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communication ethernet motorsport ethernet switch the racegrade ethernet switch is a ruggedized four port i 0/100 ethernet switch an ethernet switch can be used to connect multiple ethernet devices 1o a single easy to reach connection port common uses would include a digital dash ecu telemetry modem or other ethernet devices the water resistant ethernet switch has four activity lights that blink wtth data communication on the corresponding port lights also flash twice on power up each port has a rubber plug that must be replaced when the port is not in use to keep water out of connector water-resistant or standard ethernet cables will connect and function with this device in order for the device to be water resistant the 2 connectors that come with the switch must be used wa1er resistant cables may be ordered in 6ft lengths these feature a water resistant connector on one end and flying lead on the other this allows the user to integrate it into an existing harness mouse over for

communication can adaptors usb to can adaptor utc the motec usb to can adapter is used to replace the can interface cable p/n m adl can in instances where a computer needs to use usb rather than a parallel port for communications requires ecu manager version 2.3 or dash manager 3.2 or above software requirements for compatibility hundred series ecu’s pdm’s br2 web item number m utc description 2.30s or later 1.0 or later ‡ dbw4 1.03 or later sdc’s 1.21 or later mdc 1.22 or later mdc2 2.0 or later ltc 1.0 or later adl 3.20p or later ‡ this software ships with all data logging manager software usb to can adaptor serial to can adaptor stc the stc serial to can adaptor converts rs232 data to can and vice versa allowing multiple rs232 devices to be connected to a data logger via can features • • • • • • resin filled machined anodised aluminium case with through hole fastening flying lead bi-directional converts

communication trim switches steering-wheel switch assembly sport dash and adl steering-wheel switches for alarm-acknowledge scrolling alphanumeric display and adl mode terminates w 6-pin dtm m sd sw h for use with sport dash m adl sw h for use with adl dashboard mounted web item number description m ds-12 12 position user adjustable m ds-11 11 position user adjustable m dsm-4 4 position map switch m800 series ecu’s † boost control has never been easier the motec ecu’s offer unparalleled levels of boost control in addition to having feedback type wastegate control various inputs can be used to regulate boost for certain parameters for example when using a wheelspeed input motec allows boost based on wheelspeed and rpm or boost based on gear position and rpm a multiposition trim switch input can be used to allow the driver to manually select the desired boost level on the fly how can i use a trim switch the multiposition trim switch can be used in a number of ways

communication comm cables ecu-pc communications cable for m48 m8 web item number description m rs-232 mk 3 6 foot harness m rs-232 mk3 6m 20 foot harness communications cable for m4e m800 m880 m rs-232 m4e 10’ rs-232 serial cable communications cable for m48 m8 with adl m rs-232 mk3 m allows ecu data to be sent to adl pc parallel-to-can cable m adl can can extension cable m adl can 25’ can extension cable 25 foot m adl can 36’ can extension cable 36 foot m adl car car-side can cable computer interface module web item number description m cim converts ttl to rs-232 m4 cim h connects ecu adl and pc to cim m48 cim h connects ecu adl and pc to cim