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glossary sequential fuel injection sequential means that each injector for each cylinder is triggered only one time during the engine’s cycle typically the injector is triggered only during the intake stroke true sequential injection requires the ecu to know not only where top dead center is but also which half of the cycle the engine is on tdc on a 4 stroke occurs 2 times during the cycle once on compression and once on exhaust motec references all timing events that occur within the ecu to top dead center compression this generally requires an input on the engine’s camshaft to provide the ecu with a sync signal once the ecu is synched injection timing can be optimized to provide the most efficient mixing of fuel and air into the cylinder control of injection timing can lead to increases in midrange torque while decreasing emissions and fuel consumption semi-sequential fuel injection semi-sequential means that 2 or more cylinder’s injectors are triggered at the

glossary injector dead time injector dead time refers to the latency of the injector in producing maximum flow rate all injectors require a certain amount of time to open completely and produce maximum flow the amount of time is dependant on several variables including fuel pressure battery voltage and physical characteristics of the injectors themselves typically higher fuel pressure or lower battery voltage tends to increase the dead time this leads to a reduction in fuel flow in to the engine and as a result influences the engine’s state of tune luckily motec allows the user to define an injector dead time table if the values are known or use a standard compensation which is known for a number of injectors the ecu automatically adjusts the values as the battery voltage changes to ensure that the fuel curve remains constant if a fuel pressure input is used on the system motec can compensate for variations in fuel pressure to achieve a consistent fueling even with varying fuel

glossary bosch lsu and ntk uego sensors both the motec m400/600/800/880 and the motec plm are capable of operating with either the ntk uego or the bosch lsu-4 5 wire wide band sensors of the two the ntk is most accurate it is a true laboratory grade sensor its accuracy has been found to be about 1.5 better than that of the bosch lsu additionally the ntk has a better response time than does the lsu again about 1.5 the ntk is the benchmark against which the lsu is measured the advantage of the lsu sensor is its lower price compared to the ntk if you are doing very precise and accurate laboratory type testing the ntk is the sensor for you both sensors have a life expectancy of 500 hours on unleaded fuels and that number is diminished to 50 hours using leaded fuels lambda sensors are very similar to spark plugs with respect to their estimated life expectancy spark plugs are designed to last 40,000 miles under optimum circumstances but they can be damaged in less than 1 mile by misuse a

glossary security motec offers its customers the option of securing their tuning file through two methods the first is a simple password protection which can be set on the ecu so that others are not able to make changes to the tuning file nor can they send a new file to the ecu unless they have the password the password can be reset as often as you like and you may choose to turn the password off at anytime but you must know the password in order to perform these functions additionally motec allows the tuner to encrypt a file which is stored within the ecu in this case the file can only be sent to an ecu which has a matching password for the encrytped file if file encryption is used a tuner could send an encrypted file to a customer with a matching password and the customer would be able to send the file to the ecu without knowing the password the customer would still not be able to view or in anyway modify the file data downloads can always be retrieved whether or not a password is