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street bikes street pad ebc organic line for general aftermarket replacement the us #1 selling aftermarket line of premium quality organic disc brake pads the ebc line covers every make and model on the market and reflecting o.e.m ideology uses a front and rear universal friction material blend that does not require 2 separate part numbers the catalog automatically preselects for you either sport grade for streetbikes and tourers or heavy duty carbon grade for motocross applications ebc organic™ ebc double-h™ ebc mx s™ series sv™ semi sintered v pads • important note remove rotor outer ring from centre casting and refit remove abs ring from old rotor and refit to new ebc rotor • note ensure all mounting surfaces are clean and when refitting bolts use a thread lock cement to hold them in place • note md656 4 mounting bolts md838 6 mounting bolts listing should be correct but please check quantity of bolts on the original disc and order accordingly • manuel gear shift model • electric gear shift model • will require relocation brackets brk15s • single pad fixing – pad has wire indicator wire fitted wear leads need to be ordered separately as not supplied with pads ebc sintered line for higher durability in off-road use ebc’s famous “r” series sintered pads are now made in ebc’s cleveland ohio manufacturing plant with a unique blend of copper based sintered alloy which offers extended life and stable braking in all conditions making this material ideal for general replacement on motocross applications ebc double-h™ superbike pads made in ebc’s cleveland ohio facility the double htm range of high performance sintered pads for heavier and faster sport bikes has won many awards including the roadracing world magazine brake shoot out and received the british motorcycle news magazine’s product of the year award these pads deliver superb stopping power and are ideal for faster streetbike use ebc mx-s™ sintered motocross pads from the cleveland ohio manufacturing plant the mx-stm formula offers a high friction motocross sport pad targeting the 2-wheel off-road market and as an added feature now include hexagon drive slider pins in every set ebc sv series™ severe duty pads for the ultimate durability ebc is proud to offer this american-made high-density sintered-copper brake pad line for maximum lifetime in atv applications ebc new v pads™ another world first debut of a semi-sintered™ pad compound this new material uses a 30 weight percentage of a copper in a high density kevlar® matrix that combines the best of both worlds longer life similar to sintered and great brake “feel” with lower heat transfer and less rotor abrason the new v pads™ are available for all cruisers and big twins and for rear applications on numerous sportbikes where extended wear life may be an advantage see application pages for availability and look for part numbers with a v suffix example fa400v ebc dirt bike rotors for motocross use for 2003 ebc has redesigned all the hot numbers in the motocross line-up to use their new radical profile lighter weight heat-treated carbon-steel brake rotors the new line not only reduces weight but improves looks and braking power brake fluids ebc pro-lite rotors the world’s only complete line of direct “bolt-on” brake discs made in ebc’s uk manufacturing plant using • billet-steel rotor rings that deliver 18 more stopping power than stainless steel equivalents • forged alloy center hubs offering lightest weight • sturdy riveted construction compared to the use of circlips 1178 • dot 4 a refined specification poly-glycol fluid as fitted to most faster street bikes now produced • dot 5 silicone fluid as used in harley davidson motorcycles and many special high performance brake systems • bf307 highly refined dot 3 brake fluid ideal for racing or high-performance road bikes can be used in all systems specifying dot 3 but not with silicone 361-2460 361-2560 361-2572 dot 4 8 oz dot 5 8 oz bf307 8 oz.