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boots rubber web item number description rb 290 90° for lk-2 connector rb 4972 straight for lk-2 connector rb 390 90° for lk-3/lk-4/lk-5 connector rb 3 straight for lk-3/lk-4/lk-5 connector rb 6 straight for lk-6 connector rb 7 straight for lk-7 connector m 1558 bellow for mating connectors of dashes 3605 bushing for ms as616-26sn/ms as616-35sn 3606 bushing for ms as618-35sn 3607 bushing for ms as614-35sn vinyl web item number description m drc26-24bt fits mating connectors of expansion boxes m drc40-bt straight for mating connectors of most ecu’s m drc40-bt-90 90° for mating connectors of most ecu’s