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video motec v2 video kit motec’s v2 video kit is a robust high definition video recording system designed specifically for motorsport the v2 unit itself is compact and lightweight housing the high quality camera and recording components while the kit provides the mounting hardware and accessories to make installation quick and easy features • • • • • • • • • • • • full hd genuine high definition with 1080p 30 frames per second automatic start/stop eliminating the possibility of drivers forgetting to turn it on 12 v power direct from the vehicle no batteries to recharge live gauges automatically recorded on the video no post processing required compact and lightweight all-in-one camera and recording unit only 100gms exc mounts flexible roll cage mounting system compatible with some gopro mounting hardware over 14 hours recording at 1080p records to a removable micro sd card up to 32gb the kit includes

video video sync module vsm motec’s video capture system vcs is an integrated in-car camera system designed and built for race cars and harsh environments the vcs records video and audio using the mpeg-2 video compression format at broadcast quality it includes a built in real-time graphics processor that allows sensor data to be overlaid onto the video in real-time without the need for additional hardware the can interface enables communication with other devices for example to set auto start/stop recording conditions the video capture system is supplied as a kit with either a 4 gb or a 16 gb high performance flash card the kit includes • • • • • • • • vcs pro recorder camera microphone mini-usb b to usb a male cable vcs adapter loom vcs power can loom roll cage mounting bracket vcs mounting plate on screen display the video may have the following data overlaid if the required sensors are installed in the vehicle •