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parts of a parts catalog m 10 10 acorn nut 14 mm spark plug socket 18 mm spark plug socket m 10 x 10 nut intake and exhaust valve clearance 14 x 14 x 14 y 18 mm x 3 mm 12 x 12 x 25 12 x 12 x 14 chain and chain wheel pull throttle motion pro pull throttle cable motion and types of motion suzuki off road motorcycle catalog motion pro cable motion pro chain press motion pro spot lamp holder tool 08 0141 motion pro valve adjustment tool chain drive chain installing valve spring keepers filter hub with 5 micron filter 13 mm spark plug socket 19 mm spark plug socket 4 x 25 pan head screw motorcycle license plate frame motorcycle license plate frames motorcycle stainless steel clutch cable 10 pan head screw oil filter removal tool 14 mm spark plugs can am ds 650 13 mm hex wrench 30 x 30 t nut customized chrome license plate frames clutch spring compression tool 08 0137 valve seal installation tool 10 16 pan head screw clutch spring compression tool harley harley clutch spring compression tool wrench to remove allen head bolt air cooled engine parts fork cap socket for hd clutch spring compression tool 39 mm 41 mm 12 point socket wrench set instalation of cam gears front fender mount bearings 12 volts light bulb 12 volt light bulb 12 volt light bulbs 35 x 35 x 30 ft lbs in in lbs 4 ft lbs into in lbs ft lbs into in lbs fitting the bearing on the shaft

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pantone 293c standard motion pro inc logo white quality tools controls since 1984 buying motion pro means that you appreciate quality performance and value every motion pro product is designed with the best materials built to withstand years of use and field tested for performance and durability before we put our seal of approval on it we stand behind our products 100 for quality and craftsmanship motion pro has never followed always leading the way in innovation and creativity we take pride in being first to market with new exciting products don’t be fooled by copies go with the original our products are designed by dedicated enthusiast with years of experience in racing and engineering helping to make motion pro one of the most respected names in the business it is not just about the product motion pro gives back to the sport we love you’ll find motion pro supporting everything from local events to national competitions motion pro also stands behind “your rights

t ire w hee l axle 45.5 mm 56 mm atv axle wrench set tire wheel axl xlee • sold as set • fits most honda trx 250x 300x 300ex 400x 400ex 450r and 450ex • made from heat-treated steel • includes a 1/2 in drive slot for use with a torque wrench or breaker bar part 08-0479 t-handle l-handle tool kits bling’s cycles jordan/suzuki ben bostrom chain belt drive superlight t6 hex axle tool ™ • fits internal hex on many late model sportbike axles and some dirt bikes • four metric hex sizes 17 mm 19 mm 22 mm and 24 mm • 3/8 in square drive on both ends rated for maximum 90 ft lbs torque • made from billet 7075 t-6 aluminum weights only 2.5 oz • for touring and trail side use only use 08-0397 crmo steel version of this trail tool for shop use approved • made in usa approximately part 08-0355 2.5oz 2.75in length  08-0397 08-0355 wrenches allen/to ® rx tech gear bearing to flywheel p ols ullers pullers

c hain b e lt drive tech chain alignment tool tire wheel axle t-handle &e l-handl tool kits wrenche®s rx allen/to in hain ccha e bbeleltt ddririvve ch gear tech te ols bearing to ullers flywheel p lers pul gear chain press tool kit • fits 520-530 standard and o-ring chains • does not rivet chain see riveting conversion kit below part 08-0066 replacement parts part c08-058b alignment bolt part c08-058e handle part 08-0061 4 mm pin part 08-0067 press plates babbitt s/monster energy/ti lube/kawasaki • quick and accurate alignment • tool body clamps squarely to rear sprocket so the alignment rod will indicate sprocket alignment to chain • aluminum construction with blue anodized finish and laser engraved logo • more compact design part 08-0048 mp tech apron • adjustable neck strap • deep pockets • pure cotton with vinyl bottom protector part 20-0000 n suspensio r carbureto ignition upper engine lower engine g fuel/coolinm syste

sus psuspension ensi o n combo fork damper tool fork cap socket for showa bpf • used to remove aluminum fork cap on showa bpf 43 mm forks • fits 45 mm fork cap hex • durable blue anodized finish part 08-0473 rod guide case wrench for showa bpf • used to remove internal rod guide on showa bpf 43 mm forks • 12 point design for positive engagement in rod guide • black oxide finish part 08-0474 damping rod bleed tool muscle milk/jgrmx/toyota forktru • tool design allows for effortless retrieval of damping rod after spring installation • perfect for working on kayaba showa and wp inverted forks • rod is zinc plated with a knurled handle for a sure grip • rod includes covered bleed port to prevent oil splatter • four brass hex adapters are included listed below part 08-0337 ™ damper rod fork tool • aids in assembly and disassembly of most 41 mm 43mm 46 mm 47 mm kayaba and showa inverted forks • not required

u pp erengine low e r clutch holding tool tire wheel axle t-handle &e l-handl tool kits wrenche®s rx allen/to • made from medium carbon steel with hardened jaws • hold clutch hubs flywheels gears sprockets etc • features 8 mm spanner pins • jaws open up to 5 inches wide • recommended for square tooth style clutch hubs • not recommended for v-groove or half round style clutch hubs • will not work on clutch baskets with reversed inner clutch hubs where the integrated clutch faceplate is facing outward part 08-0008 engine timing plug wrench • fits the straight-slot timing plugs on most motorcycles and atvs • blade sizes are 16 mm 5/8 in 22 mm 7/8 in and 38 mm 1 1/2 in part 08-0087 oil filter clutch hub spanner for honda chain belt drive tech gear oil filter strap wrench • fits all spin-on type oil filters • use with 3/8 in drive ratchet or extension • can also be used to hold other cylindrically shaped

h a rd w a re includes 10 of each 5 mm nut 8 mm flange nut 6 mm nut 10 mm flange nut 8 mm nut 12 mm flange nut 10 mm nut 6 mm fuji lock nut 12 mm nut 8 mm fuji lock nut 4 mm nylock nut 10 mm fuji lock nut 5 mm nylock nut 12 mm fuji lock nut 6 mm nylock nut 5 mm acorn low dome 8 mm nylock nut 6 mm acorn low dome 10 mm nylock nut 8 mm acorn low dome 5 mm flange nut 10 mm acorn low dome 6 mm flange nut 12 mm acorn low dome part 33-0100 metric hex bolt hardware kit zinc includes 10 of each 6 x 10 bolt 6 x 50 bolt 6 x 15 bolt 8 x 10 bolt 6 x 20 bolt 8 x 15 bolt 6 x 25 bolt 8 x 20 bolt 6 x 30 bolt 8 x 25 bolt 6 x 35 bolt 8 x 30 bolt 6 x 40 bolt 8 x 35 bolt 6 x 45 bolt 8 x 40 bolt part 33-0200 8 x 45 bolt 8 x 50 bolt 10 x 20 bolt 10 x 25 bolt 10 x 30 bolt 10 x 35 bolt 10 x 40 bolt 10 x 45 bolt 10 x 50 bolt flange head bolts hardware kits includes 10 of each 6 x 10 flange bolt 6 x 16 flange bolt 6 x 20 flange bolt 6 x 25 flange bolt 6 x 30 flange bolt 6 x 35 flange bolt 6 x 40 flange bolt 6 x

co n t r ol s r e v ol v e r components tire wheel axle t-handle &e l-handl revolver™ throttle cables • includes high quality motion pro throttle tool kits wrenche®s rx allen/to cables designed to fit your bike • compact billet aluminum cable adjusters can be adjusted without tools • nylon liner for smoothness and durability • silicone boot with raised motion pro logo keeps out dust and dirt chain belt drive tech gear ols bearing tolers ul flywheel p lers pul n suspensio r carbureto ignition upper engine lower engine g fuel/coolinm syste brake s accessorie hardware cables • innovative reel changing system allows you to tailor your throttle rate to riding conditions and rider preference • kit includes four reel sizes 35 mm 40 mm 45 mm and 50 mm • use smaller reels for slower throttle rate and larger reels for faster throttle rate • unique reel design allows fast reel changes without having to adjust cables • cable boot

co n t r ol s t hr ottletubes titan throttle tube apps scan qr code tire wheel axle t-handle l-handle use smartphone visit us online for our most current applications http www.motionpro.com motorcycle/tools/category titan_throttle_tubes sport bike throttle tubes tool kits wrenches allen/to ® rx • replaces oem throttle tubes • heavier duty and exceed the quality and durability of oem sleeves • will not scar bars like aluminum sleeves • nylon fabric composite material • molded ridges to help secure grips • one-piece tube and throttle sleeve apps reel design chain belt drive tech gear scan qr code bearing to flywheel p ols ullers pullers visit us online for our most current applications http www.motionpro.com motorcycle/search/by motorcycle/throttle_sleeves suspensio n carbureto r use smartphone ignition upper engine fmf/ktm kurt caselli lower engine fuel/coolin system g roadcontrol grips ™ • ergonomically designed • medium

v twin tire wheel axle t-handle &e l-handl tool kits wrenche®s rx allen/to chain belt drive tech gear ols bearing to ullers flywheel p lers pul n suspensio tool s fork spring tool for h-d® • assists in the disassembly and assembly of springer-type front forks on harley-davidson® motorcycles • made in the usa part 08-0144 side case cover puller for h-d® • used to remove the right side-case cover • will fit late model harley-davidson® motorcycles including all 1970 and later big twin models and 1990 and later sportster® models • includes bracket puller bolt and set screws • made in the usa part 08-0153 rocker box cover wrench • designed to reach hard to get 3/16 in allen on the rocker boxes of big twin sportster® buell® motorcycles • features a 3/8” drive for use with torque wrench • vinyl cover offers comfort and minimizes chances of damage to finished surfaces • replaces h-d® oem

p r o m ot i o n al stickers motorcycle license plate frame • motion pro® motorcycle license plate frame • let em know you race with the pros • fits most motorcycles part 20-0251 note chrome license plate bolt kit on page 37 tire wheel axle part 20-0125 2 in blue background part 20-0126 4 in blue background part 20-0127 6 in blue background part 20-0025 2 in white background part 20-0026 4 in white background part 20-0027 6 in white background part 20-0049 specialty tools decal part 20-0236 9 in white die cut part 20-0238 12 in white die cut part 20-0228 23 in white die cut part 20-0235 36 in white die cut part 20-0237 9 in black die cut part 20-0239 12 in black die cut part 20-0227 23 in black die cut part 20-0234 36 in black die cut t-handle l-handle tool kits wrenches allen/to ® rx chain belt drive tech gear 6 in bearing to flywheel p ols ullers pullers motion pro official dealer decal 4 in • double sided for glass application part 20-0022 2 in n

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