to 128 ways three contact sizes 16 20 and 22 awg locking coupling mechanism black zinc finish interfacial and wire sealing integral screen/boot termination feature in-line and two hole mounting styles gold-plated crimp contacts filter hermetic and fiber optic options available universal

glossary security motec offers its customers the option of securing their tuning file through two methods the first is a simple password protection which can be set on the ecu so that others are not able to make changes to the tuning file nor can they send a new file to the ecu unless they have the password the password can be reset as often as you like and you may choose to turn the password off at anytime but you must know the password in order to perform these functions additionally motec allows the tuner to encrypt a file which is stored within the ecu in this case the file can only be sent to an ecu which has a matching password for the encrytped file if file encryption is used a tuner could send an encrypted file to a customer with a matching password and the customer would be able to send the file to the ecu without knowing the password the customer would still not be able to view or in anyway modify the file data downloads can always be retrieved whether or not a password is