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lap timing br2 receiver the beacon receiver br2 is the part of the lap timing system that is fitted in the vehicle depending on the other components in the application the receiver can be connected using a switched output or a can bus and should be set up accordingly fitting the br2 the br2 should be fitted so that the infra red beam hits the receiver window at a right angle when the car passes the transmitter if there are no obstacles between transmitter and receiver the range of motec’s lap timing system is up to 40 meters the receiver should be positioned carefully in the vehicle to avoid the beam passing through tinted glass or acrylic which can reduce the range substantially web item number m adl brx-2 description beacon receiver compatible with sdl3 adl3 acl mdd m400/m600/m800/m880 specifications outputs led indicating power on beacon signal received error codes digital output for beacon information alternative to can output communications can bus used for communicating

lap timing btx transmitter the beacon transmitter btx is the track side mounted part of the lap timing system mounting the btx the narrow infrared beam emitted by the btx should be aimed parallel to the road and at the same height above the road as the receiver in the vehicle the transmitter mounting system should therefore be capable of height and tilt adjustment the spacing between adjacent transmitters must be a least 6 meters web item number m adl btx description beacon transmiter compatible with br2 specifications output coded infrared beam range up to 40 meter 130 ft when used with br2 status indicator led in three colours indicating power ok low battery fault or very low battery power external via a 12 volt rechargeable battery 10 ahr capacity recommended power consumption 70 ma typical physical case size 90 x 80 x 115 mm weight 260 gram

lap timing motec gps the gps-l5 5 hz gps and gps-10 10 hz gps combine their electronics and antenna into one small unit a highly sensitive receiver allows the gps to lock onto signals even in difficult environments both are fitted with a dtm connector and are pre-configured to be compatible with the following devices gps-l5 is compatible with • • • • • motec ‘hundred series’ ecus m400 m600 m800 m880 v3.51u2 and up motec m84 ecu v1.10k2 and up motec acl motec adl3 adl2 not compatible with original adls motec sdl3 sdl gps-l10 is compatible with • • • motec acl motec adl3 adl2 not compatible with original adls motec sdl3 sdl note not compatible with motec ecu’s both units are suitable for speed position and lap timing web item number performance description m gps-l5 5hz gps for ecu’s m gps-l10 10hz gps for loggers gps-l5 update rate 5 hz gps-l10 update rate 10 hz 66 satellite channels start up times cold 35

lap timing racegrade gps radio the m gps bl is a 10 hz gps which can be upgraded to 20 hz the advanced gps receiver rejects all multi-path signals to ensure accuracy it is enclosed in a motorsport aluminium case with a serial output conforming to nmea standard rs-232 protocol at 57600 baud rate and a speed output for applications that do not accept serial data it can also be ordered with an optional can output it is well suited to motec dash/data loggers and the 10 hz model may also be pre-configured upon request for use with motec m1 series ‘hundred series’ and m84 ecus the new improved version is smaller and lighter it incorporates a foam seal to protect it from the environment and floating circuit board design to be more vibration resistant it also potted with racegrade racegel for improved resistance to vibration and the environment the connections are now all on the top surface to improve flexibility in mounting arrangement the main connector was changed to utilize a