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fusion efi fuel ignition controller the dynatek fusion efi is an ignition and fuel injection control module that plugs in-line with the bikes stock ecm using o.e.m style connecters so no splicing or cutting of the stock harness is required significant horsepower can often be made by making timing adjustments as well as being able to correct detonation problems that may occur you can advance or retard your stock timing curve by 10deg using the included control center software and rev limiter the fusion efi allows for very specific fuel adjustment of the entire range of throttle openings and rpm combinations adjustments can also be based on additional inputs such as cylinder head temp or gear position model dyna dyna dyna softail softail softail softail deluxe street 500 street 750 touring touring touring touring touring v-rod v-rod v-rod xl883 xl883 xl883 xl883 xl1200 xl1200 xr1200 year 04-05 06-11 12-15 01-06 07-11 12-15 09-11 2015 2015 02-06 08-13 09-12 14-15 2007 02-07 08-11 12-15 07-09 10-13 14-15 2015 07-09 10-13 14-15 dfe-15-025 dfe-15-005 dfe-15-022 dfe-15-024 dfe-15-004 dfe-15-021 dfe-15-007 321-7877 321-7745 321-7758 321-7876 321-7744 321-7757 321-7747 dfe-15-027 dfe-15-011 dfe-15-015 dfe-15-019 dfe-15-028 dfe-15-026 dfe-15-006 dfe-15-023 dfe-15-001 dfe-15-009 dfe-15-017 dfe-15-014 dfe-15-002 dfe-15-010 dfe-15-018 321-7879 321-7752 321-7753 321-7756 321-7880 321-7878 321-7746 321-7759 321-7742 321-7748 321-7754 321-7663 321-7743 321-7749 321-7755 fuel management controllers wiseco’s electronic fuel injection controllers are simple and easy to use with the push of a button you can easily adjust fuel flow for modifications such as high-compression pistons cams intake and exhaust to fine tune your bike no dyno or computer needed it gives you three basic zones of operation similar to a carburetor one zone sets your ‘pilot jet’ for idle and cruise another zone sets your “needle jet” for acceleration and a third zone sets your ‘main jet’ for heavy loading and wide open throttle this cost-effective efi controller is complete with built-in accelerator pump tuning capability features benefits • plug n’ play installation • simple to use and understand • easy push button operation • no computer or dyno required • easy air/fuel ratio adjustment • easily adjusts for modifications intake exhaust cams etc • 3 basic zones of operation • similar to carburetors • uses oem base code • does not scramble base code model year harley davidson dyna dyna fxst softail touring touring 06-11 12-15 12-15 2006 08-09 2007 fmc052 fmc150 fmc150 fmc053 fmc057 fmc056 316-9025 316-9153 316-9153 316-9026 316-9030 316-9029 00-07 08-14 fmc089 fmc090 316-9070 316-9071 polaris victory victory/vision mounting sleeve 379-5103 379-5104 379-5106 379-5107 379-5108 379-5109 dynatek f.i controller black red orange yellow green blue the dyna fuel injection controller is a plug in module that plugs into the oem wiring that offers 3 user selectable base fuel curves that are designed to improve engine operation and can be modified to suit a wide variety of modifications these adjustments are made via 3 potentiometers that adjust the fuel curve in the proper ranges for the application fuel mixture can be enriched or leaned as required as simple as turning a screw to adjust bottom mid or high end performance model year harley davidson dyna models dyna models dyna models softail models softail models softail models sportster 883 sportster 1200 touring models w evo eng twincam touring models twincam touring models twincam touring models twincam touring models twin cam touring models twin cam touring models v-rod models 618 01-05 07-11 2006 01-05 07-11 2006 07-13 07-13 97-98 2008 09-13 2006 2007 02-05 99-01 02-14 dfch-4 dfch-11 dfch-8 dfch-4 dfch-10 dfch-7 dfch-12 dfch-13 dfch-1 dfch-14 dfch-15 dfch-6 dfch-9 dfch-3 dfch-2 dfch-5 321-7417 321-7215 321-7457 321-7417 321-7214 321-7452 321-7216 321-7217 321-7414 321-7845 321-7846 321-7450 321-7213 321-7416 321-7415 321-7418 pc link cable for discontinued hi-4tc ignition module pc link cable and software for custom programming and data analysis allows the use of a laptop pc to program a custom advance curve for precise dyno tuning download data logged by the units and access additional features such as speedometer/odometer recalibration to accommodate tire and gear change the pc link cable plugs into the existing harley davidson® diagnostic connector on the motorcycle wiring harness 51-c83220