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reservoir cap tool screws onto schrader valve for easy removal of the bladder cap 377-2601 tsct 01 reservoir cap tool shock spring compressor • provides easy removal and installation of most shock springs without touching the spring collars • features safety shaft locking device pin spanners • for shocks and forks with caps with holes to unscrew them • unique “back-cut” prevents slippage 377-2603 377-2604 race tech tool for gsxr swingarm inserts many customers have asked for a race tech tool to help with the installation of the inserts on gsxr’s made of hardened tool steel the 377-2710 “tcpn 4301” swingarm pivot nut socket tool makes installing the inserts a breeze replaces the pricey oem unit and also fits the sv650/1000 dl650/1000 v-storm and gsxr750w/100w’s 377-2710 tcpn 4301 377-2701 tssc 01 shock spring compressor fork spring compressor tool shock seal “bullet” tool • allow easy removal and installation of seal assemblies 377-2697 tssb 125 race tech deburring tool the race tech tool is a double-ended multifunction tool that can be used by hand by lathe or attached to an optional deburring tool base quickly chamfers and removes burrs from the inside and outside of the case mouth on all calibers from 17 to 45 377-2714 377-2698 377-2699 377-2642 377-2694 12.5x10mm shock seal head setting bullet tool tssb 14 14x12mm shock seal head setting bullet tool tssb 16 16x12mm shock seal head setting bullet tool tssb18 18x16mm shock seal head setting bullet tool tsssb1812 18x12mm shock seal head setting bullet tool tmdb 08 eliminates damage to the schrader valve when tapping down the bladder cap to expose the snap ring on yz’s 377-2602 tsrc 01 reservoir cap setting tool • this unique fork spring compressor is designed to work on most sport bikes and road racers • it allows the spring to be compressed while the fork cap is removed from the rod • it can be used on of the bike on most models • if you work on street cartridge forks you gotta have one of these 377-2640 tfsc 01 fork spring compressor tool shock seal head setting tool shock bushing driver set reservoir cap setting tool tmps 01 4.0 4.5 mm pin spanner tmps 02 5.0 5.5 mm pin spanner • allows mechanics and technicians to easily install shock shaft bushings into seal heads • comes with 12.5 14 16 18mm bushing drivers 377-2631 allow easy removal and installation of seal assemblies 377-2696 377-2695 tsbd set shock shaft bushing driver set tsss 03 33-36mm shock seal head setting tool tsss 01 40-50mm shock seal head setting tool 377-2645 377-2646 sag master™ • the sag master is a tool that makes measuring “race sag” a snap because you read it directly no more subtracting • also useful in determining proper spring rates and monitoring linkage and seal drag • comes with complete instructions and doubles as a tape measure 377-2625 tssm 01 sag master™ race sag setting tool t-handle tool set • improved design with deep sockets • includes 8 10 12 14 17 mm socket t-wrenches 377-2703 tths 02 t-handle tool set 377-2648 race tech tool for swingarm inserts generous tool has 4 sizes for one unit race tech hex axle tool 377-2713 tfhd 1724 for late model sport and dirt bikes the race tech hex axle tool is made from zinc plated steel for durability has four different sizes 17 19 22 and 24mm with a 3/8 inch square drive at both ends to facilitate a torque wrench the 377-2713 tfhd 1724 fits buell xb’s honda cbr’s kawasaki zx’s suzuki gsx-r/sv/tl/v-storm and yamaha r1 r6 and many other models this tool is suitable for many uses beyond axle removal as the tool’s 17 and 19mm ends are also useful for applications such as fork caps inspection covers etc 377-2713 tfhd 1724 377-2647 shock nitrogen charging tools • nitrogen gauge does not require a wrench and it easily reaches those hard to get recessed valve stems without an extension • nitrogen hose has a special 800 psi hose with “finger tight” 1/4” flare nut quick couplings • nitrogen regulator allows for easy accurate regulating of nitrogen from the bottle to the working pressure gauge 0-300 psi • nitrogen needle is designed for gas charged shocks with self-sealing type rubber valves use with nitrogen gauge 377-2645 377-2645 377-2646 377-2647 377-2648 tsng 02 tsnh 48 tsnr 01 tsnn 01 nitrogen gauge nitrogen hose nitrogen regulator nitrogen needle 983