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spanners 08-0139 Motion Pro (08-0139)Fork Cap Nut Socket for HD Motion Pro Use ... for removal and installation of the fork cap nut (1 3/8 hex) Fits most Big Twin ... -Davidson Softail swingarm bearings Springer front fender mount bearings Made in the ... U.S.A. 08-0121 Motion Pro (08-0121)Fork Oil Level Gage Motion Pro For checking ... level on all conventional or inverted forks Adjustable ring will measure oil levels ... used with bicycles equipped with front suspension 08-0117 Motion Pro (08-0117) ... Damper Rod Fork Tool Motion Pro Aids in assembly and disassembly of most 41, 43, 46 47mm ... Kayaba and Showa inverted forks Not required on the 91-92 Honda CR ... Hardened steel with black finish 08-FORK Motion Pro (08-0123,0124,0125,0138,0 ... 170,0171)Fork Seal Drivers Motion Pro CAD-II plated ...
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